Do you know your Mission neighborhood BFFs?

bffeverythursday radio aka Best Frequencies Forever is your local non-profit, bad-ass, volunteer run radio station, operating right out of the mission district. Every Thursday night, rotates their best DJs to take over the decks at Pops Bar. This week our BFFs are cozying up at Pops Bar on Monday, Thursday & Saturday Night!

On Monday, DJ JUSTSTELLA from the show “Radio Shoe” provides tunes for American Tripps, the Berlin-Style Ping Pong Night. Thursday DJ ZeroOne from the show “Hang the DJ” brings you a night of post-punk, power pop, new wave, and other time and genre-adjacent tunes. Finishing out our besties forever week, DJ Melly G goes old school for your Saturday Night party jams. So grab your BFF and hop on Pops!

Check out the full line up this week at Pops:


Make Me A Mixtape emo night turns 1 year old this Saturday at the Knockout


To mark the occasion, SF Weekly did a nice little Q&A with DJ Goonie Walsh:

You celebrate one-year of Make Me a Mixtape, an all-vinyl ‘90s/’00s emo night this Saturday. Describe to us the craziest night thus far.
It’s hard picking just one! I think I’d probably go with that one time where people were crowd surfing, singing “Hands Down” by Dashboard Confessional. That night we also ended up throwing an impromptu emo after party at my place and kept going all night with a bunch of friends and some of the people who were at the Knockout for emo night. Good times.

Since you guys play all vinyl all night, what’s the most surprising track/album you’ve ever found on vinyl? 
I’ve been collecting records for years. Ever since I was young, I was one of those kids who would go to shows and always buy vinyl. It’s interesting too because it was right around that time where vinyl was dying and CDs started to become popular, so some of the stuff from that era is either out of print or labels didn’t even bother to press. I think my most valuable and proudest possession is this Saves The Day 7-inch they pressed for I’m Sorry I’m Leaving. 

Read on for lots more info, and then RSVP and invite your friends!

The Karaoke Underground brings PUNK KARAOKE back to San Francisco this weekend!

that's me inside your head

I just love this shot from last time they were here. (Full photo album here.)

Anyway there are already 1000+ people “interested” or “attending” on Facebook, so I’m sure I don’t have to explain. But it’s happening this Sunday at Rickshaw Stop.

RSVP and invite your friends here. And peruse the (completely unbelievable) songbook here.

(And if you do need more explanation, read my very gushy post from the first time they came to SF, back in 2015, here.)

Public service announcement regarding karaoke

Keep that in mind tonight at Pop’s, where Roger Niner runs karaoke every third Friday, 9pm-close:

Roger Niner is back in The Mission… at Pops! And he’s bringing his big ole’ book of rare and unheard karaoke tunes! Find and sing a new favorite or a long forgotten oddity! Karaoke like you never left the basement of your parents house! We go until they tell us to shut the hell up! Check out the songbook at, and PREPARE!

(Thanks, An dad!)

Art opening tonight at the camping store


The party is 6-9pm, so you have time to pop in real quick before the big Spurs game. Here’s what’s up:

We are excited to announce the next Scott Ellsworth Gallery show at the Alite Outpost. “A Nite at Alite” will feature new works from Fur Ball Collective – a driving force behind San Francisco’s local art scene. They have been establishing non-traditional creative spaces in their homes and apartments as a means of showcasing group shows of local artists.

Fur Ball founders Christy Osorio, Alicia Griffiths, and Melissa Sáenz Gordon will be showing new works of photography, mixed media, and print publication that explore the journey urban dwellers take when seeking natural inspiration. If you have been to one of our guerilla shows in the past, then you know you don’t want to miss this!!

RSVP and invite your friends.

(Also of note, there’s now a vegan bakery inside the camping store too.)

Ping pong at Pop’s!

American Tripps Now at Pop's

[Editor's note: This is actually my event, so the Pop's folks let me write the blurb. Please enjoy...]

