This is what happens when the Giants win the NLCS pennant

Go Giants!

Hot new look for October: Embracing your inner Lincecum


Well, it’s going to be quite the shitshow this weekend what with Fleet Week (where you learn what it’s like to live in Afghanistan with American warplanes thundering above you while you try to live, work, and poop); Hardly Strictly (no need to worry about lines or tickets–just ride your bike to the park and lock it to a tree); America’s Cup (as if Larry Ellison hasn’t already demonstrated to everyone how big his dick is by blocking traffic and making everyone late for work downtown with Oracle World); and of course, last but not least, your own San Francisco Giants attempting to recapture the magic from two seasons ago (but hopefully not the riots).

Remember how rad that was? Everyone was so nice to each other and you could defuse an argument in a second with just a timely “Go Giants!” comment. Maybe we should try to be like that all the time?  I suppose I’ll simply settle for not trying to set any MUNI buses on fire.

Buster Posey, Dreamcatcher

Our pal Nick hipped us to this mystical Buster Posey Dreamcatcher shirt (get it?) he recently designed shortly before Buster’s last game (if you believe the docs) this season.  In case you haven’t heard, San Francisco’s favorite Rookie of the Year went down last night with what looks to be a season-ending injury.  Fortunately, this clever pun can now be worn as a get-well-soon homage by all of his concerned fans.

Nick’s offering them for just $20, so to get a jump on the next big fashion trend, get in touch with him over at

Giants Riots Just Can't Stop

We’ve already been on top of a fire truck and on top of Muni.  Who cares if it’s a few weeks later; this city just can’t get enough of their first World Series victory!  These guys even went so far as to snag some Public Works vests so no one would suspect them.

All jokes aside, this looks like a pretty entertaining job.  You get to ride all over the neighborhood during beautiful days* and have hipsters on fixies take photos of you.  Someone has to make sure all those Muni lines are functioning properly, lest all hell break loose.  They really get around, too!  See, here they are stopping for some Arinell on Valencia:

*I would be seriously surprised if they had to do this in the rain.

Through Brian Wilson's Eyes

MM reader Kevin had the opportunity to see what it’s like to look through Brian Wilson’s eyes, or at least during the Giants championship parade this past Wednesday:

My company  sponsored a float at the giants parade and I got to ride on it…  took loads of pics and video.  Thought you might enjoy seeing/posting a video that shows the experience from the perspective of being in it…  it’s pretty insane…

Can’t wait for Lateral Geniculate Nucleus implant technology to reach the point when we can actually look through Brian Wilson’s eyes while he pitches the final strike of the World Series.  Science!


And Then They Smashed the Cab Window

While the cab was trying to get away (albeit very slowly) down Valencia at 16th.

I’m all about Go Giants, but we kind of lost it a little bit tonight, guys.  I mean, someone got stabbed and we set a bunch of shit on fire.  Keep it classy.  Act like you know.

Zombie Pumpkin Says "Good Game Matt Cain"


1.3333333 ad infinite innings to go!

Improved Gigantesmobile

giantsmobile, giants car, san francisco, mission district, san francisco giants, orange and black

Check out this studly Gigantesmobile parked outside of Parea at 19th/Valencia – what better steed to carry SF’s boys in orange to victory today?

There’s something missing though….

giantsmobile, giants car, san francisco, mission district, san francisco giants, orange and black

There we go!

Rally Kitten

Uh oh, less than one hour to go before the first pitch!  Almost time to break out the Rally Kitten!

PS.  Please do not make fun of the Rally Kitten for having a weird tiger nose or a head that is seemingly too large for his body.  He is already starting to develop a complex.

[Photo by Matt Garcia via Facebook]

Pop's the Sports Bar

Kristopher sends us word (and a pic) of some exciting (albeit admittedly unexpected) news:

This just in! Pop’s installed a new, huge TV! That makes three, which is closing in on sports bar territory, making the Phoenix proud. It’s probably for easier viewing of the Golden Girls, or maybe even the World Series, who knows?!

Naw, it’s probably for watching old reruns of MTV’s Headbangers Ball.  Either way, add Pop’s to the list of places to watch the Giants in the Mission!

(Thanks Kristopher!)