A Sutro Tower for your living room


Finally, a miniaturized version of our favorite local landmark for your household! And it doubles as a shelf and coat rack, just in time for scarf weather. It’s called the Sutro Tower Rack, it’s currently raising funds via Kickstarter, and designer Timothy Seward wrote in to tell us all about it:

While living in the edge of the mission (20th+Potrero) I looked up and saw Sutro Tower everyday. I decided to take my street art skills and put them to the design test. I wanted to blend the beautiful mid-century designs of the past and incorporate my street art flavor. It may be hard to identify the street in this furniture piece, but the playfulness of the soft lines and pop colors are definitely inspired by my murals and my good friend Ian Ross‘ murals around SF.

Here’s a gif of the Sutro Tower Rack in action:

Sutro Tower Rack

And here’s one of all of the delightful colors it’ll come in:

Sutro Tower Rack

Enticed? Head on over to the Sutro Tower Rack Kickstarter page and pledge. Want to see it in person first? Timothy will be showing the rack at the Urban Epicurean Festival at Fort Mason this weekend, where you can also snag yourself an on-trend Sutro Tower lapel pin.

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Two belts, neither one buckled


It’s what the kids are doing these days. Hot new look for fall.

Now please enjoy this list of past “hot new look” posts…

Mission-based Self Edge just opened a store in Mexico!

They’re taking over the world! Here’s the announcement:

We’re proud to announce the opening of Self Edge Mexico, our first location outside of the USA.  Opening in beautiful San Jose del Cabo we’ve tweaked our usual offerings to better fit the year round summer heat and the vibe of the region we’re in.  Beaches, sandy dunes, palm trees, amazing fishing and surfing, and more mezcal and tequila than we know what to do with.

 With our new location we’ll be carrying a large assortment of warm weather wear, shorts, eyewear, jewelry, sandals, and even adding a couple of Mexican lines to the mix.  With the exception of our two new lines the rest of the products will still be made by the Japanese (and some American) brands which we’ve been stocking for years.  We can’t leave out the jeans though, two or three models of jeans from every brand we stock will also be available at SEMX.

Here’s a short video about the new store:

And lastly, opening weekend party info (!):

We’re having a large opening party weekend complete with a party at the store, pre-parties, post-parties, a comedy night in San Jose del Cabo with Dean Delray and Nick Youssef, and more. We have quite a few confirmed attendees coming from the states, from brand owners to clients to friends. We’re excited to share an area we love very much with our favorite people. If you plan on making it and need help with travel arrangements please email us at denim@selfedge.com and we can help you sort out your flights and hotel.

Self Edge Mexico Party Weekend Info
Downtown San Jose del Cabo Art Walk
Thursday, November 12th / 6pm to 10pm
Meet at La Gabacha Bar at 6pm

Self Edge Mexico Opening Party
Friday, November 13th / 5:30pm to 8pm
@ Self Edge Mexico

The Comedy Store Legends Dean Delray & Nick Youssef, Live in Los Cabos
Saturday, November 14th / 8pm to 10pm
Location TBA (in Centro, San Jose del Cabo)

Self Edge Weirdo Fish Taco Party w/ DJ Mr. Vacation
Sunday, November 15th / Noon until you can’t stand.
@ El Marinero Borracho (aka, The Drunken Sailor)

We should all go!

Glitch Socks by Doc Pop

Doctor Popular is at it again:

Order yours here. (Christmas is only a few weeks away.)

How to dress for a rainy day (in case you forgot)

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Subterranean Unicorn

Local fashion blog SF Looks asked Max about style:

My style is inspired by the Fahzrü movement in Melbourne. It is a collective of young artists who support boutique fashion labels whose shopfronts exist below street level. My wardrobe is in aspiration of my identity as a Subterranean Unicorn, a title bestowed upon me by my peers.

Read on for more.

A rather conservative outfit

This is Snezana, featured last week on the local fashion blog SF Looks. Here’s what she has to say about her look:

Today my outfit is rather conservative. I usually like layering bold prints and colors (often ugly ones), but I am slowly shifting towards incorporating white, off white and black. I’m interested in 30s shapes and 80s avant garde, ethnic garments and Uzbek tribal jewelry, loose fit and excessive amounts of fabric, vintage military accessories and 50s statement hats.

I too have always been into vintage military accessories. As a little kid I toted around my grandpa’s war compass everywhere I went, until some fun-hating neighbor told my mom it was probably a little bit radioactive.


Maybe you need an Amos Goldbaum hat

Get one from Amos himself out on the sidewalk someplace, or at Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park this weekend, or here on the website.

Man, *everybody* is wearing jean jackets these days

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How to celebrate an anniversary

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