Throwback Thursday: City of Cardboard

Yesterday I went rummaging through my Twitter archives (had to request and download a special .csv file and everything) looking for an ancient tweet about NOFX so I could make fun of Yoshi’s, and I got to thinking it could be fun to revisit some old Mission Mission stuff more regularly. So here we go. This was our third tweet ever:

Cardburg, you ask? Why, it was a miniature cardboard city that existed for a short while, here in the Mission:

Pretty cool, right? See more pics here.

And here’s a video I shot. Videos were long back in ’08, I guess. (Where was Vine when you needed it?) But do stick around to hear the cardboard crab shriek at the end:

Cool paintings by local artist Jesse Schlenker

On display now at the newly open Bernal Star in Bernal Heights. Bernalwood posted this and a couple more too. Read on for more story and cool paintings of Bernal and the 101-280 hairball.

Another example of the fine works of art on the walls at Walzwerk

The fourth Mission Mission post ever, way back in ’07, was about the decor at Walzwerk. Looks like they’re still going strong. (And phone camera technology is way way better.)

[via Gaelan]

Important Batman question

Our pal @omgdannydevito explains:

The Inner Sunset has an art scene and it’s asking the hard-hitting questions. [link]

Yeah but they forgot Kevin Conroy. My Batman is Kevin Conroy.

Fun vs. money

Local artist DJ Primo mused last night:

Is it just me or do the best times always make you the least money?

Thought provoking, but, I dunno, I’m having a great time working on this blog post right now AND it’s making me a ton of money. So…

[via Primo on Instagram]

Zine fair at the Billiard Palacade waaay out on Mission Street this Sunday!

It’s 8-Ball Zine Fair! Who will be there you ask?


Boom. And you get to enter the Billiard Palacade!

[via factory 1 design]

Clarion Alley zoetrope

Muybridge in Clarion Alley.

Probable Edweard Muybridge tribute, powered by wind.

Check out this house’s paint job giving you the finger

Same to you, buddy!

Here’s a closer look:

Check out this sweet Village People trading card I got at St. Francis Fountain

Pretty cool, right?

Wait’ll you read the back…


[Top photo by Trusha A.]


It’s like 2009 all over again! (Back when comments sections were all luvvy duvvy.)

EXCEPT, these houses don’t appear to have those problematic perches.

[via Logan Kerby]