Hot new look for October: Embracing your inner Lincecum


Well, it’s going to be quite the shitshow this weekend what with Fleet Week (where you learn what it’s like to live in Afghanistan with American warplanes thundering above you while you try to live, work, and poop); Hardly Strictly (no need to worry about lines or tickets–just ride your bike to the park and lock it to a tree); America’s Cup (as if Larry Ellison hasn’t already demonstrated to everyone how big his dick is by blocking traffic and making everyone late for work downtown with Oracle World); and of course, last but not least, your own San Francisco Giants attempting to recapture the magic from two seasons ago (but hopefully not the riots).

Remember how rad that was? Everyone was so nice to each other and you could defuse an argument in a second with just a timely “Go Giants!” comment. Maybe we should try to be like that all the time?  I suppose I’ll simply settle for not trying to set any MUNI buses on fire.

16 Responses to “Hot new look for October: Embracing your inner Lincecum”

  1. moto-waki says:

    it’s not the riots that suck, but the looting. fires in the street surrounded by cheering fans are fun to watch on the news.

  2. Alex Smith says:

    And the 49ers game at Candlestick on Sunday!

    BTW, Is QB Alex Smith a Hipster? 28 years old. Wears a hoodie and a Giants hat. Probably eats organic.

  3. My favorite Mission Mission post ever.

  4. P.D.Bird says:

    Having not been on BART or the east bay in over 4 years,i must say that that bart car looks hella clean and nice.glad to see some improvements. Also,we will take those “riots” any day. Go Giants!

  5. Soonerdiver says:

    “(where you learn what it’s like to live in Afghanistan with American warplanes thundering above you while you try to live, work, and poop).”

    If you don’t like the sound of freedom you might consider asking your wonderful city government (used loosely)to not invite them back… cancel Fleet Week all together. I’m sure I can think of a few coastal cities who would welcome them with open arms.

    • Thank You says:

      “If you don’t like the sound of freedom”… I’m going to laugh about this for the whole weekend.

      By the way, what did the Russians call it when they paraded their ICBMs through Red Square with jets overhead?

      Dick wagging is dick wagging is dick wagging is dick wagging.

    • It’s been tried before, Mr. Butterfinger Poster, both in San Francisco and Seattle (to my knowledge) — NOT EVERYBODY loves the Blue Angels. There is a significant anti-Blue Angel contingent, and a Blue Angel accident record, which I would suggest that you consult before wholeheartedly endorsing flyovers in your favorite city.

    • MrEricSir says:

      Military technology != freedom.

  6. P.D.Bird says:

    Sound of freedom? Hopefully one day we will free ourselves of useless military expenditures and evole into a peace driven people first nation. Until then this is not the sound of freedom to me,it’s a reminder of who has the big guns to enforce this system upon us and the world.Like it or not.

    • That's rich! says:

      Or incredibly idiotic. “One day, we’ll all live in a federation and travel space at warp speed! All will be represented, hot black chick, weird elven looking dude, gay Asian, and midget Russian. Plus a contingent of disposable red shirted extras!”

  7. chalkman says:

    ask a cab driver what they thought about Oracle Open World…

  8. chalkman says:

    they loved it!