Google Bus protest on Valencia Street




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Back when Bush Street was renamed Puppet Street

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All about ORFN


SF Weekly this week published an in-depth look back at the life and times of the departed local artist:

It’s 1993, and 19-year-old Aaron Curry is trapped on an overpass towering above a crime-ridden Hayes Valley, long before the Central Freeway came down and it became the uber-chic hamlet it is today. Curry, better known as Bay Area graffiti writer ORFN, had been spotted mid-tag on the two-story-high roadway, and cops are approaching him in both directions.

He thinks fast and jumps — not to his death, but to a nearby wooden telephone pole. He grabs hold with his jacket-clad arms and bare hands, and wobbles down to safety.

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Freaky stickers in the freaky sticker machine at Mission: Comics and Art

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Here’s what I got:

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(As is their enamel pin selection.)

Remembering Mariachi’s


Mariachi’s, located at 16th and Valencia and beloved for its wide variety of different veggie options, closed in 2010.

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UPDATE: Scandalous!!!!!

Drama Talk & Drinks: WATCH – Taylor Mac Singing All Over San Francisco

Taylor Mac is coming back! We saw Taylor Mac’s A 24-DECADE HISTORY OF POPULAR MUSIC last year and loved it! We also loved seeing SF take a staring role in this new music video of Taylor Mac singing Amazing Grace.


How do you feel about San Francisco?


Who do you like?

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Screaming advice


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