“The San Francisco Renter”

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16 Responses to ““The San Francisco Renter””

  1. Yo Mama says:

    “To the victor, belong the spoils”

  2. gary says:

    renting in sf sucks. all of my friends live in fear that their landlord will sell their building and they’ll be exiled from the city.

    • Brian M. says:

      The best housing security comes from ownership. And although people don’t like to hear it, if you can’t afford to own in this market, you have to find one you can. San Francisco has tried to create a renter-friendly environment through regulation, but the result has been quite the opposite. I personally would like more policies encouraging homeownership, but I don’t expect it will ever happen.

      • Dappercat says:

        YES! More homeownership (higher % of population) is best for cities & communities.

      • two beers says:

        Sounds good! Let’s give no doc mortgages to people with poor credit and insufficient income! What could go wrong?

        The sooner we get lower income people tied into the unaffordable housing market to keep asset prices elevated, the better!

        • two beers says:

          The great thing is that when the bubble pops, lower income buyers lose their houses to the banks. Meanwhile, the banks get bailed out on all their failed derivative bets.

          It’s good to be a banker!

  3. Alexis Smith says:

    Instead of renting just buy your own so that there’s no problem staying.

  4. Sam says:

    Yea, everyone should buy property in SF. Problem solved, me, I think I’m gonna get something on Billionaire’s row, how bout u

    • C says:

      I’d be happy to own in Daly City, Oakland, or maybe even Emeryville. I’ve been saving like mad.

      • Sam says:

        When I buy, it will likely be in a different metro, but yea I would buy in Oakland, though in Temescal and other such Mission-appropriate places, the prices are quite high

  5. ofcourse says:

    This thread shows how much the city (and its blog readers) have changed.

  6. Congratulations to all those who watch for the success of this beautiful blog !!