Map of shuttered SF art spaces

Cara Rose DeFabio put together a map of art spaces, focusing on performance, that are no longer with us. She is inviting people to add others that might be missing.

Check it out on Google Maps here.

The map was created as part of a dramaturgy for The Dance that Documents Itself, opening tonight at CounterPulse and running through the 14th.

That time Grandma visited San Francisco

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Translating appropriated imagery (into art)

An opening tonight in the Mission:

The exhibition Children explores the unique behaviors within two separate art practices.  Much like behavioral studies developed through observations of a child’s growth, the exhibition exposes the unique approaches within Ito and Lux’s practices which have been sculpted through their individual development as artists.  Both artists translate appropriated imagery, materials and ideas in their independent ways, which constitute the autonomous vernaculars seen in their work.  Ito uses readymade objects and images as preexisting structures in his practice for starting points of new work, while Lux uses his own stylized images and objects as preexisting structures for the formation of new work.

Sounds excellent to me.

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Kanye West fan art by local artist Adam Thorman

This is definitely the best piece of Kanye fan art I’ve seen since Kanye West as Nobunny.

[via Adam Thorman on Instagram]

The making of a window art masterpiece (Go Giants!)

And here’s the finished product:

Go Giants!

Watch this trailer for a new book about tattoos

Our pals Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton have put together a book called Pen & Ink: Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them:

Woohoo! And there’s a party for it this Friday in the Mission:

RSVP and invite your friends here. And pre-order the book here.

A better electronic road sign hacking than the ones about zombies or Godzilla

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What a square foot looks like

Local artist Kassandra Zuanich wrote in to tell us about a project she’s been working on:

I thought there was something interesting about cutting out a square foot and pasting it to the ground to let people know, “This square you’re standing on costs xxxx amount of dollars.”

My research is based on actual properties that have sold in San Francisco. I went around and pasted one square foot of paper indicating the cost of land in that exact location.

And, it looks like the rest of us have found the project very ‘grammable:

Watercolor upskirts by Emily Proud

See more of Emily’s work (and peruse the shop) here.

[via Emily on Instagram]

Robin Williams tribute in new Bryant Street mural

[Photo by Jordan Washington, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco]