The San Francisco Berlin-Style Ping Pong League, now at Pop’s!

Hey Berlin-style ping pong fans! We’re kicking off a new season of the SF Berlin-Style Ping Pong League tonight at Pops Bar in the Mission. The league will meet every Monday night for 6 weeks, from 7pm-10pm or so. The table stays up all night long, and our DJs stay up all night long too, so be ready to PARTY!

Tonight’s special guest DJ btw is DJ JustStella from, just back from Japan — soooo expect some freaky tunes!!!!

(Animated GIF by Friday at Five)

Keep reading for a complete list of everything happenin’ at Pop’s Bar this week…


Drink for a Cause, It’s Negroni Week!


Drinking for charity, now you’re talking! All week order a Pops Negronito shot benefitting neighborhood favorite, The Brava Theater Center. BRAVA produces, presents and cultivates the artistic expression of women, people of color, youth, LGBTQ and other unheard voices in the mission. So do your part, down the Negronito shot and ease the soul with navy strength gin, campari, doling rouge, orange bitters and a chili salt seasoned orange slice. Your body and soul will thank you for it!

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Phonographic Memory is tonight at the Main Library, and it’s all about 1996


Phonographic Memory is the event where neighbors get together and play records and share stories about them. Here, the Phono Mem team makes a case for skipping the first half of the Warriors game tonight:

Warriors fans, we know you are a little tense. You’ve been giving your team your full attention the past couple weeks, but granting them a little breathing room will actually help both you, and the team. By giving us an hour of your time tomorrow you can ease the pressure on the players, and order can be restored. The stress and tension will leave your body as you relax to stories and songs, and by the end of our session you will be enriched and ready to fully enjoy the last half of the game. Let’s be honest, that’s all you really need to watch anyway.

Debatable! But anyway, tonight’s program is specifically about 1996 and one of tonight’s special guests is Penelope Houston from the Avengers! RSVP and invite your friends!

Historic book release event for ‘Bat-Man Is Lost in A Woods’ by David Enos


Local comix artist David Enos got a book deal! And the book is out now, and there’s a big release party at Make-Out Room this Thursday night with a bunch of musicians and other good stuff:

California Clap presents “Bat-Man Is Lost In A Woods”, the new book from David Enos. Get your copy before anyone else does and have it signed by the artist himself.

With musical performances by:


Also pick up other record and book releases from the bay area’s last honest label/publisher, California Clap.

RSVP and invite your friends!

Now please enjoy this long list of other David Enos-related news…

Drama Talk & Drinks: The Capulet Ball – “There was still a boy to kill!”

DT&D has reviewed a We Players show before. Last summer we loved their site-specific Ondine at Sutro Baths. So when we heard about their season kick-off party, The Capulet Ball, we were intrigued. Katie was busy, so Brittany and Sam donned their best Shakespearean-Masked-Ball garb and headed out for a night of Drama Talk and Drinks.


Brittany: So did you have fun?

Sam: Yeah, I had a blast.

B: I think that the show (the full production of Romeo and Juliet) is going to be good. The girl who was Juliet was great.

S: She had great energy. She really got the physicality of a teenager. She had no inhibitions, and couldn’t filter when Romeo was nearby. The balcony scene felt really genuine and fresh, and I don’t normally like Shakespeare since it so often feels stale.

B: Even though this was just a sneak-preview of the show that’s opening this summer, you really got a good sense of the characters. Even if you never saw the actors saying their lines, by just interacting with them- in dancing or making small talk- you could tell who they were.

S: The characters were really intimate with the audience. It reminded me of Sleep No More, where you don a mask and become part of the scene. I wish that it went longer.

B: Yeah, it was really short. It was supposed to go until 10 but it only went until maybe 8:45 before the action ended and people started to leave. Even the band wrapped up early.  I guess it’s good to leave the audience wanting more, but I thought it would be a longer production.

S: For the brief production it was, the costumes were phenomenal. The animal masks were haunting, they added something whimsical to the production.

B: It’s also fun that so many audience members got dressed up. There were some elaborate costumes and impressive masks. The show only worked because the audience bought-in. If you had come into that space with the audience wearing normal street clothes it would have been a very different experience. People dressed up, danced and interacted. That’s what made it fun, getting to be in character yourself.

S: I wonder if we could have convinced the band to keep playing, it ended so early and I wanted it to continue. There was still a boy to kill!

B: And a girl. And a few other people too.

S: Not enough death for an evening out.

The Verdict: The Capulet Ball is a fun way to support an innovative Bay-Area theater company. It’s not even the whole first act of Romeo and Juliet, so if you want to see the full play, hold out until R&J opens this summer. But if you want to have a very cool interactive theater experience, that lets you dress up and be part of the show, go to this. It’s pricey, but it supports a good cause, and drinks and light food are included.

