Local nightclub and gambling den gets cool new signage


Looks pretty fun!

Capp Street Crap has the story:

Taylor Peck, the owner of the former Fizzary soda shop, told Capp Street Crap that he spray painted the messages on the front of the building yesterday in hopes of forcing authorities to do more about a dangerous new problem going on inside.

“I’m in a really frustrating situation and this was a last ditch effort to get some assistance/attention,” he wrote in an email.

According to Peck, after blowing fuses in the building, the people who have been subleasing from him and operating an alleged gambling den, have started using a gasoline generator inside an upstairs office of the building for power. A gasoline generator used inside would be a carbon monoxide threat.

Who says the Mission is no fun anymore???

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4 Responses to “Local nightclub and gambling den gets cool new signage”

  1. Pacific Standard Simon says:

    Dunno about the Mission, but, clearly, MissionMission has lost some of its fizz; back in the day, this thread would be full of “snitches get stitches”-type comments.

  2. glue says:

    you can evict commercial tenants any time right? what’s the big deal?

    • tuffy says:

      No. A lease is still a binding contract. So you can not evict them without just cause until the lease agreement is up.