What’s with the helicopters?

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46 Responses to “What’s with the helicopters?”

  1. spots says:

    was hoping you’d tell me.

  2. trixr4kids says:

    but seriously, what is going on? i just saw 25 cop vans heading towards civic center and there’s a copter just above my apartment building?

    • snook says:

      Anyone know what the kid in their video was charged with? Seemed excessive but of course whatever was happening that prompted the cops to target him isn’t on camera.

      • MrEricSir says:

        Allegedly he was beating someone up at the time.

      • la dee da says:

        Duh! Of course the entire story isn’t on video. Can you imagine a video of a black kid assaulting someone on 24th/Mission and then the police (apparently who are NOT black, cause this is somehow racially motivated) doing something to stop him? That doesn’t sell, rather is is cops doing their job!

    • SFdoggy says:

      This is so lame; What does gentrification have to do with police brutality? I have no idea of the facts of the case, but ANSWER obviously sees it only as a political opportunity, so I give no credence to their version of the events.

  3. Tom in SFCA says:

    Leftists protesting “police brutality” at the 24th St. BART plaza.

  4. miguel says:

    There is a peace rally on 24th followed by a march to the police station on 17th

  5. pillowfarts says:

    The march went by my house about 5 mins ago. Police vans in tow as well as bike cops and a swat van. They seem to really like nipping everything in the bud lately.

  6. swiss says:

    Thanks for the update. As for the snarky comments. Weird. You DO know you’re in San Francisco, don’t you? Don’t like the politics, leave our city. We won’t miss you. I promise.

    • Tom in SFCA says:

      There’s no law that says a person has to be a leftist to live in San Francisco.

      As the schools continue to get more expensive and poorer in quality, as more businesses and productive people are driven from the state, as taxes and utility costs continue to rise, as regulations become ever more burdensome and invasive, as the state budget continues not to balance, as more of the unfunded state employee pension and health care costs come due, you may find that more and more San Franciscans are waking up to the fact that political business-as-usual just isn’t getting the job done.

      It could happen.

      • Hmm says:

        Yes, Tom, it can happen if you keep inceptionizing people here to wake up that way….

      • AttF says:

        productive people and business being driven from the State? If we are using SF (specifically the Mission) as the example, it seems that’s completely opposite of what’s been going on.

        • Tom in SFCA says:

          If you want to understand what is happening statewide then you will look beyond one neighborhood in one city. Everybody knows that.

      • J says:

        Expensive schools? The excellent public high school I teach at is still tuition-free last I checked.

        • Tom in SFCA says:

          The public schools are both tuition-free and expensive.

          The system costs a lot of money per pupil to run. That is the definition of expensive. Who pays is a separate issue.

          That you are a teacher and you write such an inane post demonstrates just how “excellent” the school where you work likely is.

    • jerry orbach says:

      Yep, making bold accusations without a shred of substantiating evidence is so very SF, sadly. March on comrade!

    • SFdoggy says:

      @Swiss: My how tolerant of you; If someone disagrees with you, you think they should leave the city. Oh how progressive and open-minded you are. The fact is that ANSWER is radical even by San Francisco standards and they are rightly mocked for inciting violence in the name of peace.

      • swiss says:

        Sure, I’m intolerant of small-minded right-winged bigots who side with cops and against people who are getting beating and killed. There’s a difference between believing in and fighting for the rights of the people vs being pacifists; I’m not a pacifist and never have claimed to have any interest in that. Progressive is about what your politics are and where your alliances are — with money and unfettered power, keeping people down? or with the people? I just didn’t know there were right-wingers here.

        • James says:


        • blah says:

          Being a progressive and having “alliances” to some idea of justice should not prevent a person from dealing with the facts of a specific situation on a more or less objective basis. Yes, cops support the power structure broadly speaking. But cops also detain people who are suspected of assaulting regular people, and they have a right to use reasonable force in doing that. It looks like that’s what this is. Take off your political filter for a sec, stop claiming that everyone who disagrees without you is “small-minded,” and just look at the actual situation that’s shown in the video.

        • SFdoggy says:

          @Siwss: Of course you didn’t know there were any “right wingers” here. You are obviously too close-minded and intolerant to associate with anyone who disagrees with you. Like so many far left progressives in San Francisco who live in a bubble, you talk about “tolerance” and being open-minded, but actually can’t abide by anyone who views things differently than you.

