When a man who doesn’t usually wear makeup starts wearing makeup

Our pal Isaac Fitzgerald (former Mission denizen, now an editor at Buzzfeed in NYC)  recently took on the challenge of wearing makeup every day for a full workweek:

“Are you wearing makeup?” My regular bartender, Hugh, looks at me incredulously as he hands over a beer and a shot.

“Yeah, what do you think?” I throw back the whiskey.

“I think the whole world is more and more upside-down every damn day,” Hugh says. We shake hands, and Hugh turns away.

“Your eyelashes look flawless,” a waitress says as she drops her glassware on the bar mat.

Hugh turns back to me. “That’s what I meant to say,” he says. “Your eyelashes look flawless.” He smiles. Nobody at the bar mentions my makeup again, but people do look.

Read on for the full blow-by-blow.

Capp Street camo

Cool new look for winter! (Also a cool idea for next Halloween?)

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Great idea for some Vans

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Hot new Giants fan gear for 2015

It’s the future, baby! Go Giants!

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Check out these shots from Self Edge’s winter lookbook

Hmmmm, what’s the deal?

Menswear label Self Edge presents its 2015 winter lookbook entitled “Between The Lines” featuring Bobby Lee, Nick Youssef, Dean Delray, and Kevin Christy in the crevices of the legendary comedy house The Comedy Store. These four comics, with a combined 48 years in the industry, are the ones carrying the spirit of this art form. Self Edge captures them in their natural environment wearing their own clothing from Self Edge.

Aha. See more here.

In light of recent events, is it cool to wear souvenir NYPD gear in public?

Lower Haight-based blog anadromy relates a tale:

I live in an historically African-American neighborhood. Unfortunately, the “historically” part of that phrase is becoming more and more the reality but it is still one of the last predominantly black neighborhoods in central San Francisco and to my chagrin I just walked by some motherfucker in an NYPD sweatshirt. It’s a nice day and I was in a really good mood coming back from the gym listening to cumbia music on my iPod and enjoying the sunshine so it didn’t register at first but as I passed this clueless dweeb I got pretty angry and stared at him with naked disapproval.

Maybe it was an NYPD Pizza sweatshirt?

Read on for the dramatic conclusion.

Kale pride

Cool shirt! (Not quite as cool as that arugula shirt, but pretty cool.)

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Last minute gift idea: Go down to 19th and Valencia and get something from the legendary Amos Goldbaum

He’ll be down there til the sun goes down, slingin’ SF-themed tees and tanks and sweatshirts and more. (Or you can follow him on Twitter or on Instagram to see where he’ll be in the coming days.)

Denim company hires workers to wear jeans around before they sell them to actual customers

Huit Denim Co. is the company and their new scheme is called the Denim Breaker Club:

You are going to break our selvedge jeans in for our customers.

You will have to agree to not wash them for 6 months.

You will have to agree to update what you get up to in them on HistoryTag.

And before you get them sent to you have pay a small deposit, which we will refund on their safe return.

When we get them back, we will expertly wash them.

And then we will sell these beautiful jeans.

You will have 20% of the sale.

So in effect you will be paid to wear jeans.


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[Photo by Honey Jets]

For Christmas I want one of these trippy Fayes shirts by Cody ‘Mr. Mission’ Frost

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