A poem about life in SF lately

Local rapper Ticklefight penned this little jam about life in the city this week:

Week of Four 2wenty RAP-up

420 once again, GG Park a big pig pen

Drought gets worse, Jerry Brown’s got the purse

The Elbo and the Lex, what’s gonna be next

Van Ness Micky D’s re-rising high, 13 floors of yuppie french fries

Blue Bottle, Tartine, the hype machine gonna bust your spleen

Earth Day is here, and now it’s gone, same old tired recycled song


Search results for ‘elbo room bartender j mascis doppelganger’

Bummer dude.

[via Ticklefight]

Dolores Park progress report

Looking good, park!

Sub-Mission, one of the last remaining truly independent performance venues in probably the whole world, is in danger

Thanks to rent woes and new demands from their landlord, they’ve been forced to launch a GoFundMe campaign.

Capp Street Crap reports:

Txutxo Perez, one of the owners of the gallery and performance space between 17th and 18th Streets, said the landlord has agreed to a new 5-year lease with the condition that they first make the necessary upgrades themselves. Perez said he hoped to have started construction this month but now he doesn’t know when it will happen.

As of April 15, Sub-Mission’s rent will also go up by $3,000. The goal of the fundraising campaign is to raise enough money to help Sub-Mission get through at least until the end of April. But Perez said the situation will be dire if the project is at a standstill when May rolls around.

Read on for more story and photos.

Protestors blockade SFPD’s Mission Station on anniversary of Alex Nieto’s death

Mission Local reports:

Protesters have blocked traffic with street theater and chained themselves to Mission Police Station as part of an action against officer-involved shootings in the city and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The roughly 100 activists began arriving at about 7 a.m. to mark the one year anniversary of the police shooting of Alex Nieto. They were joined by Nieto’s parents and the youth rhythm and dance ensemble Loco Bloco.

10 of the protesters joined hands through tubing and chained themselves to the Valencia street exit of the Mission Station parking lot. Public Information Officer Albie Esparza said the action is not interfering with their ability to respond to calls for service with the vehicles they already have out and about. Esparza said the police do not currently have plans to take action against protesters and are simply monitoring their “First Amendment rights activity.”

Read on for more story and pics, and some video.

Local bar Elixir the latest victim in taxi-Uber feud

Keep it civil, y’all!

SF Gate reports:

An Uber driver and a taxi driver collided Wednesday morning in San Francisco’s Mission District, sending the cab into a bar, authorities said.

The crash happened at 9:24 a.m.

Read on.

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Sinbad’s to close forever in less than a month

No more sitting there pounding margaritas before a ferry ride to Oakland for a Burger Boogaloo or a happy hour (or sitting there pounding Fernets all afternoon when a ferry fails to turn up).

Another piece of Old SF lost to the tides of progress. (They’re gonna put in an improved ferry terminal, which will help us evacuate in the event a disaster takes out the bridges and tunnel, which is good I guess.)

The Examiner reports:

The restaurant’s landlord, the Port of San Francisco, wants Sinbad’s gone from its prime location on Pier 2 near the Ferry Building by March 21.

With its unmatched views of the Bay Bridge, Sinbad’s has been a waterfront institution in The City since the 1970s. Despite decidedly mixed reviews from diners — along with repeated warnings from the Public Health Department about food-safety issues — the restaurant is a popular cocktail destination for service-industry workers, locals and tourists.

Sinbad’s has also been a thorn in the Port’s side, documents show.

It has often been late with rent payments and has bounced checks — at one time the eatery owed the Port $220,000. Sinbad’s also has caused at least five sewage leaks into San Francisco Bay over the past six years, the most recent of which was in January, according to a Port memo.

Read on for more on the possibility (unlikely) of a reprieve.

I love you, Sinbad’s.

Fire at Mission & 22nd St

So much for sparing the air… This fire has been raging at the Sketcher’s building at the corner of Mission & 22nd street since about 6:30pm, and it’s now close to 8pm and seems to only be getting larger.

MissionMission Fire at Mission and 22nd

[via ABC7news]


The fire appears to be centered on the building on the Northwest corner of 22nd and Mission, which houses Popeye’s.  The Sketchers building seems to be safe at the moment, thanks to the efforts of the SFFD.


SF Gate reports that 6 people have been injured and that 1 person has been killed.  Besides Popeye’s, the building was also a residence for dozens of families.  The SFFD was able to rescue several people trapped there, but the fire is still raging at this time as they continue to work to contain it.

Please read Capp Street Crap if you’re not already

Capp Street Crap is a wonderful blog, all about the Mission. (I link to it all the time, but I’ve been a little off the grid lately, so you should just follow it yourself.) In addition to charming posts about junk in the gutter on Capp Street, they do some killer in-depth reporting (like well more in-depth than anything we do). Here are some examples from recent weeks:

Officer-involved shooting at SFPD’s Mission Station

High-tech new trashcans at 16th and Mission

Difficulties reopening Capp Street theater/venue the Lost Church

Get to work!

Setting fire to a robot butler box (aka marketing trash)

Yesterday these robot butler boxes showed up all over town. And I guess they turned out to be an elaborate marketing scheme (wherein a marketing company leaves trash on a sidewalk).

Last night, somebody went pyro on them:

[Photos by open mouth, via thong2000]