Party with Andrew McKinley and Adobe Books this Friday!

For the very first book published by the new collective!

Since Adobe’s inception 25 years ago, Andrew McKinley has been photographing neighbors, customers, musicians, poets, friends, loiterers & the Tartine girls. For years these portraits, dubbed Friends of Adobe, have decorated the bookshop & served as a visual representation of the Adobe community.

For the first time, a selection of Andrew’s photographs have been complied into a book. “Friends of Adobe Books” is the first book published by the Adobe Books and Arts Cooperative, edited by Calcagno Cullen and Katie Conry, design by Kyle Knobel, and photographs by the one and only Andrew McKinley.

Check out all the details here!

(And after that’s over, finish off your night with some karaoke ping pong!)

La Ultima Noche

Esta Noche’s last night has come. I lived across the street from the queer Latino bar for a number of years, in the same building of my good friend Marco. We had some fun times there together, but he had many more without me. I asked him to share some thoughts and stories of the bar. We’ve seen a lot of closures recently, but this one hits hard. It’s a rare safe space for a community that doesn’t have many. Sad to see it go. Anyway, I’ll get out of the way and share Marco’s piece:

Rie, llora
que a cada cual, le llega su hora
rie, llora
vive tu vida y gozala toda

laugh, cry
that to each of us our time comes
laugh, cry
live your life and enjoy it completely

[Photo by Nehemiah Lazo]

Soon after I arrived in San Francisco in 1993, directo from Sinaloa, a gang of immigrant locas, known to me as Las Latinillas, became mi familia in all senses. Meaning, they were supportive, caring and fun to be with but also complete bitches and a beautiful hot mess. Always in your face. They will snatch your new boyfriend, get you a green card and a job, trash your soul con canciones de Juanga and uplift your spirits ala Gloria Trevi, as they revere Selena y Los Dinos and eat pupusas revueltas at Balompie. All this, a la luz del sol.

And at night, we had Esta Noche. It was my friend Mario, well, I called him La Marieta, who took me there the first time. La Marieta was dying of AIDS at the time but as he put it, “Despues de la novela, vamos a esta noche mana, hoy canta La Ronnie Salazar.” You always knew you were at Esta Noche because of a huge self-portrait of a naked Joe Dallesandro with an eternal spotlight on his even larger penis and how can you miss the Esta Noche smell . . . a mix of tequila, piss, and Chanel N°5. Running into friends, making new friends and losing friends all happened at Esta Nasty. It was the place for new immigrants like myself to listen to our music, speak our language and just for a few hours not to feel inadequate. It was also the place for young Latinos, to come out at night and join the festivities of music, drag, stripers, and drinks. But las reynas de la noche were the drag queens!


Mission Cliffs spotted in Winter Olympics commercial for Chevrolet featuring same-sex couple

From the Mission Cliffs FB page:

Did you pass the rainy weekend watching the Sochi Olympics?

Then you MUST have noticed the highlight right? No, it wasn’t the triple Salchow, or the Air-to-fakie poptart….

IT WAS YOUR OWN Mission Cliffs Indoor Rock Climbing Gym APPEARING IN A COMMERCIAL! BOOM!

Look out world!

And take that, Putin!  Btw, here’s the commercial:

Sometimes we want nice things: Mosswood Espresso Whiskey with Four Barrel-curated roasts and beans

Sadly, I haven’t talked to my buddy Jake Chevedden much since high school, but apparently this is what he’s been working on lately!

Mosswood Espresso Barrel Aged American Whiskey. Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey aged in a barrel seasoned with locally roasted coffee. Subtle notes of baker’s chocolate, nuttiness, bright red fruit and, of course, coffee spring from the glass. 46% ABV.

Located on San Francisco’s Treasure Island, Mosswood Distillers is comprised of Therese Agnew and Jake Chevedden. While plans for a fully functioning distillery are in progress, Mosswood is barrel aging and blending to bring interesting flavors together in harmonious ways.

Damn, that sounds like it would really hit the spot while huddled inside this weekend hiding out from the rain!

Check it out here.

Party at Adobe tonight with frybread and tunes

It’s for Mission School writer Chris Johanson! Start your night here, then head over to Australia Day! There, Saturday solved.

Last chance to help PianoFight put the finishing touches on their colossal entertainment complex in the Tenderloin

PianoFight’s new place is gonna be awesome! We took a look at this space last month, and now the Kickstarter campaign is on its final week!

Watch the video for a look inside, and a full rundown of everything that the space will offer. Here’s the quick version:

SF’s next landmark entertainment space for artists & audiences with 3 stages, film & rehearsal studios, offices & full restaurant/bar.

Last-minute gift idea: Visit the Sloth Shop on Valencia

[via @itsquonky]

Savanna Jazz, the little jazz club on Mission, for sale for $1.74 million

I’ve been meaning to go to this place place for like a decade. Guess I better get in gear. Mission Local reports:

The small 15-person crowd moaned in disappointment at an open mic Sunday night when realtor Carol Luckenbach announced that owner Pascal Bokar put Savanna, the jazz bar and club located at 2937 Mission Street, up for sale for $1.74 million on Friday.

According to Luckenbach, Bokar didn’t feel like he was making enough money with the club and so he decided to sell.

In addition to working as a realtor, Luckenbach has been a regular performer at Savanna, which opened in 2005, for years.

“There aren’t that many [jazz clubs in San Francisco], so when any close, it’s sad,” said Benn Bacot, a jazz singer who was hosting Sunday’s open mic. He is known in the area as The Base of the Bay.

“Now we have six if we have that many. Most of them don’t cater to local talent. If it wasn’t for people like Pascal… local artists wouldn’t have a place to play. My audience isn’t going to pay $75 to hear me play,” Bacot said.

Bacot has been performing at Savanna on every third Friday of the month for the last five years.

Read on.

[Photo by Google Maps]

Local Cellar, the Mission’s first posh liquor store

Amidst all the fanfare about the opening of Local Mission Market (by the folks behind Local Mission Eatery and Local’s Corner) comes the revelation that the group has yet another project in the works: Local Cellar. They’re taking over Jefferson Market, the corner store at 22nd and Florida that’s been run for almost 50 years by the same guy. Inside Scoop reports:

The owner of the building, Ibrahim Muhawieh, has also been running the liquor store for the last 49 years. He’s never had another job. Not too long ago, he came into Local’s Corner and gruffly asked for the owner. [Local Mission Market's Yaron] Milgrom recounts that he thought he was in trouble, but as it turned out, Muhawieh was selling the market and asked Milgrom to buy it.

“He had seen what we were doing at the Corner and he had seen my kids around the neighborhood,” says Milgrom, who lives across the street from Local’s Corner. “And I think he wanted it to be a family business again.” [link]

A nice little story. And what’s more, Local Cellar will traffic in local beers and spirits, as well as homemade syrups, tonics, bitters, ice, and more. AND they’ll do delivery! Look for it early 2014.

[Photo by Less Jokes]

Storefront on Mission between 16th and 17th has question for you regarding love

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