Fashion at this year’s Treasure Island Music Festival

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Castro Theater shirts by Amos Goldbaum

Pick one up this Sunday at the Castro Street Fair.

[via Amos Goldbaum on Instagram]

UPDATE: You can also get them online.

Cool new Nike ad celebrates 16th and Mission area

[via The West Gate]

Neil Drumm, a master of disguise


See if you can spot him in these posts too.

Men in denim vs. men in suits

It was true when cowboys and dockworkers wore denim, and it’s true now that software salesmen and startup CEOs wear denim.

Wait, whaaaaat?

Btw, this is a vintage limited edition poster by a now-defunct clothing store in Boston. (I saw it on the wall at Darn-It! here in the Mission.) Here is a video about the making of the poster:

When your beard requires its own hairnet

This is one of the Trick Dog guys, visiting the Ancho Reyes distillery in Mexico.

[via Josh Harris]

The Union Street uniform

I wonder how these gals would get along with Flannelbeard and Sundressbangs.

[via Phil Hamilton]

Fun with stereotypes

[via Baby Ghost]

Flour tattoo

I’ve heard of getting a tattoo of your favorite flower, but getting a tattoo of your favorite flour? That’s next level.

[via Rocky]

Does the carpet match the… shoes?


[via Brittney Gilbert]