The bar formerly known as the Attic will now be called…

[via Capp Street Crap]

12 Responses to “The bar formerly known as the Attic will now be called…”

  1. matt cline says:

    such a shame.

    your cheap drinks, colorful patrons and immutable puke smell will be missed, attic.

  2. timbo says:

    That name sucks, and the sign is ugly.

    • one says:

      looks like a throwback from ‘herpes triangle’ of the 70s ie The Marina because of course.

  3. Meh says:

    Bet it will still smell like the ghost of vomits past.

  4. Horatio Algiers says:

    I got a great idea! Let’s paint it slate gray. Blonde wood is sooooo passe.

  5. Missionish says:


  6. Adrian Covert says:

    Let’s get the local guy who only paints stencils of Lou Reed to cover it.

  7. Blexxxxch says:

    How original. Just like everyone moving into the Mission…

  8. Dade says:

    Calling for a moratorium on ” ” business naming conventions

  9. james says:

    i’m going to call it ‘the old attic’ if i ever find myself going there.

  10. one says:

    It’s gross. It’s like every other stupid restaurant/bar with reclaimed wood. It looks like it’s set in that vodka ad with the mechanical titties.