Didgeridoo or didgeridon’t?

Whoa! I saw this guy a couple weeks ago on BART. He didged all the way from West Oakland to 24th Street. No one seemed to really mind (including BART police), but he attracted some raised eyebrows…

[via lahlahlindsey]

6 Responses to “Didgeridoo or didgeridon’t?”

  1. Did you happen to catch his name? He’d be perfect for my new cover band – Boo and the Yakashas. I play rain stick.

  2. JCA says:

    Looks like Muni to me.

  3. Stu says:


  4. d says:

    Goddamn do I hate the didgeridoo. I’m not saying it’s wrong to play it or to like it. It’s just that to me, it sounds like an alien spaceship is ominously floating overhead, preparing to abduct me at any minute.

    Was on a crowded n train the morning of bay to breakers. It was full of good looking young people but somehow I get stuck next to the only two old, crusty, smelly dudes on the train. One of them busts out a harmonica and I was like, alright I can dig this. But after 10 minutes I realized, oh, everything you can possibly play on the harmonica sounds exactly the same, and I never want to hear the harmonica ever again.

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