Big groups of friends strolling the new 20th Street corridor, looking for or stumbling out of Trick Dog

Day in, day out, be it Saturday night or Wednesday night, happy hour or late-night, rain or shine, this is pretty much the scene:

45 Responses to “Big groups of friends strolling the new 20th Street corridor, looking for or stumbling out of Trick Dog”

  1. Greg says:

    I live on Florida between 19th and 20th. I’ve been there for two years. It’s becoming a bit of Disneyland between Trick Dog, Central Kitchen, that grilled cheese joint, and Salumeria. Thankfully I don’t drive or have to park. There’s a yin and yang to the additions to the neighborhood. Hopefully, folks will be mindful that it’s still a residential neighborhood.

    Also, how drunk was the photographer when he/she took these pics?

  2. trixr4kids says:

    what are the boundaries of this 20th street corridor? serious question!

  3. Dude! says:

    How stabby is that neighborhood?

  4. olu says:

    Better than ever, amirite Allan?

  5. yer mam says:


  6. Hater says:

    Yep, douche bags and their Duchie businesses are ruining the mission one street at the time

  7. mmmhmmmm says:

    Why anyone would live in that area is beyond me….tons and tons of gang activity in that area.

    • Freddy says:

      One reason: that neighborhood’s real estate has appreciated at a remarkable rate – probably doubled in the past few years.

      • mmmmmhmmmm says:

        Not scared, just not stupid. Only if you knew the number of police reports that come from that area…..and believe me I do.

        All those hipsters are just brand new victims….mark my word.

        • Ryan says:

          Personally being a “hipster” in that area (lived at Bryant and 21 for 2 years now) I have never felt scared or anything like that in the area. Its mainly far east of there and more South. Its a great area with tons of great food, bars, and a lot of families that have lived in the area for a long time. That being said, stay away, because its becoming impossible to get a drink without being crowded by Marinaites and BandT folks that have no idea how to behave in a bar.

    • HH says:

      Gangs generally don’t target civilians, especially in the area of their residence. In this neighborhood you need to worry about the crackheads and junkies getting let out of the hospital every morning and the people coming from the East Bay, the Hill, and HP mugging people on the street.

    • andrew says:

      come ring the bell next time you’re in line at trick dog, i’d love to meet you!

    • The Brin says:

      Really the only problem is graffiti. I hang with friends there all the time, and it’s a nice ‘hood. Waked the streets really late for years around there and never been worried about my safety.

  8. Robert says:

    Good maybe that would attract people from Valencia so we could have peace again.

  9. Thomasina says:

    20th street corridor. Mr. big stuff rich man renames a residential quiet area, mixed with light industrial/distribution/upholstery to suit his needs. For 20 years I’ve lived here, that was a ‘normal area’ of the mission. Homeowners, tenants…and relatively peaceful. I love bars, and music, but this is going too far.
    His ‘community’ on his site, are his high end suppliers. When he opened Salu what the fuck, he had a huge log fueled stove immediately pumping out tons of ash only two stories. Connected yes he is. The city did NOT even bother to check how he was going to vent it. A truck was pulling up WEEKLY unloading wood. Where I work everyone on the second floor started coughing like crazy. It was months before it stopped. He claimed, “OH we didn’t have smokestack in our budget!” Translated, connected people don’t have to worry …until at least in SF, people still have some say (!). I’m not passing a judgement on the people that go to trickdog or Salu what the fuck, I am just saying, this shit is 1) unsustainable, cuz the economy is going to tank, we have another bubble, while they are trying to make this ‘corridor’ high end, thus raising rents on my neighbors who own real bizzness 2) this is pure elitist rich peoples’ vanity projects. It has nothing to do with offering affordable healthy food, or community. They have more trucks there everyday,, ten or twenty, each delivering a ‘specialty item’…than all the real light industrial bizz still there on the block combined. Missionmission post is a usual completely apolitical and glib snark. so my entire comment should just now be deleted cuz no one ‘here’ would give a fucking shit of what most of us fear, feel, and are angry about. Yes, the rich are so great. They give us jobs. Uh huh. From flour site “On Flour + Water’s Style “We make the kind of food that chefs like to eat.” INDEED. And your bar? At least they were smart enough to make it barricaded. Or is that just down and urban?

    • Dude! says:

      ‘Tab’ is in the upper left corner, and ‘Return or Enter’ is middle right by your pinkie.

      • Thomasina says:

        you really think that is being clever? Snob about paragraphs? gawd. I could bury you in history and economics …and I am a stupid mis spelling worker/layman.

        • Dude! says:

          Please do! I love reading posts full of factual history and economics in a blog about mission “culture”.

        • pat says:

          Is your real bizzness a SAT tutoring service. Gawd. Why no one care bout your problemz!? So wack. Live neighborhood 20 yearz and no rezspects. Gawd

      • Old Mission Neighbor says:

        Really, Dude!?

        “Missionmission post is a usual completely apolitical and glib snark. so my entire comment should just now be deleted cuz no one ‘here’ would give a fucking shit of what most of us fear, feel, and are angry about.”

    • commentariatsays says:


    • The Brin says:

      Blame Vera Cort. She owns all those buildings. (The Southern Exposure building around, and practically a quarter of al the big buildings in the mission. Like the Bayview Bank mission High-Rise, and the old Cine Latino theater on Mission.)

      She has a ton of pull with the planning department, and can usually get done what she wants.

      On the other hand, it is an industrial area and smokestacks are the norm.

    • Kim says:

      Your post inspired me to explore the area yesterday. Although the wait was long, I had dinner at Central Kitchen. Loved it! Salumeria is amazing too.

    • Ryan says:


  10. Greg says:

    Evolution and adaptation are like kinda death and taxes, and thank the universe for it else we wouldn’t all be typing our snarky little comments into the ether.

  11. pat says:

    Also, Love Allan a transplant tech nerd is criticizing Trick Dog which is run by young locally raised folk.

    Keep up the good work tech nerd. Who made you and the douche over at Uptown Almanac the Mission cultural police?

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      You think Allan’s a tech nerd ’cause he knows how to post to a WordPress site??

      Also, you give Allan that authority by reading this site regularly (no matter what reason you may give for reading it – let me guess, you think you’re holding it accountable) and by contributing your comments.

      • pat says:

        He is a tech transplant…because he is new to the bay, and he works in the tech realm.

        No, reading a site, and commenting does not mean I deem him the Mission cultural police.

        It means I like to see what local bloggers are writing about – when they use their blog as a platform to criticize, and think they get to decide what is gentrifying or harming the Mission, I comment because they never identify that they are part of the gentrification and change.

        • Ariel Dovas says:

          Not convinced on any of those points. I don’t think Allan knows very much about technology. And he’s not that new to the Bay. And this is just another blog in the overflowing pile of chatter on the internet (mixing metaphors!) But maybe we just disagree about the details, I see you as giving this platform authority by coming here and participating in the conversation. It could be just a bunch of dopes talking into an empty theater, but the readers elect to come and listen. (can’t stop mixing!!!)

  12. bellpeppernostrils says:

    ya’ll niggas aint shit. stop complaining and get to work for massa.