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As seen outside of BARF this weekend:

Welcome to the new St. Luke’s

The complete rebuild of St. Luke’s on Cesar Chavez and Valencia is about to begin, and the snazzy new website has some renderings of what the new buildings will look like once they’re complete. While getting rid of St. Luke’s remarkably bland corner building is obviously a huge win, the best part is that the hospital will be able to serve more people and will actually make it through an earthquake. From the project’s website:

The Replacement Hospital at the St. Luke’s Campus, wrapped by an urban oasis, will provide 120 patient beds in a 215,000 square foot acute healthcare facility in the Mission District of San Francisco. Achieving LEED certification, the campus will champion sustainability and efficient patient treatment. The modernized campus will also be able to withstand and remain in operation after a strong earthquake. CPMC 2020 aims to transform the St. Luke’s Campus into the hospital of choice for the southern sector of San Francisco.

More pictures and some history, after the jump:


Today was opening day for the new Alite Outpost!

Alite, your local badass outdoor company recently outgrew it’s showroom/store/office at Mariposa & Hampshire and moved it’s retail shop to a new space off of Mission St. at 3376 18th St. The space currently showcases all of Alite’s gear along with that of it’s sister company, Boreas, plus a small art gallery. Within a month (hopefully) they should have a small cafe up and running as well, which will be a convenient place for outdoor amateurs (like myself) to chat it up with the staff about the Bay’s numerous camping spots.

More pictures, plus an important camping related Life Tip after the jump:


I can’t stop looking at this 1971 panorama from the top of the Bay Bridge

Seriously, there is so much to explore in this photo. The Embarcadero Freeway, The rise of the Transamerica Pyramid, A lonely Twin Peaks with no Sutro Tower, the railyards of Mission Bay and much more!

[Photo by Bruce Steinberg via Brad Templeton]

Help Arizmendi fund their parklet!

It looks like Arizmendi got approval from the city to move ahead with their parklet plans on Valencia, and now they’ve started an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the project. In their words:

We, the worker-owners of Arizmendi Valencia care about providing delicious, affordable and unique baked goods to our neighborhood. As a diverse cooperative, we also value community dialogue among folks of varying backgrounds and experiences. In this spirit, we want to build a semi-circular parklet in front of our store to cultivate comfort and connection among our customers.

It also sounds like they’re planning on having the parklet host a rotating mural series, and that they’ve already received interest from neighbor and talented local artist Sirron Norris. As someone who enjoys both delicious baked goods and sunshine, I couldn’t be more excited about bringing these two things together.

The view from San Francisco’s highest point

The longer you live in San Francisco, the more you fall in love with Sutro Tower. It’s visible from almost everywhere in the City, and when the fog comes in it’s like nature’s lava lamp. Here’s a rad picture for everyone that’s ever wondered what the view from the top looks like:

[Photo by Pete Kiehart]

While we’re on the subject, how is it possible that there no webcams of Sutro yet?

Life Tip: Eat more pie (from Chile Pies)

Each week on Roll Over Easy we share life tips, which are simple tips that we think the humans of San Francisco can use to improve their lives a bit, and we’re more than happy to repeat some of these tips here.

Two statements you never hear are, “I just eat pie all the time” and “I was eating this pie the other day and I was so angry”. So this week’s tip is simple: Do yourself a favor and eat a slice of pie. While Mission Pie is obviously the local favorite, I’m confident in saying that the best pie around is the Lemon Butter pie from Chile Pies. Behold, a very delicious pie:

Check out Trick Dog’s rad menu/map

We’ve made fun of Trick Dog’s unusual and ever changing menus before, but I have to admit, this menu/map combo is pretty cool:

Better yet, the drinks are named after SF locations, which is almost as cool as Virgil’s Sea Room’s tradition of naming signature cocktails after notable San Franciscans.

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