Eagle Donuts to close forever on Monday

Speaking of donuts… Bernalwood delivers some sad news:

It’s no one’s fault; Change is the only constant. Eagle Donuts opened in 1994, and Sherry from behind the counter — that’s Sherry, above — told Bernalwood she’s been here the entire time. She said rising rents weren’t so much of an issue. She said donuts just aren’t a very lucrative product these days, and costs keep going up. Milk prices, sugar prices, the minimum wage… all going up. Basically, Sherry said, after 20 years, it’s time to move on.

So on Monday, Eagle Donuts will close forever.

Stop in this weekend to get a final taste, and wish Sherry all the best.

Read on for more info and lots more pics.

6 Responses to “Eagle Donuts to close forever on Monday”

  1. Silmonster says:

    This is a big bummer, especially for the SF General ER staff, who for years have enjoyed dozens of Eagle donuts at the crack of dawn after a gnarly night shifts or at the beginning of a grueling day shift.

    My first week of residency, after a long brutal night shift, I heard an overhead page: “Attention Mission ER Staff: The Eagle has landed.” I envisioned a helicopter delivering a sick patient but instead was greeted with a warm apple fritter.

    Ever since they I’ve eagerly anticipated a delivery from the paramedics, the sheriffs, or one or more of our fantastic ER staff of dozens of yummy donuts to satisfy the tired, hungry and heroic staff of the SF General ER.

    Thanks, Eagle. We’ll miss you.

  2. nunyabeezwax says:

    is sherry a ghost? I see no person in the picture above.

  3. of course says:

    But at least we have bullshit yuppie adventure races to take its place.

  4. Truth says:

    Why is no one addressing the fact that the google bus drove the prices of sugar and milk through the roof to put Eagle out of business?

    • Oyster boy says:

      I heard Google bus drivers have been directed to purchase copious quantities of milk, sugar, and flour, and haul them down the peninsula to deprive the city of donut feedstock.