The view from San Francisco’s highest point

The longer you live in San Francisco, the more you fall in love with Sutro Tower. It’s visible from almost everywhere in the City, and when the fog comes in it’s like nature’s lava lamp. Here’s a rad picture for everyone that’s ever wondered what the view from the top looks like:

[Photo by Pete Kiehart]

While we’re on the subject, how is it possible that there no webcams of Sutro yet?

18 Responses to “The view from San Francisco’s highest point”

  1. ckchew says:


  2. Someday there will be condos there.

  3. trau says:

    photo taken just seconds before realizing one stepped in a huge steaming pile of human excrement

  4. Chalkman says:

    Sutro Tower is SF’s own “Iron Giant”. I wish they’d put 2 giant eyes on it

  5. MrEricSir says:

    They should have built Sutro Tower with an observation deck. Major wasted tourism opportunity!

  6. Exploratorium says:

    We just made a video about the science of Sutro Tower!

  7. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    The top of the Devil’s Tripod! Neat!

  8. scum says:

    Fall in love with it? You haven’t been here long have you?

  9. scum says:

    When they were building it I thought we were going to get our own Space Needle, I am still bummed out. I also thought the Bart tube was going to be clear so I could see all the fish swimming around, kids are stupid.

    • I have a Space Needle — Sutro Tower is way better, except that it’s harder to get pictures from the top of it. Sure, you can eat at the top of the Needle, but it’ll cost you over two hundred bucks if you take a date. Sutro rules.

      • suckerpunch says:

        I’ve never been in (only under) the Space Needle. Can you go up for like just a drink? Would you need reservations or anything?

        • If you just want to look out from near the top, you can ride the elevator to the observation deck for $18. If you go to the restaurant, you need a reservation and the ride is gratis, but the minimum for food and/or drink is $25 for lunch, $35 for dinner, per person. True, they do make fantastic cocktails.

          • scum says:

            We moved to Seattle in 66/67 and I used to take the Monorail to the Needle. We then moved to S.F. in 72 as Sutro was going up, I thought big back then.