What’s up with that new Gus’s Community Market at 17th and Harrison?


Capp Street Crap was there for opening day:

Stopped by Gus’s Community Market for its official opening today and it was awesome. The sister store of Haight Street Market and Noriega Produce located at 17th and Harrison streets, Gus’s is large and bright with a great selection of meat, cheese and produce. The dessert selection was also pretty impressive.

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All I wanna do is zooma-zoom-zoom-zoom

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SFMOMA’s new look

It's official! The #NewSFMOMA will OPEN MAY 14, 2016! #SaveTheDate

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Into it!

If you’ve ever felt like smacking Donald Trump in the face with a baseball bat, Discount City has got you covered

But instead of candy inside, these pinatas are just full of hot air.  BA-DUM-BUM-TISHHHHHHHH

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Marian’s, a fascinating Mission-based business you probably never patronize

Capp Street Crap just published a great story on Marian’s, a longtime neighborhood institution:

Jutting from metal trays atop a display case at Marian’s Apparel, the longtime clothing boutique near gritty 16th and Mission streets, are hundreds of yellow paper cards handwritten with customers’ names, addresses and account balances.

A holdover from the days before department store credit cards, the old school but increasingly challenging account management system may soon go by the wayside. Lately, store owner Joe Anker has been wondering whether the same thing ought to happen to Marian’s too.

Marian’s gave up one of its two storefronts around the beginning of the year because a family member of the landlord’s wants to open a Vietnamese restaurant there. When business was at its best around 2000, Marian’s carried more than double the number of accounts for its mostly Latino and middle-aged clientele. Customers would come in two or three times a month, pay on what they owed, and buy more, Anker said.

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Club Dot, cool new bar on 24th Street

Corner of 24th and Treat! And apparently Hollywood superstar Eric Stoltz was hanging out there!

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Mission Comics and Art relocating to new digs on Mission Street

Capp Street Crap reports:

Owner Leef Smith said he decided to look for a new space after their 20th Street landlord wouldn’t agree to anything more than a new short-term lease renegotiated every couple of years.

As a small business owner in a pricey real estate market, the lack of long-term security was scary, and Smith thought he “could do better than that.”

“It definitely felt like I had to be proactive and not rely on the whims of a landlord,” he said.

Mission: Comics & Art’s new store will be at 2250 Mission between 18th and 19th streets, in what used to be Vimy Electronics. After nearly 40 years in business, the couple that owned the electronics store wanted to retire, Smith said. A contractor is now working to modernize the 1970s era space.

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Celebrate Adobe’s 2 year anniversary on 24th Street tonight!

Wow, has it really been two years already?

The Adobe Books and Arts Cooperative has been an amazing adventure, thanks for joining us on the journey. We need your help to continue to stay open and to thrive. Join us on July 24th and raise a glass to a wondrous creature known as Adobe Books, and to learn more about how you can get involved by joining the co-op.

There’ll be art from the staff, music, and treats from Tartine!  Check out all the details here.


If that Jack Spade store had actually succeeded in moving to the Mission, it’d be closing right now

While I don’t think this news factored at all in their decision to abandon plans to open a store in the old Adobe Books location, it’s still kind of funny.

After just two years on the market, Kate Spade Saturday — Kate Spade‘s lower-priced, more casual offshoot — is closing all 19 of its stores. Jack Spade, Kate Spade & Company’s 22-year-old menswear brand, is also shuttering all 12 of its stores. Stores will close gradually over the first half of 2015, and Kate Spade Saturday’s e-commerce site will remain active during that time.

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Timbuk2 Factory Store launch party tomorrow

Timbuk2 have been pumping bags out of their Mission factory for 25 years, and tomorrow night they officially open their Factory Store to the public, on the corner of Shotwell and 20th Street. The free party starts at 6pm and features fine entertainment like a Skeeball Tournament (from Joey The Cat), a live Polka cover band called Polkalicious, local beer, drunk factory tours, raffles, discounted stuff and way more!

While this is a free event you do need to RSVP on facebook to get in, so go to the event page to do that.