Fire situation on Valencia Street

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In the old Abbott’s Cellar.

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(Thanks, Wesley.)

Cool prank

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How come you never walk up to the top of Bernal Hill?

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Maybe you should go do it right now instead of listening to that podcast. Or instead of reading that article about the Super Bowl signs.

Anyway, I did it twice over the weekend and it’s real nice, in case you didn’t know. It’ll perk you right up.

PANTS 2 GRASS a.k.a. What was it like in the park yesterday?????

We saw the gorgeous photos already; now here’s a firsthand account:

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(Thanks, Chris!)

Dolores Park is 100% open for the first time in YEARS

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And what a beautiful day for it!!!

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Dolores Park’s south side was supposed to reopen tomorrow but now it’s not

But, look, it’s all done, and as soon as the wet weather subsides, it’ll open back up:

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How cold is it in San Francisco?

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Gentrification in microcosm

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Here’s the beginning of an article titled “Longtime Residents Worry Roommate With Well-Paid Job Slowly Gentrifying Apartment”:

Noting that many areas are completely unrecognizable compared to when they first moved in years ago, residents of 1102 Larimer Street Apartment 2B told reporters Thursday they’ve begun to worry their well-paid roommate is slowly gentrifying the apartment. “I don’t hold anything against Mark personally for having a good job, but as soon as he moved in, the framed pictures started going up, and this place has lost a lot of its original character,” longtime roommate John Wertz said of the new arched floor lamp, Whole Foods groceries in the pantry, and a potted succulent plant that have slowly replaced the apartment’s longtime furnishings and steadily reshaped the space’s look.

Read on for the startling conclusion.

Want your own 1-bedroom but can’t afford it? Check out this 1-badroom!

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Tiny little busted-ass shack for sale in San Francisco for $350,000

Here’s what the listing says:

Two Bedrooms Fixer located in the Outer Mission. Distinguished home in need of work.

“Outer Mission”:

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[Map by Google Maps]