How to carry stuff if you don’t have pockets or a bag

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Hot new look for Spring: Ultimate pop culture backpack

This one’s got everything: politics, magic, and video games.  It takes all of your heroes and combines them in one striking fashion statement.

Harry Potter, Obama, and Sonic the Hedgehog (and maybe the Rose Parade?).  What does it mean?  What doesn’t it mean!  Hopefully Josh Yule picked it up after taking the most important photo so far of 2014.

Update: I’m an idiot and should have googled “sonic obama backpack” before posting this.

Look at this majestic Lion King sweatshirt

Hot new look for rain: Tiger face backpack on Caltrain

But just try your best to keep that fuzzy dude dry!  There’s nothing sadder on this Earth than a soaking wet tiger head.

[Photo by Jozias, who's got a bunch of other rad ones you should check out, like this one!]

Google Glassception

Just chillin’ in fronta Zeitgeist.

[Photo by Kevin Woodruff]

Fuckin’ Muni shirts

Coming soon Available now from The Tens.

Amazing Bart Simpson cardigan

Cool pants

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Cool skirt

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Not a hipster

The other day I was biking down Hampshire Street toward a 3pm lunch meeting at St. Francis Fountain when I passed some little kids sitting on a stoop. One of them nods toward me and says to the other, “Is that one?”

“Ummmmmm,” the other one regards me for a moment, “No, that’s not a hipster.”

Phewf! Or maybe not phewf? What do kids know, anyway?

[Photo by Lizzy Courtois]