Massive fire at 25th and Valencia

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UPDATE: Another angle from reader Emmet:

Giant condo complex may replace Walgreens and Burger King at 16th and Mission

Mission Local reports:

A developer submitted preliminary plans for 351 new condos with the San Francisco Planning Department on October 18.

To make room for the new buildings, which are described as between five and ten stories in the Preliminary Project Assessment, the developer plans to raze several businesses, including Walgreens, Burger King and Hwa Lei Market. A nightclub and a vacant Dollar Store on the site would also go.

They aim to beautify and improve the quality of life in the area, and make the BART plaza a more inviting hub, and they say no residents will be displaced. Read on for more info, comments by locals, blueprints and more.

I think it’s cool as long as they name the place “Royal Gate” in honor of Cranky Old Mission Guy and days gone by.

Burrito Justice Radio, live on right now!

As we learned in last week’s in-depth look at, the station is largely devoted to music — but “Burrito Justice Radio,” airing today from noon-2pm, will be all about news, maps, history, GIFs, Shrinky Dinks, bridges, hockey and other obsessions. And maybe a little bit of music. In short: everything you love about Burrito Justice!

Tune in:

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Celebrating Dia de los Muertos (and the ‘death of the Mission’) with an altar featuring Mark Zuckerberg as Jesus Christ

In a multimedia slideshow called “Weeping for the Life and Death of the Mission District,” Sarah McClure of Mission Local talks to a number of locals preparing altars for the upcoming holiday. Several of them mention the death of the Mission, or the death of the Mission they once knew.

One of them put Mark Zuckerberg’s face on Jesus.


St. Francis Fountain is an HBO set today

Clipper Cards and Satan

New condo complex 38 Dolores has a ‘butterfly habitat’

HBO will shoot its new show in Dolores Park this week

Mission Local reports:

Watch out for cameras in Dolores Park over the next couple of days. The new HBO series, “Looking” will be shooting a birthday scene in the park Thursday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. If you happen to mosey on by during those times, you just may catch a glimpse of yourself when the show airs.

Read on.

What Alcatraz being closed looks like

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Casting call for “Looking”

Formerly called “The Untitled Michael Lannan Project”, HBO’s new series about a few gay men who design video games and hang out in Mission bars is now casting for background extras. They have a “constant need for 20s-30s Hipsters/Mission Neighborhood types & LGBT Community”. And you “must be able to pull off Hipster vibe with your own clothes or style”. Make of that what you will.

Birds At Evening
[random Mission file photo by me]

Quit waiting around for the Real World narcissists to come to your neighborhood bar and get out there and get on this show! Then send us back some reports from the set!

UPDATE: Doc Pop notices that they’re shooting at Doc’s Clock today.