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Keeping You in Good Spirits


We here at Pops Bar are proud to have been keeping the mission in good spirits for a long long time, since 1937 in fact.  It’s good to know that while many things change, and the city goes through good times and bad times, some things remain constant.  From 6am to 2am daily, Pops Bar is here as your neighborhood gathering place with 13 hour happy hours and nightly free music and entertainment.  Stop in and meet our friendly bartenders and be part of San Francisco history. We promise to keep the drinks flowing and the good times rolling…

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Dear Monday,


I’m sure you could feel this coming since Sunday, but we’d like to break up with you. We’re seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday.  So you can see, it’s just not working out.  Please stop showing up every week, you’re a bummer.  Since Monday can’t seem to take the hint, Pops Bar is here to make it go down a bit smoother.  Hop on Pops and we’ll get you to Tuesday just as fast as we can.

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Happy 2018! Our time is now…


2017 can suck it.  Let’s move on to better times ahead.  Come stop in your cozy neighborhood bar and become part of the Pops Bar family.  We do our best to keep the booze flowing and the good times rolling.  And just in case you forgot, Pops has THIRTEEN HOUR HAPPY HOURS! Bacon Bloody Mary’s, Irish Coffee, Mexican Coffee, Fresh OJ Mimosa… We get your morning going every day at 6am and keep happy hour going until 7pm.  So Rise N Shine, then kick back and unwind. Pops is your official 2018 starting point in the Mission.

This week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


The Pops Files: UFOs love the Mission

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It should be no surprise when it feels like the entire world is trying to gain residence in our beloved Mission District, that we’d be just as a popular a hot spot for beings from out of this world. Alright so we took some creative license here, but it does turn out that California has the highest reported sightings of UFOs in the country.

On Thursdays from 1-8pm, we celebrate UFOs, Aliens, Nibiru, Planet X, Super Heroes, Ancient Aliens, Star Trek, Doctor Who and all of the classic Sci Fi from the 50s on at the Pops Files. Come watch real life UFO videos on our big screens and ponder the mysteries of the universe with us. Here’s a preview:

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Your Vote Counts


It’s Best of the Bay time! Don’t forget to vote for your Mission District favorites. We’ve been lucky to take home wins in categories such as Best Bloody Mary, Best Dive Bar and Best Trivia Night. Some of our favorite performers have taken home first prize like BFF.fm winning Best Radio Station. So take a minute out of your day and do it for your Pops and all your favorite SF people, places and things.

Vote Today: http://48hills.org/bob2017/

This week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:




[Editor's note: Surprise! It's Pop's!! We went to a dry run a couple weeks ago and the drinks and surf rock soundtrack were LEGIT.]

Catch the Mahalo vibes! Experience Pops Bar turning into a Tiki Bar every Monday Night from 8pm to close. With $10 Tiki inspired cocktails such as Mai Tais, Blue Hawaiians and Lava Flows you’ll soon be saying Aloha to Mondays. After all, time flies when you’re having rum!

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


The Brunch Mob

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Maybe you overdid it Friday night and you’re in need of a little hair of the dog. The Brunch Mob is here to help every Saturday from 10am-3pm at Pops Bar. DJs Milton Badley and Snelly Davis Jr. spin soothing classics to accompany your Pops Bacon Bloody Mary.

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar.


New Doc’s Clock sign!


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