There’s art in your overhead power lines

It’s basically a tattoo by Yann Black.

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Kids draw the darnedest doom-filled birthday cards

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Valencia Still Life

How to make street art out of Steve Harvey’s big grinning face

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Gluten gag

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Some insane ramblings about Obama scrawled on a sidewalk

Cool digital art on the sign before the tunnel to Gray Whale Cove

I think maybe it’s an ad for Doc Pop’s latest album?

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Progress update on Amos Goldbaum’s new mural

Btw, for some Amos Goldbaum of your own, check out his online store.

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Amos Goldbaum is working on an Amos Goldbaum-style mural at Church and Day

Cannnnot wait to see it in person!!! (Church and Day are streets slightly outside of the Mission btw.)

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Bart disaster

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