Check out Trick Dog’s rad menu/map

We’ve made fun of Trick Dog’s unusual and ever changing menus before, but I have to admit, this menu/map combo is pretty cool:

Better yet, the drinks are named after SF locations, which is almost as cool as Virgil’s Sea Room’s tradition of naming signature cocktails after notable San Franciscans.

5 Responses to “Check out Trick Dog’s rad menu/map”

  1. Allan Hough says:

    Immediately after saying how much I hate gin last week, I went to Trick Dog and had the Kezar Stadium and the City Lights, like as penance for being a hater. They were okay, but yeah I really like this menu.

    • JJ says:

      I guess I shouldn’t be shocked you’re backing this place, but still. Hopefully City Lights will file suit against these artisanal beardo clowns.

      • Luke Spray says:

        While I can’t be sure, my guess is that City Lights (or any business) would probably be honored to have a drink named after them.

  2. Emily P. says:

    Oh this is a good one!

  3. Sfkix says:

    Fun drink menu.