Let's Go Giants All the Time

In less than one hour the San Francisco Giants will attempt to clinch the World Series of Baseball while deep in the heart of Texas.  Whether or not Lincecum and the gang will able to do it tonight, it’s undeniable how much of demonstrative force they have been in unifying the vastly diverse residents of our dynamic city.  Everyone has at least one thing in common.

For instance, during rush hour on a crowded BART train earlier, a testy exchange broke out between a passenger with a bicycle and another who felt it was necessary to point out that he was breaking the rules.  Another passenger who overheard the conversation shouted from the other side of the train, “Don’t fuck with bikes!”  The murmuring of everyone around grew louder and the tension escalated as they said a few more things to each other.

Thinking fast, I yelled, “Go Giants!”  Immediately, everyone in the car burst into laughter and smiles that sustained until we got to the next stop, where the passenger with the bicycle departed after offering an earnest apology to no one in particular.  Crisis averted.

So yeah, Go Giants!  And let’s try to be rad to each other all the time!

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5 Responses to “Let's Go Giants All the Time”

  1. Madalynn says:

    I didn’t know Roger Sterling rode BART

  2. Travis says:

    There are still some people who don’t give a shit about the Giants, and get irritated when crowds get whipped into a frenzy over fucking nothing.

    Stone me if you wish.

  3. Dwight Supremacy says:

    That’s great! :)

  4. Huge for the city of San Francisco! First World Series for the franchise and the bay area fans we suffer so much with our teams so we needed it!

  5. moderniste says:

    I love this!! There’s really nothing that beats the sheer camraderie that exists in urban environs—pretty much the #1 reason I live in a City like SF.