Karaoke game show tonight at Make-Out Room

Here’s more info:

“Wheel of Karaoke” is a fun and engaging karaoke game show judged and MC’d by local up-and-coming performers of comedy and music. Audience members receive a raffle ticket for the chance to compete, a la “The Price is Right”, and then spin the wheel of fate for an added challenge to be completed during the song such as singing while blindfolded or singing to a slower tempo. After the performance, they’re judged by the panelists on accuracy and creativity. Finally, the two top-scoring singers go head-to-head in a final round where they make use of costumes, audience members, dancing and any other gimmicks to create their best one-song act and receive the first place prize. Guest comedians, musicians, and vaudeville acts cameo throughout the night to make this a spectacle to behold – far above and beyond your granny’s karaoke!

Intense! RSVP here!

The art of Hip Hop & Ping Pong

This Saturday marks the fourth edition of “Hip Hop & Ping Pong” starring DJ Beauregard (formerly DJ Laser Tad) (I think he got a cease-and-desist from the Q-Zar people or something) and I just wanted to take a look back at all the great Hip Hop & Ping Pong art created over the years. (Full disclosure: I created all this art.)

The main thing is, Mission-based DJ Beauregard totally rules. Digs up all this old and undiscovered hip hop and puts together amazing sets that will *blow* *yr* *mind*. (Full disclosure: DJ Beauregard is one of my top 5 best friends ever.)

RSVP and invite your friends!

[via American Tripps]

Celebrate BFF.fm’s 1st birthday!

BFF.fm, the Mission’s own and city’s best underground radio station, just turned one! To celebrate, they’re throwing a big free birthday party at the Chapel tomorrow night, complete with music, DJ sets, tote bags full of party favors, and lots of cake — apparently of both slice and cup varieties! Musical guests include Happy Fangs, Nanosaur, Night Genes, and BFF.fm founder DJ Cosmic Amanda herself. And did I mention that it’s FREE?

Here are some cool facts about BFF.fm and Mission Mission:

So, see you at the party tomorrow? RSVP and invite your friends!

Two titans clash

Today on Burrito Justice Radio, Mr. Justice welcomes special guest Todd Lappin, the man behind Bernalwood (the best neighborhood blog in town). These two have a long history of endlessly entertaining, usually neighborhood-related, online banter, so getting them in the same room is gonna be good.

Be sure to tune in right at noon: BFF.fm

Porchlight’s Summer Soul Celebration with music, comedy, storytelling and more!

Dang, this sounds like a good time:

What we got: Hosts Beth Lisick and Arline Klatte, a 20 piece version of Marc & The Casuals, a special opening set by soul gospel legends the West Coast Spiritual Corinthians. Comedy by Anna Seregina, Chis Colin & Rob Baedeker. Special Musical Guests Persephone’s Bees, Etienne de Rocher, Fredo Ortiz, Karina Denike, Meryl Press, Brigid Dawson, Bob Reed, Jason Morgan, & Virgil Shaw.

With summer stories from Porchlight and a summertime soul story and invocation from the Bishop Marc Andrus…
Show start promptly at 8:30 and won’t stop until everyone has danced and laughed and danced again.


Save the world by drinking a bunch of booze tonight!

Mission-based human and environmental rights nonprofit Global Exchange is having a little party. Here’s the deal:

Come join Global Exchange and Dr. Teeth for a happy hour promoting social, economic and environmental justice! We’ve spent the past 26 years tackling some of the most critical issues of our time- and we couldn’t have done it without a little help from our friends! Connecting with you is a priority for us. We believe that as a network of allies and supporters, united in our shared vision, we can create a just and sustainable world. We’re excited to see you, share ideas and raise our glasses for change!

$3 beers, $4 well drinks. 10% of bar sales will be donated to Global Exchange.

DJ JustStella is headlining this week’s NightLife at the Cal Academy

DJ JustStella lives upstairs from me and is an awesome DJ and dedicated San Francisco party historian. (You can hear her DJ regularly on BFF and occasionally at American Tripps.) This Thursday night she’s doing a summer-themed set on the main stage for the “Summer Camp” edition of NightLife and I bet it’s going to rock.

Get tickets and invite your pals here.

Cool ad for DJ Primo’s Slow Jams party

Every Tuesday night at the Make-Out Room.


Just got a note from Doc Pop:

Our new iPad game, SquirrelWarz, launched today for iPads everywhere! See it on iTunes.

To celebrate, the team and I are getting together for the $10 burger and a beer night at Dr. Teeth. Come hang out and play SquirrelWarz with us from 7pm-9! We’ll probably be in the back patio. If we reach #1 in the app store, drinks are on us.. in other words it’s buy your own beer, but DT is amazing and cheap.

The trailer (starring Dr. and Mrs. Pop) is pretty good:

DJ Purple brings Dance Karaoke to SoMa StrEat Food Park this Saturday night!

Food trucks and karaoke!!! (And a beer/wine truck, duh.) What could be better??? Here’s the deal:

We’ll be covering 5 Saturdays for Karaoke KJPaul! Mark your calendars for July 26th, August 2nd, 16th, 23rd and 30th (we’ll miss August 9th)!

Karaoke will be 7pm-midnight! Get there early to enjoy the fabulous food! Food trucks start closing between 9 and 10! The bar truck stays open until midnight!

Food and Dance Karaoke! Who knew? Join us for fabulous singers, fancy pyrotechnics, great company, and FOOOD!

If you haven’t been, you should know SoMa StrEat Food Park is actually just right across the street from the Mission — very accessible. Their soundsystem is loud, and their beer/wine/sangria menu is pretty damn good.

And I promise, whether you really love karaoke or you only kind of love karaoke, this will be awesome!

RSVP and invite your friends!