Sooo, what’s “Berlin-style ping pong night” mean anyway? Well it’s three things…

  1. It happens in the evening, in a dark, friendly neighborhood bar, where the booze is flowing and the party vibes are strong
  2. There are DJs spinning upbeat danceable jams, both familiar and unfamiliar
  3. The ping pong is a little different, played in a social and casual and kinda trippy way that allows 20+ people to take part

Here’s an animated GIF of that last one:

Tonight will be just like that except there’s a lot less room at Pop’s, so the circle is much tighter — and thus it’s much easier to make new friends ;)

Check out this week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


What are you doing for April Fools’ Day? I recommend doing some SINGIN’ and maybe a little PINGIN’

April Fool's Day Singin' & Pingin'

American Tripps (the “Berlin-style” ping pong party I helped start here in the Mission back in 2011) along with the legendary DJ Purple present the first-ever April Fools’ Day edition of Singin’ & Pingin’, this Friday night at Verdi Club. Here’s from the official invite:

This is our first ever APRIL FOOLS’ DAY date, so we knew it had to be a SINGIN’ & PINGIN’ party!!!

• DANCE KARAOKE w/ the world famous DJ Purple
• BERLIN-STYLE PING PONG all night long (2 tables!)
• DRINK SPECIALS by the Verdi Club crew

*****Special guest ~April fools~ will announce CRAZY NEW RULES at the ping pong tables throughout the night!!!!
**********And it’s up to YOU to bring some utter FOOLISHNESS to the karaoke stage!!!

RSVP and invite your friends here! (And be sure to get a head start browsing DJ Purple’s songbook.)

UPDATE: Btw my favorite *foolish* song DJ Purple has is probably “Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick” by Ian Dury. I’d do it myself tomorrow, but I have some other plans. Who’s up for it?

Where should we go dancing this Saturday night?

I think we’ve got a couple options…

1.) All the way from NYC, it’s superstar DJ Jonathan Toubin, doing a free late-night session at the Chapel:


2.) Or if you wanna keep it local, our pal Tristes Tropiques is the special guest at Galaxy Radio at the Knockout:


Democratic Debate Drinking Game


Join your fellow Democrats and political junkies to watch the next chapter of the Bernie v Hillary saga live this Wednesday 6pm at Pops Bar! This debate, presented by Univision News and co-sponsored by The Washington Post, will air live on Univision in Spanish and simulcast in English on both CNN and Fusion. Univision’s Maria Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos and The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty will moderate a conversation about important topics to Latin@s, including the economy, immigration, education, health care, national security, and more.

Might we suggest making it a little bit more interesting with the following drinking game:

Sip whenever:

  • Sanders references the 99 percent.
  • Clinton slowly shakes her head with a smile/death stare.
  • The candidates don’t answer a question.
  • Someone says “middle class,” “right to vote,” “minimum wage” or “debt crisis.”

Gulp whenever:

  • Clinton reminds the audience she could be the first woman president.
  • Someone says “let me be clear.”
  • The candidates say they agree with one another — and then go on to prove they don’t.
  • Sanders gets a little over-enthusiastic with the gestures.

Guzzle whenever:

  • Someone slams Republican front-runner Donald Trump.
  • A candidate makes a tongue-in-cheek comment about their would-be vice president.
  • Someone flat-out insults another candidate.
  • The candidates get in a shouting match.

Finish your drink:

  • Anyone tries to act cool or be hip — and you cringe.

Check out this week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


There goes the neighborhood…


[Editor's note: Congrats, y'all!]

Tonight’s the night! Pops Bar has been nominated for a NITEY award for BEST NEIGHBORHOOD BAR. The NITEY’s celebrate and honor excellence in creative content and patron experience in the San Francisco nightlife industry. Starting tonight at 6:30pm at The Regency Center, get your tickets, walk the red carpet and cheers on POPS BAR! Thank you to everyone who voted. Award or no award, we already know that our neighbors are absolutely the best of San Francisco!

Check out this week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar: