Group photo show at Cha Cha Cha

I know, it’s raining. If you’re stir crazy from sheltering in place all day today, here’s a good reason to venture out. Our good buddy Troy Holden wrote in to let us know that tonight (Thursday) is the opening for a group photo exhibition, featuring his own work as well as the works of Dave Glass and Emmanuel Blackwell. These are all photographers I admire, each one capturing a very real, very valuable and very unique side of our city’s life. Troy adds:

“We’ve taken down all the old random photos at Cha Cha Cha and replaced them with huge (4 feet!) photos of the neighborhood around 19th and Mission Street. The printer did amazing work. The photos span from the late 1960s through 2014 and are a permanent installation. A second round will be installed in the spring.”


Map of shuttered SF art spaces

Cara Rose DeFabio put together a map of art spaces, focusing on performance, that are no longer with us. She is inviting people to add others that might be missing.

Check it out on Google Maps here.

The map was created as part of a dramaturgy for The Dance that Documents Itself, opening tonight at CounterPulse and running through the 14th.

Who wants to be sedated by a psycho killer?

Big thanks to this week’s sponsor, I Wanna Be Sedated by a Psycho Killer, which is a party at Rickshaw Stop I’m helping throw this Saturday night. Here are a number of reasons I’m excited:

  • THE BAND… They’ve been practicing nonstop for the past couple months, essentially *becoming* Talking Heads.
  • There’s gonna be a sort of loose “costume contest” (with Mai Le from Fashionist as guest judge and party photographer, and prizes from Jameson) so be sure to dig up your best CBGB’s-era fashions.
  • This band did a Talking Heads set last New Year’s Eve and it was awesome, but this is gonna be even better because they’ve added a couple new members for a fuller sound, AND it’s at Rickshaw Stop this time so the pro audio and lighting should really take the party to the next level.
  • The first ping pong party I ever went to in SF (years before “Berlin-style ping pong” got started) was at Ping Pong Gallery (now called Romer/Young) in the Dogpatch, and it was very small and chill, a bucket of Trumer Pils in one corner and a DJ in the other, and he was spinning mostly Talking Heads and Ramones, and it ruled. So, full circle, a million years later.
  • Talking Heads and Ramones are THE BEST BANDS.

Let’s party! RSVP and invite your friends and get advance tickets!

If you’re outdoorsy

Outdoor SF, tonight at Folsom Street Foundry, might be something you wanna attend:

We’re going to once again bring together the coolest outdoor brands in San Francisco for a meet and greet with the founders, followed by influential live speakers and some awesome music. The bar will be stocked, the dance floor will be ready, and all we’re missing is you.

Join us on 11/12 at 6pm at one our favorite new venues in SF, the Folsom Foundry. We’ve got you covered with craft beer from Ft. Point Beer and mouthwatering food from Luke’s Local. Show your support of local San Francisco, outdoor and lifestyle brands, by enjoying killer local music and free swag. All proceeds from the event go to Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation and their mission to crowd-source adventurers to gather environmental data.


Greg Treinish: National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

Galen Ash
One Grass, Two Grass, Red Grass, Bluegrass

Folsom Street Foundry is a great place for a party, and Fort Point is making some amaaaazing beers. Get tickets (which include a beer and a raffle ticket) here.

‘Massive Urban Change,’ a visual, sculptural, conversational project about the Mission


Eliza tells us it’s “kind of like a temporary, physical incarnation of Mission Mission.” Can’t wait to see what that means. Will Tuffy be there, heckling me right to my face? I hope so.

RSVP and invite your friends!

‘The Kinda Late Show with Broke-Ass Stuart,’ coming soon

It’s gonna be like a late-night talk show from TV, except more San Francisco-oriented, and you get to be right there in the room with all the action. And the first musical guest is Boots Riley!

Here’s that info once again:

Adobe and Smithsfits with more rad things to do for Halloween!

First up tonight, Adobe Books!  Or rather, UNDER THE SEA MACABRE…

Tourists are disappearing from fisherman’s wharf. And no, they’re not in north beach. As more and more tourists vanish from the fog-soaked piers, the seals of the wharf decide to take matters into their own hands. Maybe its the changing of the season; perhaps new zoning laws; perhaps renegade google buses are to blame; any way you look at it, something smells a little… fishy. It is up to the viewer to investigate the recent disappearances. Come get scared at the Adobe Haunted House on All Hallows’ Eve! Please be afraid. Our tourists need you.

Check it all out here.

And on Saturday when you’re finally done nursing your hangover and have gotten over your tummy ache from eating too many bite-size snickers, the 4th incarnation of evilest costume contest in Mission awaits at the Knockout…

All SMITHS, all MISFITS, all night long with a costume contest around midnight. 1st place gets $100 bones. Prizes for 2nd and 3rd as well. Nuff said…

Indeed!  Invite your friends here.


Okay, now what should we do for Halloween?

I’ve got two recommendations…

1. Go to Oakland and see Shannon and the Clams perform as Metallica:


2. Stay in the Mission and go to Singin’ & Pingin’ at Verdi Club:

I guess Savanna Jazz Club is still open, and there’s a comedy show there tonight

I’ve been meaning to check this place out for, let’s see… 100 years or so.

Start training now for Wing Wings’ 3rd Annual Wing Eating Contest

I witnessed this spectacle last year at El Rio — and it was truly a spectacle I will never forget. And it’s for a good cause. Get ready.