Booze, Bones and Babes


This Sunday the Bon Vivants present a night of booze, bones and babes at Pops Bar! Stop in from 7-9pm for some clackin’ and throwing bones all while slugging back some chocolate Jell-O shots with Ancho Reyes and Mandarine Napoelon. The Bon Vivants’ own Ethan “Bone Daddy” Terry will be hosting the event with DJ Chili Killi (aka Nicolas Torres) playing a menagerie of jams to keep you bonin’. Pops’ girls Ally & Ellie will be tending bar and they’ll be sure to wet your whistle. Come on down to the boneyard.

This week at Pops Bar:


What should we do tonight?

So much to choose from! We’ll start at the southernmost option and head north:

1.) Oldies Night at the Knockout! It’s nasty!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 3.06.15 PM

2.) Roger Niner Karaoke at Pop’s! Now every 3rd Thursday!


3.) Haçeteria’s 5th anniversary party at F8! Best dance party in town!


4.) Smiths vs. LCD Soundsystem dance party at Rickshaw Stop! Live bands + DJs!


Mission clothing swap!

clothingswapposter (1)

Cleaning out your closet has never been more fun. Gather up your clean, unwanted clothes, shoes & jewelry. Come down to Pops Bar on Sunday 2/21 from 2-5PM and let the swapping begin! Leave some clothes, take some clothes all while sipping Bacon Bloody Marys. We’ll take care of sorting the items, all you have to do is show up and have a perfect Sunday afternoon of hunting for new clothes and enjoying a drink at Pops Bar.

Check out this week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Valentine’s Day sucks


[Editor's note: Just confirmed! Mission Mission 9th anniversary party at Pop's this Sunday a.k.a. Valentine's Day a.k.a. our literal 9th anniversary at 9am! More info soon! Thanks, Pop's!]

Happy in love? Aww that’s so cute, now just go away please…This week we’re all over celebrating the single life with our BFFs and at the same time cursing the single life by getting oh so Emo on you. Sadderday SF asks you to song request your broken heart out so we can all get a good cry or scream on the dance floor.

Check out this week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Things to do in SF this weekend if you’re a local and you don’t care about the Super Bowl

1. Go to the final American Tripps at DSF in the Lower Haight tonight! DSF had to close its doors due to rising rents and stuff, so this is your LAST CHANCE to party there! And how long’s it been since you went to one of these Berlin-style ping pong parties anyway??


2. Go to the Rice Paper Scissors Lunar New Year Brunch at Pizza Hacker on Saturday! The RPS crew only does their brunch thing every now and then, so you need to hop on this opportunity. They’re doing a “Phở French Dip,” man!


That’s it!

Things to do in SF this weekend if you’re in town for the Super Bowl

1. Go to a Berlin-style ping pong party tonight! Every town’s got football, but only San Francisco has Berlin-style ping pong parties!


2. Have Vietnamese food for brunch on Saturday! Every town’s got burritos and clam chowder, but only San Francisco has Vietnamese brunch popups in a pizza restaurant!


That’s it!

Drama Talk & Drinks: A 24-Decade History of Popular Music “a radical faerie realist ritual”

When we were contacted about reviewing the Curran’s last show of their “Under Construction” series we hesitated because Brittany was going to be in DC for work. However, I thought if this show has even half the entertainment value, innovation and beauty of the previous show we saw at this venue…I really needed to be there! So while Brittany was being snowed in, I took my reoccurring stand in Garrett Lamb and we powered through the rain and headed downtown.

Taylor Mac 3 resize (c) Jim Norrena

Taylor Mac at the Curran: Under Construction (c) Jim Norrena

Katie: Wow. I have few words…still processing. All I can say is that was really impressive. I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole life without experiencing, as Taylor Mac (the writer, performer, and co-director) called it, a “radical faerie realist ritual”. So, what did you think?

Garrett: I don’t know, but I think I liked it. The format was unique. Sort of a storytelling/musical/drag show/concert. And of course the venue was unique too!

K: Hell yeah! How cool was it to be on the stage of the Curran and be looking out towards the orchestra!

G: Totally. But thinking about the show, some of it didn’t make sense, and wasn’t very polished. Like when they handed out a pamphlet on “Equality of the Sexes” and didn’t really refer to it, or use it with the audience. Or when he wanted us to be eating apples but his “dandy minions” hadn’t given them to us yet. But I guess Taylor did mention this was a workshop in progress. That said, everything else was on point and very moving and entertaining.

K: Agreed. For a performance art piece, this is the one of the best I’ve ever seen. I mean, to be able to command the room like that for three hours was really special. Plus, the idea of doing a 24 hour concert later this year in New York is super intriguing. But I can’t lie, I was really distracted by the fact that Nancy Pelosi was sitting in our row!

G: Me too! That was amazing, I’m glad Nancy was into it. I wonder what she thought when Taylor stripped down to only a golden thong, and then gave her husband a lap dance!

The Verdict: It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like performance art, drag shows, or musicals. This is a very special experience that should be had by all. Taylor Mac’s performance was provocative, present, raw, hilarious, honest, beautiful, uncomfortable, comforting all the while very philosophical.

