What should you study?

Yeah, man, feel free to browse our History category (230 posts strong over the last 7 years) for lots of Mission and SF history (most of it probably dug up by Burrito Justice.)

[Photo by Elisa, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco]

Frying eggs on the sidewalk

[via The Heated]

Crazy koozie color wheel

Epic! Even better than that last one!

[via Allison]

There’s art in your overhead power lines

It’s basically a tattoo by Yann Black.

[via Primo]

Kids draw the darnedest doom-filled birthday cards

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Valencia Still Life

How to make street art out of Steve Harvey’s big grinning face

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Gluten gag

[via Mission Local]

Some insane ramblings about Obama scrawled on a sidewalk

Cool digital art on the sign before the tunnel to Gray Whale Cove

I think maybe it’s an ad for Doc Pop’s latest album?

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