Maybe you’re looking for a chill way to party tonight, so as not to get too worn out before the weekend? Here you go:

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Singin’ & Pingin’ returns to the Mission tonight at Verdi Club!

It’s been too long! Here’s all the info:

It’s been more than *half a year* since SINGIN’ & PINGIN’ made an appearance in the Mission — where it all started! We’ve been doing the festival thing and venturing to other neighborhoods and cities, but now we’re back!!!

• Singin’ & Pingin’ = DJ PURPLE + AMERICAN TRIPPS
• American Tripps = BERLIN-STYLE PING PONG
• Summer Solstice = TIME TO GET CRRRAZY
• The Mission = THE PLACE TO BE

The Verdi Club, in the heart of the Mission District, is seriously the place you want to be as spring turns into summer: expert bartenders, chill lighting, all the dance floor we could possibly need… We cannot wait!

And there will be homemade tacos! RSVP and invite your friends! DJ Purple’s songbook can be found here. (Get to work!)

Joey the Cat wants you to come party at his new warehouse is full of arcade games!

Joey the Cat isn’t content to just go around being the GREATEST SKEEBALL PLAYER IN THE WORLD, no. He wants to share the joy, with all of us, so he’s put together a warehouse space in the Dogpatch full of ALL MANNER OF ARCADE AMUSEMENTS. And there’s a party:

Joey the Cat Skeeball Rentals have partnered with HemHaus to bring you the most epic afternoon of your recent memory. We’ve secured 2000 sq ft of warehouse space and installed 13 classic arcade games. The arcade games include Skeeball, Basketball, Bubble Hockey and hometown favorite, Whac-a-Mole. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also have beer pong and cornhole. While it’s pretty amazing to have all of these games in one place….we’re also going to put on a World Cup style tournament with all of these games!

There will be booze. More info and ticketing here.

CONTEST: Win tickets to the Sunday Mass Pride party at the Chapel w/ Ladytron and more!

That’s right, Pride is just around the corner once again! And you just might wanna celebrate it right here in the Mission at the Chapel with the Sunday Mass crew and Ladytron on the decks! Here’s a little more info:

For this very special Sunday Pride edition of MASS, we are pulling out all the stops and delivering you the full venue experience, with three rooms of dancing, a visual spectacular at every turn, and as always, an eye towards musical and artistic excellence. Come as you are on Sunday, June 29th.

$20 Pre-sale (only 100 available)
$25 Regular
$30 At the door

RSVP and invite your friends here! Buy tickets here!

And for a chance to WIN a pair, tweet a link to this post and hashtag it #sundaymassmissionmission. Contest ends a week from right this second. Winner will be selected at random.

Nothing but ’00s hip hop

The Last Nite gang is about to cut loose, and this time it’s at Slate Bar right here in the Mission:

DJs Jamie Jams and Rapid Fire bring you all the hits from a time when hip hop got crunk.

It’s like we drank your sizzurp, stole your courvoisier and rode off with your spinners.

RSVP and invite your friends!

Sex Fog karaoke party with KJKC debuts tonight at the Make-Out Room!

KJKC is apparently a protégé of the beloved KJ Paul, so… hold on to your butts!

RSVP and invite your friends!

DJ Purple celebrates *7 years in the Mission* this Thursday!

Woweeee, 7 whole years! Here’s how DJ Purple puts it on the invite to Thursday night’s celebration:

IT’S HERE! 7 YEARS! Let’s celebrate the history of Dance Karaoke, born in the Mission, raised by Jack’s Club and YOU! And now going strong at Slate Bar!

Read our in-depth interview from back in 2011 for more on the history of DJ Purple’s revolutionary Dance Karaoke party (with photos from back at Jack’s). And if you were a longtime Jack’s regular and still haven’t made it out to the new show at Slate, now’s the time! Purple says it’s gonna be a fabulous reunion! (And you should probably get hip to the new Easy Song Search!)

Also, looks like DJ Purple is calling on all of us to celebrate #ThrowbackThursday by posting vintage pics from back in the Jack’s days all day tomorrow. Here’s one of my faves (by Vic Wong):

5,000 new songs added to the Nap’s Karaoke songbook

Good work, Shannon!

Nap’s Karaoke is tonight and every Thursday at Virgil’s.

DJ Purple to debut innovative new song submission system tonight

At his larger events, he says, DJ Purple‘s been running into the problem of having too many song submissions, too many unprepared singers, and too many people who put in five or ten requests and then bounce. And consequently too many people waiting long waits to sing. So tonight at Folsom Street Foundry he’s trying out a new system, one that promises to eliminate factors that lead to frustrating waits. I can’t wait to see how it works!

Also, the venue will have half a dozen movie projectors blasting DJ Purple’s lyrics onto every available surface, which should be awesome. Folsom Street Foundry is located just a short distance outside the Mission:

RSVP and invite your friends!

For more info on the DJ Purple experience, read our in-depth interview with the man himself from back in 2011 :)

And if you’re most into the pingin’ part, the SF Berlin-Style Ping Pong League kicks off its spring season this coming Monday at the same venue.

A special night of hip house, new jack, and more

Haçeteria is always a rager, but this one’s special:

This month Haç is back with smooth club grooves from Nu Jack (Living Single/Jock Jams) and Grzegorz (Right Here). Expect four-to-the-floor RnB tracks, hip house, soulful acid house, early 90s hot 100 remixes, and even a few more recent inspired surprises.

RSVP and invite your friends!