Practicing maximalism

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Mai explains her outfit to local fashion blog SF Looks:

I’m currently practicing maximalism (a la Gucci) as a reaction to a prevailing minimalist style. This outfit is more tame than others [...]

Read on for the full photo and more on the necklace and Wrangler jacket.

New edition of Amos Goldbaum’s rad Steph Curry shirt!

Steph Curry as Thunder shirts are back! Get one online (link in bio) or this weekend on Valencia and 23rd!

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Last chance to celebrate Chinatown street style – closing reception for “Chinatown Pretty”



CHINATOWN PRETTY: a photo exhibit celebrating SF Chinatown street style with photos and stories by Andria Lo and Valerie Luu

Friday, April 8th
41 Ross Alley / Chinatown, San Francisco CA 94108
Beer provided by Tiger Beer

Read lots more about the show and RSVP and invite your friends here!

Hot new look: Totally enormous floppy denim pants and jackets

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Local fashion blog SF Looks has featured this stuff twice in the last few days. Must be a hot new look.

Read more about the pants here, and read more about the jacket here.

Inspired by “dark ’80s movies like Rivers Edge starring Crispin Glover and Keanu Reeves”

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Local fashion blog SF Looks asked Rita about her style:

My inspiration are dark 80s movies like Rivers Edge starring Crispin Glover & Keanu Reeves, all the androgynous cool kids of the 90s mixing and matching fashion genres with effortlessly chic effect like Brian Molko.

Read on for the full photo and more of Rita’s answer.

Kanye’s money woes

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Poor Kanye!

(Get your own “Can’t Afford SF” shirt here.)

[via Devon]

Einstein looking sexy at Taqueria Cancun

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Bummerdude! The “I Can’t Afford to Love SF” t-shirt pop-up got burgled

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DSF 2″ just opened up a couple weeks ago and already this. Maybe swing by (24th between Mission and Valencia, or the original DSF on Haight between Fillmore and Steiner, or shop online if u lazy) do some Christmas shopping, help them out in this time of bummer.

[via Devon]

Lower Haight t-shirt emporium DSF opens popup satellite shop on 24th Street

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You know them for their famous I Can’t Afford to Love SF shirt, but you’ve probably never been to the shop because it’s in another neighborhood…

Well now’s your chance! (The popup is on 24th between Mission and Valencia, for a limited time.)

[via Devon Chulick, Mayor of the Lower Haight]

A new sneaker by Self Edge


Nice! Here’s the deal:

They’re comfortable, built very well, and the rubber/canvas/stitching quality is as good as it gets for a sneaker. The new Dessau sneakers are fully hand-made in Japan. They’re vulcanized at one of Japan’s last remaining factories still committed to this process and made from 100% cotton woven in Japan. But it’s only when you pick them up, or more importantly put them on your feet, that you’ll find what truly sets them apart. Feel that extra heft, that extra cushion. And the bar keeps rising…taped seams, metal eyelets and vents, double stitched stress points, full sponge insoles, reinforced heel and toe cups. A new gold standard for the classic sneaker.

Check them out here, or at the original Self Edge shop near 18th and Valencia.

(Despite wanting to support local business, as a lifelong Converse All-Star man, I probably won’t make the switch, but I think they look nice and the description is very well written.)

UPDATE: Kiya adds, “(and they’re not made in a sweatshop).” I guess that’s the main thing.