San Francisco to close at end of June

The Onion reports:

SAN FRANCISCO—Saying that staying in its current location was no longer feasible, sources across San Francisco confirmed Thursday that the popular Northern California city would be shutting its doors at the end of the month due to rising rent.

Residents and business owners of the iconic West Coast metropolis, which has occupied the same peninsula for generations, told reporters that spiraling costs had reached such a level that remaining in its 47-square-mile waterfront space was simply beyond its means.

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[Photo by Allie]

I guess they seriously want to raze an entire block (at 19th and Bryant) to make room for condos

In the comments section of our Facebook post about the blog “Man Lines”, neighbor Spike K. posted the above photo and the following:

the next fight, and without the moratorium its crucial to come and protest: on June 18th, the planning commission will hear the developers request for a demolition permit to raze the entire block of Bryant st, between 18th and 19th st, the former Cell Space, Tortilla Flats, the A.C.T. prop and scene shop losing 50 union jobs, the auto repair shop that’s been there for decades, losing 9 blue collar jobs, and a local landscaping firm. come to the mtg 6/18 at 12 noon at city hall, room 400, and say no to this request to destroy our neighborhood and put up 200+ luxury homes.

Bartlett Street progress report

Remember when they first started talking about this possibility way back in 2012? Now we’re nearly there!

[via Urban Life Signs]

Valet parking for an open house event last night on Bryant Street

To be clear:

  1. This happened last night
  2. This is on Bryant between 21st and 22nd, in the heart of the Mission
  3. This is an open house, where a real estate agent shows the house to potential buyers
  4. There is a team of valet parking attendants out front, ready to park your BMW for you so you don’t have to

(Thanks to our neighbor Marc A. for the photos and reporting.)

A little part of Valencia goes to the Tenderloin

826 Valencia, to be precise. SF Weekly reports:

When a real estate broker told Tenderloin landlord Paul Boschetti that a nonprofit was interested in leasing his 172 Golden Gate Avenue property, he told the San Francisco Chronicle Thursday, Boschetti said, “No way. I’ve had it up to here with nonprofits.” But the landlord had a change of heart when he visited the original 826 Valencia. “When I saw what they were doing for the young people of the neighborhood, how much fun the kids were having, I immediately changed my mind,” Boschetti told the Chron. “If I was a kid I would like this kind of stuff myself.”

Aww. Read on for more of the story.

Taking the fight inside City Hall

A mob of our neighbors is inside City Hall right now trying to convince Mayor Lee that evictions are wrong.

Kudos, neighbors! Follow along at #MissionTakesCityHall

[Photos by Plaza 16 Coalition and The COH]

Holy cow did you know the Concourse Exhibition Center is fucking GONE?

It was there a minute ago!

Here’s what this view used to look like:

I was speculating with Luke Spray of Roll Over Easy last night as to what will probably be erected in its place. We’re thinking probably affordable housing and some kind of organic farm, probably.

Here’s what the main entrance looked like:

Now it is a pit.

I saw the Strokes there once.

A poem about life in SF lately

Local rapper Ticklefight penned this little jam about life in the city this week:

Week of Four 2wenty RAP-up

420 once again, GG Park a big pig pen

Drought gets worse, Jerry Brown’s got the purse

The Elbo and the Lex, what’s gonna be next

Van Ness Micky D’s re-rising high, 13 floors of yuppie french fries

Blue Bottle, Tartine, the hype machine gonna bust your spleen

Earth Day is here, and now it’s gone, same old tired recycled song


Search results for ‘elbo room bartender j mascis doppelganger’

Bummer dude.

[via Ticklefight]

Dolores Park progress report

Looking good, park!