The titillating secret messages hidden within Mission street names

Bernalwood, our favorite neighborhood blog, yesterday published a guide to the anagramified secret messages hidden in the names of all the streets up on the hill. Today, we submit that the Mission’s secret messages are even better. Check these out:

Harem Ship = Hampshire
Air Horns = Harrison
Tater = Treat
Shaven Snouts = South Van Ness
Anal Vice = Valencia
Albino = Albion
Red Baron = Dearborn
Carnal S.O.S. = San Carlos
Rod Fail = Florida
Czar Have Sec = Cesar Chavez
Doe Cub = Duboce
Two Hells = Shotwell
Carpet Pest = Capp Street
In Carol = Clarion
Tart Belt = Bartlett
Ably Lamely = Balmy Alley
A Goner = Orange
Lava Road = Alvarado
Pig Deal = Lapidge
Old Sore = Dolores

Highlight the list to see the translations. Killer titillating anagrams, am I right?

[Photo of my friend Carol by American Tripps]

Cool new swing installed on Valencia Street

This is a still from a short film by Doc Pop.

Another Google bus protest

[via @ellebeans]

It’s Christmas in the Mission!

[via Kristin]

The ‘anti-gentrification underground’ thinks Pop’s might become a Bi-Rite

With the future of Pop’s uncertain (be sure to read Broke-Ass Stuart’s heartfelt remembrance), rumors abound. A reader wrote in last night with a query:

I am a frequent reader of missionmission (clap clap- I love the site) and I heard a rumor I thought you might know something about- is the (awesome) pops bar on 24th street turning into a freakin’ birite? I heard some buzz about it and figured you had your ear to the ground on these sorts of things.

Well, cool, thanks!

I said, “Where’d you hear this rumor?”

A few friends who are pretty plugged in to the anti-gentrification underground were buzzing about it the other day over drinks. I don’t expect that they’d be open to telling me where they heard it- they are pretty private about that stuff- but it definitely got my wheels turning so figured I’d ask.

Shrug. Thanks, anyway.

Sounds pretty solid.

UPDATE (Monday, December 2, 2013): Bi-Rite wrote in to tell us that this rumor is false.

[Photos by Google Maps]

Simulated terrorist attack on the old Bay Bridge

Turns out the old Bay Bridge is still good for something after all! Photographers’ Blog tells us all about it:

While at a wedding rehearsal last week, I received a call from my editor to cover Urban Shield, a large-scale, 48-hour preparedness exercise for first responders. With participants and observers attending from various states and countries, Urban Shield is in a sense the Super Bowl of preparedness exercise.

I knew I wanted to document the event when I heard that parts of it will be held at the recently closed eastern span of the former San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Read on for the full story and lots more pics.

Gnarly pedestrian accident

@SFSavage, father of P.D. Bird was tangentially involved in a pedestrian car accident today downtown:

Apparently the driver took off before the police got involved. Really hoping the pedestrian is not too badly injured, but it sounds pretty rough. These streets are busy, and I’m hearing about too many pedestrian/car/bike accidents these days. No matter how you’re moving through a street, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be aware of what’s around. I like to think I’m careful as a pedestrian, on a bike and in my car, but we could all use a reminder.

In other news, Curbed reports that the large and confusing intersection at Haight-Gough-Market is getting an overhaul with regards to safety. Good to hear, I was the victim of a hit and run while walking across that street a year ago.

Massive fire at 25th and Valencia

[via Jarid]

UPDATE: Another angle from reader Emmet:

Giant condo complex may replace Walgreens and Burger King at 16th and Mission

Mission Local reports:

A developer submitted preliminary plans for 351 new condos with the San Francisco Planning Department on October 18.

To make room for the new buildings, which are described as between five and ten stories in the Preliminary Project Assessment, the developer plans to raze several businesses, including Walgreens, Burger King and Hwa Lei Market. A nightclub and a vacant Dollar Store on the site would also go.

They aim to beautify and improve the quality of life in the area, and make the BART plaza a more inviting hub, and they say no residents will be displaced. Read on for more info, comments by locals, blueprints and more.

I think it’s cool as long as they name the place “Royal Gate” in honor of Cranky Old Mission Guy and days gone by.

Burrito Justice Radio, live on right now!

As we learned in last week’s in-depth look at, the station is largely devoted to music — but “Burrito Justice Radio,” airing today from noon-2pm, will be all about news, maps, history, GIFs, Shrinky Dinks, bridges, hockey and other obsessions. And maybe a little bit of music. In short: everything you love about Burrito Justice!

Tune in:

[Photo by Ariel Dovas]