Last minute gift idea: Go down to 19th and Valencia and get something from the legendary Amos Goldbaum

He’ll be down there til the sun goes down, slingin’ SF-themed tees and tanks and sweatshirts and more. (Or you can follow him on Twitter or on Instagram to see where he’ll be in the coming days.)

Denim company hires workers to wear jeans around before they sell them to actual customers

Huit Denim Co. is the company and their new scheme is called the Denim Breaker Club:

You are going to break our selvedge jeans in for our customers.

You will have to agree to not wash them for 6 months.

You will have to agree to update what you get up to in them on HistoryTag.

And before you get them sent to you have pay a small deposit, which we will refund on their safe return.

When we get them back, we will expertly wash them.

And then we will sell these beautiful jeans.

You will have 20% of the sale.

So in effect you will be paid to wear jeans.



[Photo by Honey Jets]

For Christmas I want one of these trippy Fayes shirts by Cody ‘Mr. Mission’ Frost

[via Cody Frost]

Sweatshirt pokes fun at San Franciscans for being on our phones all the time


Also, go Warriors! (They’re the best team in the NBA btw.)

Get a sweatshirt (also available in t-shirt) here.

Halloween highlight: Frida and Diego

Spot on!

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Halloween highlight: A can of Hamm’s drinking another can of Hamm’s


Halloween highlight: Lucy from Peanuts, now accepting Square

Oh and the price went up a little.

Go Giants!

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The best Halloween costumes from previous American Tripps Halloween parties

We’ve been doing these American Tripps parties for a few years now, and the Halloween ones are always among the very best. The costumes and all, y’know? So, I’m gonna do a bunch of posts this week ramping up to the next one (this Friday).

Here are a bunch of my favorite costumes from over the years…

#1 has to be Kreayshawn and the Yip Yips at the Secret Alley, 2011:

Oh man, how about everybody from Bob’s Burgers doing karaoke with DJ Purple on a boat in the middle of the bay, 2013:

This next one’s from Australia Day, not Halloween, but I thought hairy-armed Lorde might be a newly relevant last-minute idea for this year:

Another all-time fave, all the parents from Rugrats onstage for the costume contest at Rickshaw Stop, 2013:

I loved this gender-bending Miley and Robyn (with Iron Man) also on a boat in the middle of the bay, 2013:

And of course… Mission Mission boyz Andrew Sarkarati and Vic Wong as Nic Cage and Uma Thurman at the Secret Alley, 2013:

The next American Tripps Halloween party is this Friday (aka Halloween) at Verdi Club (aka an awesome place for a party) with DJ Purple doing his patented Dance Karaoke thing. Here’s the poster:

Hot new look for Indian summer

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