Literally a sign of the times

Yeah, remember when this was Spanish-language beer ads for like ever? And oftentimes just blank?

Different times!

[Photo and title (and additional reporting) by Tanya Wheeler]

Empathy for the doomed old Sears in Oakland

From our favorite Oakland personality Ryan Christopher Parks:

The Sears is being demolished and turned into lofts.

[Photo by Google Maps]

The story of a little freeway fire in the East Bay

[via David Mohr]

Heroic firefighters perched atop the building they just saved

(Thanks, Erin!)

A much scarier view of the fire

[via Nick Carpenter]

Fire at 20th and San Carlos!

I’m sure you can hear the sirens. (Photo by Mike Chino.)

UPDATE: Lil Tuffy has more info:

Looks like it was started by some roofers. They saved a puppy from


Your missing compost bin is joyriding around town in a convertible

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Starbucks to open inside new condo complex at 15th and South Van Ness?

Neighbor Carrie just wrote in:

I’m a Mission resident living at 16th and Capp. I was walking my dog last night by the new giant residential place that’s opening up on the corner of Van Ness and 15th (giant gray horrible ugly building across the street from the artist’s billboard that reads: “Sell Your Hopes”) and saw the property owner showing another businessman around the building. As my dog was pooping on the sidewalk, I heard him say, “In the commercial space, we are either going to lease to a Starbucks or a pizza joint.”

My jaw dropped.

If a Starbucks opens here, I will probably commence looking for an apartment in another neighborhood.


[Photo by Google Maps]

Photos of Northbound 280 all deserted


At 18th Street, crews were replacing some signage:

And there were news trucks too, which proves this is newsworthy:

And, for reference, here’s what 101 looked like around the same time:

I don’t know either

I saw this item yesterday on the corner of 23rd and Harrison too. I thought about taking a picture but was too lazy. Thankfully, Natalie took care of business. What is this thing? “I don’t know,” says Natalie.

[via @fleetwood_nat]