Giants Riots Just Can't Stop

We’ve already been on top of a fire truck and on top of Muni.  Who cares if it’s a few weeks later; this city just can’t get enough of their first World Series victory!  These guys even went so far as to snag some Public Works vests so no one would suspect them.

All jokes aside, this looks like a pretty entertaining job.  You get to ride all over the neighborhood during beautiful days* and have hipsters on fixies take photos of you.  Someone has to make sure all those Muni lines are functioning properly, lest all hell break loose.  They really get around, too!  See, here they are stopping for some Arinell on Valencia:

*I would be seriously surprised if they had to do this in the rain.

One Response to “Giants Riots Just Can't Stop”

  1. Allan Hough says:

    There are other perks as well. Dangers too though.