A rather conservative outfit

This is Snezana, featured last week on the local fashion blog SF Looks. Here’s what she has to say about her look:

Today my outfit is rather conservative. I usually like layering bold prints and colors (often ugly ones), but I am slowly shifting towards incorporating white, off white and black. I’m interested in 30s shapes and 80s avant garde, ethnic garments and Uzbek tribal jewelry, loose fit and excessive amounts of fabric, vintage military accessories and 50s statement hats.

I too have always been into vintage military accessories. As a little kid I toted around my grandpa’s war compass everywhere I went, until some fun-hating neighbor told my mom it was probably a little bit radioactive.


Maybe you need an Amos Goldbaum hat

Get one from Amos himself out on the sidewalk someplace, or at Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park this weekend, or here on the website.

Man, *everybody* is wearing jean jackets these days

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How to celebrate an anniversary

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So so many crotch blow-outs

The main one is this one though:

Read all about it in our popular post “This is definitely the most fucked crotch I’ve ever seen” from April 2014, and then you’ll know exactly how to deal with a crotch blow-out of your own.

Skate Park Alphabet t-shirt (limited time only)

Local artist Steve MacDonald created the clever design, and you can acquire one for $15 for only about 4 more hours, so act fast!

(I’m pretty sure Steve also created the Fog & Laser fog-and-laser-hot-dog mascot which you might remember.)

Steph Curry shirt by Amos Goldbaum (Go Warriors!)

If you’re confused, maybe this will help:

Or maybe it won’t.

In any case, score one of your own (in unisex or womens’ sizes) by looking for Amos Goldbaum out by Rhea’s on Valencia, or by visiting the Amos Goldbaum website.


This is a cool Bear Flag shirt

Now shall we listen to some Best Coast?

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High Life ‘n’ high heels

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Some little guy in a panda costume partied waaaay too hard over the weekend

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