Savanna Jazz, the little jazz club on Mission, for sale for $1.74 million

I’ve been meaning to go to this place place for like a decade. Guess I better get in gear. Mission Local reports:

The small 15-person crowd moaned in disappointment at an open mic Sunday night when realtor Carol Luckenbach announced that owner Pascal Bokar put Savanna, the jazz bar and club located at 2937 Mission Street, up for sale for $1.74 million on Friday.

According to Luckenbach, Bokar didn’t feel like he was making enough money with the club and so he decided to sell.

In addition to working as a realtor, Luckenbach has been a regular performer at Savanna, which opened in 2005, for years.

“There aren’t that many [jazz clubs in San Francisco], so when any close, it’s sad,” said Benn Bacot, a jazz singer who was hosting Sunday’s open mic. He is known in the area as The Base of the Bay.

“Now we have six if we have that many. Most of them don’t cater to local talent. If it wasn’t for people like Pascal… local artists wouldn’t have a place to play. My audience isn’t going to pay $75 to hear me play,” Bacot said.

Bacot has been performing at Savanna on every third Friday of the month for the last five years.

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Local Cellar, the Mission’s first posh liquor store

Amidst all the fanfare about the opening of Local Mission Market (by the folks behind Local Mission Eatery and Local’s Corner) comes the revelation that the group has yet another project in the works: Local Cellar. They’re taking over Jefferson Market, the corner store at 22nd and Florida that’s been run for almost 50 years by the same guy. Inside Scoop reports:

The owner of the building, Ibrahim Muhawieh, has also been running the liquor store for the last 49 years. He’s never had another job. Not too long ago, he came into Local’s Corner and gruffly asked for the owner. [Local Mission Market's Yaron] Milgrom recounts that he thought he was in trouble, but as it turned out, Muhawieh was selling the market and asked Milgrom to buy it.

“He had seen what we were doing at the Corner and he had seen my kids around the neighborhood,” says Milgrom, who lives across the street from Local’s Corner. “And I think he wanted it to be a family business again.” [link]

A nice little story. And what’s more, Local Cellar will traffic in local beers and spirits, as well as homemade syrups, tonics, bitters, ice, and more. AND they’ll do delivery! Look for it early 2014.

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Storefront on Mission between 16th and 17th has question for you regarding love

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What’s the deal with Heath Ceramics?

I know there’s a Blue Bottle in there (and I hear they’re getting a parklet), but that’s about it. The Chronicle tells us the whole story:

A little over a decade ago, Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic stumbled upon a rundown factory while driving near the Sausalito marina.

There was junk all over the yard. The doors were open, but the inside was a bit of a mess, with sketches hanging on the walls, un-priced dishes stacked on tables, and only a couple of people who appeared to be working. But Bailey recognized the lettering on a sign from some pottery she’d found on eBay. It said “Heath Ceramics.”

Within a year, they had bought the business from 93-year-old founder Edith Heath, and were on their way toward turning the artisan stoneware company into a profitable venture.

Now, 10 years later, the couple have shifted from wholesale to retail, with curated showrooms in three locations, one of them a new 60,000-square-foot facility on the eastern edge of the Mission.

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[via Eater SF] [Cool photo of what the building looked like before Heath moved in by Google Maps]

Trick or treat on Valencia Street from a third floor window

What do you do when you want to hand out tasty Halloween treats but don’t have a front porch?  Simple, just lower a giant orange arm with a basket of goodies to passerby below!

Those Photojojo folks are pretty clever.

(Thanks Amit!)

Assemblymember Tom Ammiano supports local “Jack Off” movement

Yeah, the “Jack Off” movement. You know, to stop Fifth & Pacific’s upscale menswear chain, not the other kind of jack, how dare you think I was making a lewd inference in order to get you to read yet another article about this company. Both Ammiano and former President of the Board of Supervisors Matt Gonzalez support a new appeal. The two are authors of the formula retail ordinance, and believe that the company has acted in bad faith, not holding a hearing and muscling their way in through technicalities.

But they love our gentrification!

Andy Blue sends in the press release, describing the next steps to keep the shop out of the Mission. Full text after the jump:


Author of formula retail ballot measure, Assemblymember Tom Ammiano:
“Jack Spade has operated in bad faith”

Matt Gonzalez, Aaron Peskin; Supes Campos, Avalos,
and Mar support the appeal.

SAN FRANCISCO –– Backed by the original drafters of San Francisco’s formula retail ordinance, the coalition fighting to stop designer menswear line, Jack Spade, from opening a new store in the Mission District, heads to City Hall this Wednesday, October 9 (City Hall, Room 416, 5:00pm) to request a rehearing before the Board of Appeals.


Amos Goldbaum’s mobile boutique, made out of a converted garbage can

You might’ve sawrit at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass over the weekend. (Billy Bragg rules!) Hella tight, Amos!

[via Amos Goldbaum on Facebook]

What’s worse than a bad Yelp review?

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Viral marketing for SoMa StrEat Food Park in this classic episode of ‘Breaking Bad’

Bitch! Follow SoMa StrEat Food Park on Facebook for daily menu updates! This is almost as good as that time Walter White was seen walking into Pal’s Take Away.

While we’re at it, a couple more Mission-related screenshots from hit TV series after the jump:


Don’t order a double mocha at Philz or they will laugh at you

Our pal Lauren found out the hard way:

Forgetting where I was, I mindlessly ordered a “double mocha” at Philz because it felt like November today. The barista scoffed, looked me up and down and said, “Ashley. Sweetie. You’ve never been here before, have you?” And then everyone behind the counter laughed at me.

And then a bucket of pig’s blood fell on my head.

And that’s why you shouldn’t drink coffee.

[Photo by Hae Eun]