The Drama Talk: I’m not going to lie, when I saw that this show was 3 hours long without an intermission I thought twice about going, but the time went by so fast it was crazy. From the venue, to the ridiculously amazing costumes, down to the talented band there is so much to see and hear, there is never a moment you are daydreaming about your instagram feed. I do think time went by so fast because the show has interactive moments where you will be asked to participate. I usually don’t like to participate at the theater but the way it was done in this piece really enhanced Taylor’s theme of “imperfection fostering community”. That night we were a community and this was more than a show, it was a profound shared experience. Go in with an open mind and you will leave with a heart full of love for how art can change lives.

The Drinks: There is a bar on the stage. So get there a little early and grab a drink. And don’t worry, even though the show is 3 hours with no intermission there are little breaks where Taylor changes costumes and you can run down to the bathroom.

A 24-Decade History of Popular Music runs through January 30th at the Curran. You can purchase tickets on Curran’s website for $50.

Berlin-style ping pong and Dance Karaoke, back together at last!

Return of Singin' & Pingin' 2016

We haven’t had a Singin’ & Pingin’ since Halloween 2014 at Verdi Club, man. Time to make up for lost time! Here’s the invite:

Would you believe SINGIN’ & PINGIN’ has been on hiatus since 2014??? It’s true!!! Here’s what’s in store for *****the first can’t-miss party of 2016*****…

• Singin’ with DANCE KARAOKE
• Rockin’ out to DJ Purple’s SAXOPHONE SOLOS
• Dancin’ with YOUR FRIENDS
• Makin’ some NEW FRIENDS
• Drinkin’ BEER

Check out DJ Purple’s songbook here.

Read about the history of Berlin-style ping pong in San Francisco here.

RSVP and invite your friends!

(And big thanks to Singin’ & Pingin’ for being our sponsor all month long!)

Drama Talk & Drinks: Star Trek Live – Mudd’s Women “I just wanted to stare at her”

Little known Drama Talk & Drinks fact: Katie’s great uncle, James Doohan, played Scotty on the OG Star Trek. So when we got notice that there was a drag-king version of one of the original Star Trek episodes, “Mudd’s Women”, which was happening at Oasis, we knew we had to check it out. 

Amber Sommerfeld as Spock, Leigh Crow as Captain Kirk, and Honey Mahogany as Uhura

Amber Sommerfeld as Spock, Leigh Crow as Captain Kirk, and Honey Mahogany as Uhura

Brittany: That was fun! The woman who played captain Kirk, Leigh Crow, was amazing!

Katie: Yes, she totally nailed a spoof of captain Kirk, she got the campy-ness.

B: Also Spock (Amber Sommerfeld) rocked, and Honey Mahogany is beautiful. I just wanted to stare at her.

K: So true! I think they created an entertaining world. They had fun lighting, and sound effects, the set was cool and the costumes were on-point. Even though they were parodying the show, they did it in professional way that honored what they were making fun of.

B: You can tell that the people who really rocked their characters are totally Trekkies, that’s the only way they could have nailed those roles. The “Stump the Captain” Star Trek trivia game at intermission was not only fun, but showed a true level of devotion to the series. Unless those questions were planted, which I don’t think they were, there’s no way she could know all that trivia without being a fan.

K: Also the Beam Me Up Scotchy was delicious. No problem with meeting the two drink minimum with that, and I don’t even like scotch usually.

B: Overall a fun night of beautiful drag queens, talented drag kings, strong drinks, and lots of Star Trek nerds. What more could you want?

The Verdict: Go see it, it’s a good time. If you like Star Trek, and think campy drag shows are fun, you’ll really enjoy this.

The Drama Talk: Shows at Oasis hold themselves to a high standard for production values and talent, while still not taking themselves so seriously that it loses the fun. This show is a drag-king version of a particularly camping Star Trek episode, so don’t expect any deep earth shattering revelations. But if you’re a Star Trek fan looking for a fun way to spend a chilly rainy night, this is a great option. This is technically the show’s second time around – it opened in September and sold-out that run – this is the encore so tickets may go fast.

The Drinks: Oasis has a great bar, and friendly bar tenders. On the night we went you could stay after the show to drink, and get to see the late-night male-revue after, so if you go on a weekday you may also get so lucky. They had a special menu of Star Trek inspired drinks and the Beam Me Up Scotchy was the clear winner of the bunch.

Star Trek Live!: Mudd’s Women; A Drag Send Up Of The Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Series, runs through January 23rd at Oasis. Tickets on the Oasis website are $25 for general admission, $35 for premium seating, or $225 if you want the The Vulcan Champagne Table which is a front row table for four people with a bottle of Chandon. Right now there are also tickets available on Goldstar for $12.50-$35.

David Bowie music video singalong Thursday night at the new Alamo Drafthouse

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.44.20 AM

The party starts at 10:55pm, here’s the deal:

The shocking and sad news that David Bowie has passed left us all with a pit in our stomach, a hole in our hearts, and a tune in our heads, be it “Heroes,” “Young Americans,” “Suffragette City,” “Under Pressure,” or “Little Fat Man.” It just doesn’t seem possible that we now live in a world without David Bowie, but we know he’s ascended to the otherworldly status of an icon, whose music and art will be loved, studied and rocked out to for generations. Let’s start doing that tonight with our David Bowie Music Video Party, where you’ll be able to laugh, cry and sing your heart out. We’re putting this sing-along together entirely from scratch, so there’ll be very few subtitles but hell, you know the words, right? Wham bam, thank you ma’am!

Tickets and more info here.