Burrito rules

Set off by this photo of an Englishman eating a burrito with a knife and fork, Burrito Justice got to work on a formal system of “Burrito Law.” Here’s are the first two statutes:

  1. if you pull off all the foil, it is no longer a burrito
  2. if you touch it with a knife and fork, it is no longer a burrito

Read on for the full story and the rest of the statutes.

10 Responses to “Burrito rules”

  1. Alabama St. says:

    If it’s no longer a burrito, what is it? A wrap of deliciousness?

  2. Burrito Mojado says:

    Rules are lame, enforcers lamer!

  3. Taco Injustice says:

    Especially that enforcer. Lame rules. Just lame.

  4. Blexxxxch says:

    Techies. Isn’t there an easier way to hack this burrito?

    • Truth says:

      Who said anything about techies? Oh I get it, because he’s white and he wears glasses.

  5. Valenchia says:

    But this seems to overlook mojado burritos — which are surely authentic.

  6. Truth says:

    This dingus has never heard of a burrito mojado

  7. emilie says:

    Piso Mojado – he falls on his ass.

  8. Oyster Boy says:

    Burrito logic and diplomacy prevails!

  9. david says:

    If it is wrapper in foil instead of paper, it is no longer a burrito.