RIP Dear Mom

Hoodline reports:

Dear Mom, open since 2012, will be introducing some changes soon. Owner Paul Bavaro plans to revamp the bar-restaurant at 16th & Harrison by the new year, bringing in new food menus and pool tables and changing the bar’s name.


When he opened Dear Mom, his fourth and most recent business venture, Bavaro wanted to mix things up: it’s a larger space than his other bars, and is also the first of the three to offer food. A couple of Bavaro’s employees came up with the “Dear Mom” concept and name, and he ran with it. But he says the concept just isn’t working in terms of profitability, so he’s changing things up.

I always thought Dear Mom should have a sister bar named Fuck You Dad. Maybe now’s the time?

Regardless of the name though:

[T]he bar has one issue that Bavaro will be hard-pressed to change. He told us business hasn’t been helped by the frequent presence of homeless encampments on both sides of the street, which often discourages customers from sitting on the bar’s sidewalk patio—or visiting Dear Mom in the first place.

Many patrons have told Bavaro that they don’t like to walk in the area near the bar. “They say that they don’t feel safe, so they try to avoid it,” he said.

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[Photo of the Dear Mom "Mom Wall" (RIP) from like 3 years ago by Jay or me I think]

SF’s Longest Happy Hour!


HAPPINESS IS THIRTEEN HOUR HAPPY HOURS! Bacon Bloody Mary’s, Irish Coffee, Mexican Coffee, Fresh OJ Mimosa, Pabst…Pops Bar gets your morning going every day at 6am and keeps happy hour going until 7pm! So Rise N Shine, then kick back and unwind, Pops is your official starting point in the Mission. *Please make sure your puppies drink responsibly.

Check out this week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Lexington Club commemorative plaque unveiled outside place that used to be the Lexington Club


Capp Street Crap reports:

On Monday afternoon, owner Lila Thirkield, former staff, politicians and about a hundred fans of the bar turned out for the plaque’s unveiling and to celebrate the Lexington’s 18 years at 3463 19th St. Now home to the upscale Wildhawk, the iconic Mission lesbian bar closed in April 2015 following its sale to the Plumpjack Group.

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[Photo by Blair Craig]

Better Know a Bartender: We love Kevin!


When Kevin isn’t out and about playing bass for the band UNCLE RIFKIN and guitar for LADY CROONER, you can catch him behind the bar at Pops on Thursday and Sunday mornings.  He mixes a mean cocktail but his drink of choice is a cold brew on tap.  You can also catch Kevin at Madrone Art Bar from time to time hosting Spike’s Open Mic Sunday. Stop in and have a beer with Kevin!

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Rise & Shine


While Labor Day may be the end of summer for most, we know our San Francisco summer is just getting started. Jump start your morning with something refreshing during our THIRTEEN HOUR HAPPY HOURS everyday starting at 6am! Bacon Bloody Mary’s, Irish Coffee, Mexican Coffee, Fresh OJ Mimosa, Pabst…remember it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. So kick back and unwind, Pops is your official starting point in the Mission.

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Better Know a Bartender


Meet Marilyn, aka OG, the newest member of Pops Bar team! Formerly of Dave’s, Marilyn loves a simple and sweet, classic Maker’s Mark Manhattan. Stop by and welcome Marilyn to the Pops family Monday and Tuesday mornings with happy hour starting at 6AM.

Check out this week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Doc’s Clock will reopen in a new space a block up Mission Street!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.02.24 PM

HEAVEN SMILES UPON US!!!!!!!!!! Mission Local reports:

“We are moving Doc’s Clock and are going to do our best to keep it the same. We will have the same staff, the same shuffleboard, the same bar stools and the same bar,” wrote owner Carey Suckow in an email.

Little else will change, with the exception of larger bathrooms, Suckow said. She hopes to move the bar by the end of their current lease, pending Planning Department approval, and the landlord is willing to host the bar’s iconic sign as well, though it’s not yet exactly clear if and how that will be arranged.

Yussssss! (And it’s closer to my house now!) Read on!

[Photo by Google Maps]

Better Know a Bartender



F*ck Caleb! And we say that with nothing less then true love and affection for Pops bartender Caleb, aka Sprinkles. Known for inventing delicious speciality cocktails on the fly, he often stumps the rest of the staff when patrons come in wanting a repeat of an “off menu” Caleb concoction. One such cocktail is called “Risky Business”, a simple and delicious combination of tequila infused with cucumber over ice and soda water. See what Caleb cooks up for you every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at Pops Bar.

Check out this week’s entertainment line up:


Historical Preservation Committee lends support to Doc’s Clock

It might not completely save the day, but every little bit helps… Capp Street Crap reports:

Last week, the city’s Historical Preservation Committee voted to approve the bar for the city’s legacy business program, which offers financial incentives to protect the city’s older vulnerable businesses. Doc’s Clock will cement its new status if the Small Business Commission votes in its favor at a meeting later this month.

Doc’s Clock has about a year and two months remaining on its lease at 2575 Mission St., which changed hands in July of last year. The new owner has decided not to renew the bar’s lease.

Read on for the details of the program and some thoughts from Doc’s owner Carey Suckow.

And then also, if you want, read my emo poem about Doc’s from a couple months ago.

[Photo of Doc's Clock's bathroom ceilings in 2010 by Fred M.]

San Francisco in 2016