When you’re scrolling past art student after art student on a fashion blog and then something different catches your eye

Ben, 24, explains his look:

My closet is composed of cheap eBay purchases that are made up of hunting camo whatever, Carhartt, sports jerseys, and death metal tees.

(Of course, he may very well be an art student too, who knows.)

[via SF Looks]

The best photo from Bay to Breakers


[via Hey, Cookie! on Facebook, photo by Patrick Posta]

If these people can go to all the trouble of looking like this, surely you can do better than that grey hoodie

(I’m talking to myself, but probably also to you.)

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Check out Doc Pop’s trixel art Joy Division shirt

What’s trixel art, you ask? “…like pixel art, but with one less corner,” says Doc Pop, the designer of this design.

You may learn more about this shirt and also order one for yourself here.

Is Burning Man stupid?

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Hot new look for spring: Hot lips


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UPDATE: A behind the scenes shot by Val…

Now this is one truly well-worn Converse All-Star

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Hot new look for spring: Pocket ponytail

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Amos Goldbaum’s new Palace of Fine Arts shirt

(And/or hoodie.)

Get it online here, or just look for Amos out on the sidewalk.

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When a man who doesn’t usually wear makeup starts wearing makeup

Our pal Isaac Fitzgerald (former Mission denizen, now an editor at Buzzfeed in NYC)  recently took on the challenge of wearing makeup every day for a full workweek:

“Are you wearing makeup?” My regular bartender, Hugh, looks at me incredulously as he hands over a beer and a shot.

“Yeah, what do you think?” I throw back the whiskey.

“I think the whole world is more and more upside-down every damn day,” Hugh says. We shake hands, and Hugh turns away.

“Your eyelashes look flawless,” a waitress says as she drops her glassware on the bar mat.

Hugh turns back to me. “That’s what I meant to say,” he says. “Your eyelashes look flawless.” He smiles. Nobody at the bar mentions my makeup again, but people do look.

Read on for the full blow-by-blow.