Rally Kitten

Uh oh, less than one hour to go before the first pitch!  Almost time to break out the Rally Kitten!

PS.  Please do not make fun of the Rally Kitten for having a weird tiger nose or a head that is seemingly too large for his body.  He is already starting to develop a complex.

[Photo by Matt Garcia via Facebook]

5 Responses to “Rally Kitten”

  1. Mike says:

    How about “Rally Cat?” It’s a double play on words (alley cat + rally cap)

  2. moderniste says:

    Awwww…I’ve been seeing a whole lot of kitty Giants fans on the Interweb, and I’m pleased to observe that the two seem to go well together. And I just happen to love them both–kitties and the Giants <3

  3. Drew says:

    Pretty kitty!

  4. Matt Garcia says:

    Rally Kitten is Famous! His names Loki and if you wanna see more pics, there’s a bunch more on my facebook. Thanks for the Photo cred!