The best way to get into a sold out show is to be famous at Mission Cliffs

Last night my friend Jess wanted to see Cursive with me at the Great American, but it (like so much of Noise Pop 2012) was sold out when we got there. We went around the corner for a beer at Edinburgh Castle, and then walked back so she could pick up her bike and just maybe get a ticket from someone once more people had arrived.

Cursive were standing on the street, in front of the O’Farrell Theatre, and we joked about asking them to get her in. Instead she decided to head home and I went inside.

Five minutes later, there she was! While she was unlocking her bike, some guy came up to her and asked if she needed a ticket:

Guy with ticket: Hey, do you need a ticket?
Jess: Yeah! But my friend just went inside with the money!
Guy with ticket: Oh that’s okay, my friends already paid me and anyway I can just get it from you at Mission Cliffs.

And Jess had no idea who he was. People in San Francisco really are nice!

If you missed Cursive, or otherwise haven’t had your fill of the emo on offer at this year’s festival, Christie Front Drive is playing Saturday at Café du Nord. Tickets and details here.

It’s nice to be in a nice place

Seattle’s The Virgin Islands, opening for Cursive at Great American Music Hall as a part of Noise Pop last night, think San Francisco is a nice place:

It’s nice to be in a nice place. You guys in San Francisco try to act all tough and cool and indifferent… but you’re really all just nice.

Aw, thanks!

New trends in sitting

Title by Sex Pigeon, photo by Vic Wong.

Didgeridoo or didgeridon’t?

Whoa! I saw this guy a couple weeks ago on BART. He didged all the way from West Oakland to 24th Street. No one seemed to really mind (including BART police), but he attracted some raised eyebrows…

[via lahlahlindsey]

Raymond Mariani opening and People’s Biennial Catalogue reception tonight at People’s Gallery

People’s Gallery is a space on 20th and Folsom slated for one year of art events. The second opening is tonight and it’s work by Raymond Mariani. Looks like a cool show:

[Thanks, Joe! Photo from People's Gallery.]

What do you do when the kitchen at your favorite bar runs out of avocado?

We all know a grilled cheese is 10,000 times better with avocado on it. So what do you do when your favorite bar runs out? Send someone to the taquería up the street for an avocado side and some green salsa:

Makes the tots better, too.

Diary TONIGHT at Pop’s

You may have heard that Diary, everyone’s favorite emo night, is moving to Saturday nights. The first one is tonight: 9 PM at Pop’s. Don’t miss out, Emo karaoke is the perfect opportunity to show off that you can still sing along with every word in Cop by Alkaline Trio!

If you’re confused by emo, the Diary guys put together a great mix for SF Weekly. Personally, I’m hoping to hear Embrace, Mineral, and Knapsack tonight.

P.S. You guys remember the Emo Game, right? (Disclaimer: I don’t support what I remember to be the rampant, messed up use of rape in the storyline. I’m in it for the pixel drawings and 7-inches.)

Moon Duo in-store at Aquarius tonight at 6 PM

Just read over on the Bay Bridged that Moon Duo is doing an in-store at Aquarius tonight at 6 PM.

You can hear one of their new songs over at the Bay Bridged, check it out.

If you can’t make the in-store, they’re playing Bottom of the Hill tonight with Royal Baths and Lilac, who were pretty rad when I heard them for the first time at this show a couple weeks ago

[Photo via Moon Duo's MySpace]

Metal at Potrero del Sol this afternoon

Blood, Bath, & Beyond Day is a “metal generator show” at Potrero del Sol this afternoon from noon to 5:30. Facebook says there’s a free bag of Cheetos for the first 30 people to show up, but it’s BYO soda-pop.

Look at how beautiful it is outside! You know you could use a quick break from Dolores.

[Thanks, Lorenzo!]

Anyone know what’s up with Tortas El Primo?

Tortas El Primo has been shut for a while and it looks like they’re tearing everything out inside.

No signs or anything. I searched around a little bit but haven’t found anything… anyone know? Remodel? Something entirely new? Chain pizza coming soon?

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