Muni Fail Procession

Hey look at all these professionals walking down Market Street around Van Ness and Civic Center!  It’s finally turning into that mainstream walkable avenue the city was looking for when it closed Market to private vehicular transportation.  That was quick!  All hail our European transformation!

Oh, what’s that?  This is just the epic procession of passengers forced to go above ground due to the latest Muni Fail?  Ah, I should have guessed from the body language of the woman front and center.  You can almost hear her wailing, “Why Muni?  Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?????”  I’m not the only one who’s thinking it’s times like this when I’m happy I ride a bike to work!

One Response to “Muni Fail Procession”

  1. RiderBob says:

    It’s payback time for Prop G, bitches!