Brand new Benz dons battle armor to park in the Mission District

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Q: How do you protect your brand new Benz when parking in the mission?

A: With padded car diapers!


Fire on Capp Street Between 22nd and 23rd

fire, mission district, san francisco, December 29th fire

Our friend Chris Wright just sent us photos of a morning fire currently blazing on Capp Street between 22nd and 23rd. The fire department is on the scene – hope everyone is ok!


Sitting down at 780 Cafe will cost you $5.00 starting today

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780 Valencia has had a rocky couple of years since The Summit opened and closed and 780 Cafe picked up the reins. It’s still a great cafe with a strong coworking community – but starting today if your order consists of a single coffee it’s going to come in a paper cup. That’s because 780 has instituted a new $5 minimum to sit – and if your order doesn’t hit it they’ll send you out the door.


San Francisco police charge SF Giants World Series riot

SF Giants Win; San Francisco is on fire

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This is what happens when the Giants win the NLCS pennant

Go Giants!

Carjacking/possible kidnapping last night at 20th / San Carlos Street

Our buddy Wesley writes:

I hate to be quoted on this kind of thing, but sometime this morning, between 420 and 430, I heard a woman scream outside. There were a few bursts of screaming within a short time period (30 seconds, maybe), and by the time I was able to get to the phone, a car was speeding off with the passenger side door open, heading towards 19th (from the direction of 20th). I was not able to properly identify the make or even color of the car to the police, who I was at that time on the phone with. Another neighbor said she heard a woman scream that she had been attacked, and that someone was getting into her car. A few of us also heard some kind of collision, though we didn’t see any damage on the street. Though there were approximately 6 neighbors/witnesses in the street corroborating information, the police weren’t given much to go on. A minute after I called 911, two patrol cars came down san carlos, and we redirected them in the direction of the speeding car. 

Namu’s okonomiyaki seafood pancake is a living, breathing creature from the deep

Ok, so it’s not actually alive – but Namu Gaji‘s okonomiyaki pancake bears an uncanny resemblance to a living, breathing thing. The volcanic mass of kimchee, oysters, scallions and sauce is served atop a crispy pancake in a blazing hot cast iron cauldron, so it’s still cooking when it lands on your table. Pillars of steam sprout up from the sides, creating a breathing, crinkling effect as they rush through the forest of bonito flakes layered over the top. It’s not for the seafood squeamish or faint of heart, but it is damn good comfort food for a blustery San Francisco summer night.


Shooting on 24th Street

mission district, shooting, 24th street, folsom, san francisco, wk market

An anonymous tipster writes:

“Around 3pm a man was shot outside W-K Market [in front of an apartment building] near the corner of 24th and Folsom. The victim was able to get into a car and go to the hospital. Police showed up quickly, and solicited information about the shooter from bystanders. Citizens milling around the intersection could be heard saying things like, “What the fuck? It’s broad daylight.” and “Jesus, didn’t school just get out?”

Post updated to reflect correct location on June 11th

Photo © Google

Bike lock stress test reveals that your bike is never safe

bike lock, u lock, bike theft, theft, bicycle theft, bicycle lock, lock, security

As everyone who has had a bike stolen knows, there’s really no way to make a bicycle 100% secure – you’re basically balancing an equation where the amount that you spend weighing down your bike with locks only increases the difficulty of the heist. (And according to bicycle law, all bikes should weigh 50 pounds.)

Gizmodo put 4 standard locks through the paces to see just how hard it is to steal a bike secured with a u-lock. Although a few of them fended off a beating from bolt cutters and a hacksaw, not a single one could stand up to a 5-second assault with a $40 angle grinder. Check out the video here – how does your lock fare?

Photo by dpwk

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