Here come the riot police

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We are GIANT

We swept the Tigers!!! Really, though, our city is the last city we should want to destroy, right?? I mean, we won! I just high fived the world!!

This guy is a model for how we should react to such an epic victory:

Giants hand-lettering on car condensation

And of course it’s by local type hero James T. Edmondson.

Human walk signal

You know, just in case the electronic one gets busted by the rioters.

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And then a couch got burned at 22nd and Mission


Pagan indeed.

Bonfire in front of Beauty Bar

Whoa. There appears to be a television and a compost bin in there.

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Keepin’ it classy! Go Giants at 24th and Mission as we take the 2012 World Series! [VIDEO]

So far no MUNI buses have been ascended nor danced upon…YET.

Giants win the world series, 24th and Mission celebrates!


2 in 3 years! And not only are we keeping it classy, the parade’s about to start!


Ultimate ‘Go Giants!’ bike ride

Perhaps this bike ride, completed on Sunday by one Chris Phipps, is the reason the Giants were able to turn their luck around and take the NLCS.  Whatever voodoo may have occurred, the Giants now find themselves in the World Series again for the 2nd time in three years, even if last night’s rain prematurely put out all the mattress fires.  Oh, and if you’re wondering how he did the diagonal parts:

To get the diagonals, I stop the GPS at point A, then restart it at point B and it draws a straight line between the points.

Genius!  And that intense elevation is a great way to burn calories too!

[Photo by Chris Phipps via Zach M.]