Kids draw the darnedest doom-filled birthday cards

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Valencia Still Life

How to make street art out of Steve Harvey’s big grinning face

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Gluten gag

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Some insane ramblings about Obama scrawled on a sidewalk

Cool digital art on the sign before the tunnel to Gray Whale Cove

I think maybe it’s an ad for Doc Pop’s latest album?

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Progress update on Amos Goldbaum’s new mural

Btw, for some Amos Goldbaum of your own, check out his online store.

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Amos Goldbaum is working on an Amos Goldbaum-style mural at Church and Day

Cannnnot wait to see it in person!!! (Church and Day are streets slightly outside of the Mission btw.)

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Bart disaster

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Help Primo find a new wall for his cats!

To replace this fallen masterpiece that was on the side of Esta Noche.  Says Primo:

I’d actually really like to do another one and I’m wondering if anyone in my network knows of equally large sized walls they’d be interested in having something like this painted on. This mural was in Rondel alley but unfortunately was not part of the wall we had permission to paint so it’s gone now, but it was a great experience for me and I want to do it again, maybe several times, so if you know a place, let me know !!!  . Thanks @wallspace for the original hookup btw

Who’s got some walls???