SFPD's Secret Crime Fighting Fuel: Hoarded Cans of Sparks

And you bet your ass they know how precious it is. Look at him regarding it so lovingly!

Lucky ducks!

[Photo by Dalton Blanco] [via no hope]


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3 Responses to “SFPD's Secret Crime Fighting Fuel: Hoarded Cans of Sparks”

  1. nater says:

    You can still buy Sparks, it just doesn’t have the energy inside or the battery positive/negative signs on the outside.

  2. elle woods says:

    Man, this made me downright emotional. We’ve been whittling down our stash for the past year. Geez.

  3. tdc says:

    yeah, that’s your run-of-the-mill-go-buy-it-at-the-corner-store “new” sparks, not the highly coveted sparks classic that has long left the store shelves.
    no caffeine or taurine in that stuff.