In response to the ‘Capp Street Is for Hookers’ shirt

Some shirt last week was all, “Capp Street is for hookers.” I got to thinking about it, and, I disagree.

Historically, and increasingly, Capp is for bloggers. There’s tech blogger (and former Mission Mission writer) Kevin Montgomery who lives on Capp Street, there’s longtime Mission Mission writer (and Secret Alley founder) Ariel Dovas who often works out of the Secret Alley on Capp Street, nowadays you’ve got Mr. Justice broadcasting Burrito Justice Radio from the Secret Alley, and new on the scene is Amy who writes Capp Street Crap, etc., etc., etc. We even had an official Mission Mission staff meeting at the Uptown on Saturday! It’s all about being up on the Capp tip, y’all!

So who wants to buy this shirt? It’s a American Apparel. Get one here.

Here’s what it looks like on a guy:

(Original t-shirt design and custom artisan hand-drawn fonts by Lil Houghy.)

I’m too sexy for… this Bay Area Bike Share bike

Bay Area Bike Share, fresh from the catwalk, looking positively prêt-à-porter at your local Bloomingdale’s.

[via Bay Area Bike Share on Instagram]

Hot new look for summer: Trippy cat heads

[via Katie K.]

Hot new look for summer: Reppin’ your favorite international shipping company

Years ago I scored a pretty sweet Matson cap, but it was a pink logo on faux denim, which was just a little too normcore even back in ’03, so it didn’t get much use.

MOL is a Japanese company of course, so presumably this means Burrito Justice is a big Nippon Daihyō supporter. (They face Greece in about 5 minutes.) (And yes, when you take a picture of Mr. Justice, you have to obscure his face somehow. I offered to squirt curry ketchup all over it but he declined.)

Here’s a fluffy puppy peeking out of the top of a floral print backpack

[Photo and backpack by Motley Goods]

Hot new look for summer: Pentagram twins

[via Stella]

Hot new look for summer: Patrick Ewing crew-neck sweatshirt

Broke-Ass Stuart wants to give you a ‘Capp Street is for hookers’ t-shirt

AND, it was designed by Lil Tuffy, creator of our awesome Mission Mission Bingo Board!

Here’s what Stu has to say:

Personally I believe prostitution should be legalized so we can get rid of pimps, cut down on sex trafficking, and make the entirety of the sex business safer for everyone involved. But until that happens, Capp Street will always be for hookers and now you can get a shirt that says so.

Win one (or purchase one) here.

Sandwich smooch

Way back in 2009, we urged you to vote for our pal Audrey’s t-shirt idea on Threadless, but I don’t think it ever made the cut. (Our post was called “Vote for true love!“)

A couple weeks ago, the design finally became available for purchase — with some added pizzazz courtesy of local artist Porous Walker, who we also wrote about way back in 2009. (That post was called “The Mavericks of Diarrhea!“)

Here it is:

True love! Get it here!

Darn-It! the movie

I thought my “This is definitely the most fucked crotch I’ve ever seen” photo spread would be the definitive look inside the Mission-based Darn-It! darning/repair shop, but Self Edge went ahead and produced their own very beautiful behind-the-scenes movie anyway: