The reason why everybody wears Adidas Sambas

Someone was finally able to shed some light on this important question:

Sambas are excellent shoes for biking around the city. This can explain part of their popularity. They have very stiff soles that don’t flex on the pedals and are relatively flat on the bottom which helps your feet fit nicely on the pedals.

N0w we can move on to other important matters!  Like why people wait in lines for hours outside sneaker shops for new Nike Flights even though they don’t play basketball.  And why do people who aren’t Crips wear British Knights???

21 Responses to “The reason why everybody wears Adidas Sambas”

  1. DeSean says:

    pffff Vans’ way stiffer and have a better toe box.

    • GP says:

      +1. And while both are made in Asia, at least Vans is an American company.

      • Ollie Gelfand says:

        All Power to the Toebox that will get you over the Deathbox. Samba’s are cute on girls – a bit too Feminale on the caballeros. Blood Killers are wack – Hammer wore em. Bring back Troop! Shop at Buster Brown’s, wear Toughskins.

  2. Greg says:

    They like gunfire.

  3. scum says:

    More importantly, why do people go on blogs to only complain?

  4. manymachines says:

    Hmm, I need stiffer shoes because my old ones are disintegrating and a stiffer sole helps with some minor foot pain I have from running.

    On the other hand, I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed to wear these shoes unless you played at least two years of soccer in high school. So I think I need to look elsewhere.

  5. gmorfy says:

    Chrome works for me. Stiff for riding but walkable.

  6. Ollie Gelfand says:

    Chrome’s are $120. Get Red Wings for $200 – they last 15 years. Better yet, EARN your red wings down on the muffin.

  7. SlobDog says:

    Yeah. Yeah. I had some indoor Adidas soccer shoes that were the best bmx shoe.

  8. will says:

    totally agree. indoor soccer shoes are los mejores for riding the bicicleta. and also any other sort of athletic endeavor that you might wanna get into.

  9. big says:

    sambas are also popular among hardcore kids and skinheads.

    • memememe says:

      That was the 80s and no, they most def were not – I was both. Unless there is some retro HC SH subculture I not aware of nowadays.

      • danny says:

        yes they are. I am one. Trojan skinheads Oi! Oi! Oi! skinheads definitely did and still do wear adidas sambas…. we also wear polo shirts (fred perry), button down Ben Sherman shirts, V-neck sweatervests… do you not believe that either?
        there’s lots of different types of skins but trads (traditional), which I am (Trojan) dress in adidas sambas.

      • ron says:

        therye very famous amongst all skins, Trojan, sharps and White Pride Skins, especially now days, I see skins wearing more Sambas than I do Martens

    • AttF says:

      +1 I grew up in the HC scene around a lot of skinheads and that was definitely the staple footwear outside of boots. My wife still refers to my sambas as ‘skinhead shoes’.

  10. Steezn says:

    Not to mention, that samba’s have a padded tongue that extends further than traditional tongues. This protects your feet against steel toe clips and straps… Vans have a little flimsy Mickey Mouse cock of a tongue.