          In this particularly instance there is no evidence that the police were beating or killing anyone. There were just trying to arrest a suspect — who may well have beaten someone. There is really nothing “small-minded” or “right-wing” about wanting our laws enforced.

          You are the one having a knee-jerk, close-minded reaction — it is apparently impossible for you to conceive that the police may have been acting appropriately. In your mind being “progressive” is being aligned with the “people” and against the “police” even if the “people” have committed a crime. So the facts don’t matter to you as long as you are properly aligned.

        • MrEricSir says:

          Take the blinders off and imagine for a second if this guy had been beating YOU up when the cops arrived.

          Would you feel any differently?

          • How about? says:

            How about I put myself in your shoes, and presume guilt when I have no information on the incident? Oh wow, do I feel like a judgmental asshole.

          • MrEricSir says:

            “How about I put myself in your shoes, and presume guilt when I have no information on the incident? Oh wow, do I feel like a judgmental asshole.”

            Are you referring to the cops or they guy they arrested?

        • scum says:

          Hey Swiss, how long has this been your city?

  7. Tech Bubble says:

    They are frantically searching for 1 bedroom apartments under $4,000.

  8. la dee da says:

    WOW! Just saw this victim attempt to speak on television (channel 2). What a dumb idiot, totally a completely unable to for one friggen sentence when asked to make a statement……city college is really lowering their standards.

  9. rod says:

    it must be interesting to see the world in black and white the way so many of you folks do, where everyone is either 100% good or 100% evil.

    first of all, if they were arresting this dude for assault, it’s weird that he wasn’t charged with assault.

    the takedown was kind of excessive, they sat on top of him on the ground longer than they needed to. on the other hand, it’s never a great idea to run away from cops that want to arrest you, then resist arrest while shouting the F and N words at them.

    when i saw the protest i thought they were protesting the two ladies delivering newspapers that got shot in LA yesterday because police thought it was the truck of a known cop killer. except it was the wrong color, wrong make, and different plates.

    • Tom in SFCA says:

      It’s not weird that the state didn’t charge the assault. Folks who are getting arrested for some minor charge and who resist arrest are often only charged for the resisting and not for the original beef. The resisting is much easier to prove and carries the same penalty. Proving the assault would require the cooperation of the victim. The resisting arrest charges can be proven just using the testimony of the cops who are experienced witnesses, they are paid to show up and cooperate, and they don’t have to fear the defendant.

      • comeon says:

        Tom, you’re half right. Resisting arrest is “easy to prove” because cops are professional witnesses and the public generally believes they have more credibility than the average defendant. Of course, SFPD has been caught violating civil liberties, lying on the stand, using excessive force, etc.

        A 148 without anything else charged is cop created crime, plain and simple. Trust me, if they could charge the assault, they would. It’s easier to get a deal favorable to the DA the more that’s charged and if an assault actually took place, they’d have more than enough PC to file the complaint. The police/DAs in SF love charging 148s because they have a poorly trained police force that often uses excessive force in dealing with individuals. How do you explain your way out of this? Charge a 148. There’s a reason why the DAs office has a horrible conviction rate for misdos.

        As for all of this other knee-jerk, pro-police BS, SF is a different type of city. It’s a city with a distinct, progressive culture. The city is changing, unfortunately, and this blog often serves up great examples of how.

        • Rick says:

          The knee jerk, anti-police BS is changing too.

        • SFdoggy says:

          @Comeon: Actually it is “progressives” like you and ANSWER who are knee-jerk; you can’t imagine that it might be appropriate for the police to arrest someone. If you left your little bubble in the mission and actually talked to people who have lived in the City for decades, you would realize that the City has not been changing — it is just that your fantasy (that brought you here from wherever) has been unrealistic.

          • heyo says:

            Police arrest people appropriately all of the time. Unfortunately, SF has a myriad of police issues. If you don’t believe me, do a quick google search. I don’t live in the Mission and I’ve spent a lot of time working with the people of SF. Unfortunately, I’ve met many of them who have been brutalized by police and then charged with the crime of resisting. I’m guessing you don’t actually have any firsthand experience working in this area, as you didn’t actually address any of the substance in my comment. I work with these populations every day and I see how the cops in SF really behave. Way too many behave poorly and if you live in the “wrong” neighborhood or look the “wrong” way chances are you’ve also had negative encounters with police. But sure, keep building your straw men and women.

  10. Caffeinated Cabbie says:

    when is this blog changing its name to trolltroll.org?

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