The Drama Talk: We Players is great at site-specific work, and The Capulet Ball is no exception. The space for this production was perfect, and looking at the future venues, there are some neat places on the list. Production values are super high. Once you walk through the door and put on your mask you’re transported to the Capulet’s home and the party where Romeo and Juliet’s star-crossed paths first cross. It helps if you get dressed up, drink some mead, and go in with no inhibitions.

The Drinks: The party has an open bar, so we drank there. Wine, beer and mead only, but the pours are generous and flow all night.

There are only three more performances of The Capulet Ball, all in different parts of the Bay Area. They run through June 18th, and range from $75 for the show in Oakland, to $150 to the show in Calistoga (which includes dinner). Tickets are available through the We Players website:

Sam & Brittany In Masked-Ball Finery

Sam & Brittany in Masked-Ball Finery

Fun stuff to do this weekend!

American Tripps LCD Valentine's logo 2

Tonight: I’m Losing My Edge: “LCD Soundsystem” vs. Everything They Mention in “Losing My Edge” (with Berlin-style ping pong) at Verdi Club in the Mission

Saturday afternoon: Warriors vs. Blazers Game 3, starts at 5:30pm!!! Watch it at a great neighborhood bar such as Pop’s Bar

Saturday night early: The Last Days of Disco AND Boogie Nights 35mm double feature at the Roxie in the Mission

Saturday night late: The Acid Test featuring Chocolate Watch Band, a night of psychedelic music and mayhem at Rickshaw Stop

Don’t be one of those San Franciscans who just stays in and watches Netflix!

Do you know your Mission neighborhood BFFs?

bffeverythursday radio aka Best Frequencies Forever is your local non-profit, bad-ass, volunteer run radio station, operating right out of the mission district. Every Thursday night, rotates their best DJs to take over the decks at Pops Bar. This week our BFFs are cozying up at Pops Bar on Monday, Thursday & Saturday Night!

On Monday, DJ JUSTSTELLA from the show “Radio Shoe” provides tunes for American Tripps, the Berlin-Style Ping Pong Night. Thursday DJ ZeroOne from the show “Hang the DJ” brings you a night of post-punk, power pop, new wave, and other time and genre-adjacent tunes. Finishing out our besties forever week, DJ Melly G goes old school for your Saturday Night party jams. So grab your BFF and hop on Pops!

Check out the full line up this week at Pops:


Make Me A Mixtape emo night turns 1 year old this Saturday at the Knockout


To mark the occasion, SF Weekly did a nice little Q&A with DJ Goonie Walsh:

You celebrate one-year of Make Me a Mixtape, an all-vinyl ‘90s/’00s emo night this Saturday. Describe to us the craziest night thus far.
It’s hard picking just one! I think I’d probably go with that one time where people were crowd surfing, singing “Hands Down” by Dashboard Confessional. That night we also ended up throwing an impromptu emo after party at my place and kept going all night with a bunch of friends and some of the people who were at the Knockout for emo night. Good times.

Since you guys play all vinyl all night, what’s the most surprising track/album you’ve ever found on vinyl? 
I’ve been collecting records for years. Ever since I was young, I was one of those kids who would go to shows and always buy vinyl. It’s interesting too because it was right around that time where vinyl was dying and CDs started to become popular, so some of the stuff from that era is either out of print or labels didn’t even bother to press. I think my most valuable and proudest possession is this Saves The Day 7-inch they pressed for I’m Sorry I’m Leaving. 

Read on for lots more info, and then RSVP and invite your friends!

The Karaoke Underground brings PUNK KARAOKE back to San Francisco this weekend!

that's me inside your head

I just love this shot from last time they were here. (Full photo album here.)

Anyway there are already 1000+ people “interested” or “attending” on Facebook, so I’m sure I don’t have to explain. But it’s happening this Sunday at Rickshaw Stop.

RSVP and invite your friends here. And peruse the (completely unbelievable) songbook here.

(And if you do need more explanation, read my very gushy post from the first time they came to SF, back in 2015, here.)

Public service announcement regarding karaoke

Keep that in mind tonight at Pop’s, where Roger Niner runs karaoke every third Friday, 9pm-close:

Roger Niner is back in The Mission… at Pops! And he’s bringing his big ole’ book of rare and unheard karaoke tunes! Find and sing a new favorite or a long forgotten oddity! Karaoke like you never left the basement of your parents house! We go until they tell us to shut the hell up! Check out the songbook at, and PREPARE!

(Thanks, An dad!)