Hella Old BART Logo

1958! Dang!

Imagine how all our lives would be different were we walking around talking about “RT” all these years! “RT Boner” certainly doesn’t have the same ring to it as < a href=”/2008/10/19/passing-under-24th-street/”>BART Boner.

But that emblem sure looks speedy. I dig it.

Historian Eric Fischer published the image, and BART Diaries hipped us to it.

P.S. Everybody should read this item about the new Girl Scouts branding.


<a href=”/2010/06/09/19-year-old-muni-fast-pass/”>19-Year-Old Muni Fast Pass

<a href=”/2010/06/04/29-year-old-muni-fast-pass/”>29-Year-Old Muni Fast Pass

2 Responses to “Hella Old BART Logo”

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