Drink of the Week: Glass of wine with sufficient wine in it

There are several reasons to favor this approach:

  • This is America
  • I don’t have a lot of time
  • White wine tastes like juice anyway
  • This is America

Thank you for your time.

And thanks, Lily!

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Drink of the Week: South Indian gin and tonic

I don’t know when Dosa got a liquor license, but when someone raved to me about their drinks a few months ago, I was surprised and excited to check it out. I finally got a chance last night, and the story checks out – Dosa’s got a great selection of liquor behind the bar and the cocktails are brilliant. Drawing on the flavors of their South Indian cuisine (instead of drawing on the 1920’s, like hundreds of bars that get way more press), the list is full of curry, mango, chili and spices and a variety of liquors to go with.

The South Indian G+T, pictured above, includes the restaurant’s proprietary juniperless gin, made locally with curry leaves and Indian spices, and house-made fig and cardamom tonic.  It’s crisp but it’s also kind of musky, and it goes perfectly with the heavy, spicy food.  Also try the Trichy Swizzle – the mango syrup, made with three kinds of chili, would usually overpower a drink, but the combined strength of rye whiskey and angostura rum makes it through.

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ICYMI: The Dwarves play Free Cocaine at Sunday Streets

Drink of the Week: Buck Yeah

As may have been mentioned, KronnerBurger is the best thing. Unfortunately, somebody blabbed about it and now I have to wait for a table when I go there. Fortunately, it’s not hard to pass the time, because the third best thing about KB (which is the best thing) is their bangin’ cocktail selection, which includes such classics as the Carbonated Mother Fucking Margarita and the Scotcholate Milk. (The best thing is the burger, and the second best thing is the onion rings. The onion rings are seriously among the best I’ve ever had and come in a huge portion for $6. Go ahead and hate on that, you monster.)

Continuing the twin traditions of punny and profanity-laced cocktail-naming, the most recent addition to the menu is entitled the Buck Yeah. I was like “I’m gonna order that one” and then Ariel was like “what’s in that” and I was like “well, a buck is a kind of drink, it’s like a whiskey and ginger ale, I think, or like, it’s similar to a mule, y’know, like a Moscow mule, although that’s vodka, so…” and then I realized I don’t really know what a buck is. But this one is basically mezcal, lemon juice, fresh ginger, and soda in a tall glass, ideally served alongside a burger and onion rings. Another example of 2013′s hottest new trend: cocktails to eat meat with.

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Drink of the Week: Anchor’s California Lager

It’s back! Anchor Brewing released the California Lager last year as the first beer in its “Zymaster” series of limited edition beers, and they struck gold on their first try with the bright, bold California Lager. It was such a clear winner that they’ve brought it back indefinitely.

Light beers these days are boring!  Every craft brewery has a Kolsch that doesn’t taste like anything.  Anchor mined California’s past for the ingredients to their lager, including California barley and cluster hops, America’s oldest hop varietal, which add a dank, persistent bitterness and hop flavor that makes the beer distinctive and powerful enough to outshine the rest.  Highly recommended for drinking out of the bottle on your roof this weekend, but otherwise available on tap at Shotwell’s.  Did you guys notice that I made a few gold rush allusions?

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Drink of the Week: Cocktail of the Month

Ever wanted to make fancy cocktails at home, because you’re thrifty and/or hate people? Over the past few months, Bi-Rite has been collecting cocktail recipes from restaurants like Aziza and the Slanted Door and printing them up on a handy little card, so you can take it home, put on suspenders, and start shaking up craft cocktails in the privacy of your one-bedroom apartment.

This month’s pick is a drink I’ve had before, off the brunch menu at Nopa, which is incidentally the best restaurant in San Francisco. Like a breakfast negroni, the Sunshine Fix is a bright and potent cocktail that is simple enough that even you could probably make it. In fact, you could probably make a whole batch of these, and then you wouldn’t have to do anything for the rest of the day except for figure out what to eat. So that’s a pretty good idea.

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Drink of the Week: pouring the end of your bloody mary into your beer

It’s Friday you guys! That fog’s gonna burn right off, so tell your boss you’ve got a dentist appointment at 2 (after which you’re going to work from home), head to the park, and hope you don’t get Instagrammed! Because your boss is also on Instagram!

Cruise past all those maustachioed service workers, bully skaters, nerdbombers who make triple your salary, nerdbombers who go to S.F. State, grannies, screaming kids, crack zombies, hobos, and middle-aged tourists because this weekend is about YOU having a GOOD TIME and not giving a FUCK, RIGHT? Sure, people are dying, but you can’t do anything about that right now because you’re kind of a piece of shit! You can barely take care of yourself!

And if you get too drunk tonight, and you wake up thinking your morning is ruined, it’s not! Just get yourself to one of the city’s seven patios, order a bloody mary, drink three quarters of it, pour the rest into your first beer, and say, out loud, to yourself, “Things can only get better from here!”

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Drink of the Week: High School Lover

After literally months of having to choke down the same delicious cocktails, I was happy to see that the folks at the Hideout have finally added some new drinks to the mix. The menu, which is updated roughly quarterly, still has some of the hits like the G&C (C is for Celery) and the Whiskey in Church, but now includes about six new offerings. In addition to the ever-present gin, American whiskey, sweet vermouth, and all sorts of bitters, a couple of the drinks included Alpine liqueur, a piney herbal additive that makes a big impact on a drink.

This odd spirit made it into the night’s special, the High School Lover, an amped up version of the gin-citrus-champagne combo of drinks like the French 75. Adding dry curacao (which is a version of triple that doesn’t taste like candy), cucumber, and the Leopold Bros. Three Pins Alpine Liquor made the drink refreshing, potent, tart, effervescent, complicated, and novel. Plus that’s a sweet name for a drink that’ll knock you (or your date) on your (his/her) ass.

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That slow, interminable wait for F.S.C. Barber to open

I’m not hating, I’ll be copping the same pose outside of Lee Hong tomorrow.

Drink of the Week: Biere de Chocolat, a beer by Almanac Beer Co. full of chocolate by Dandelion Chocolate

Do you love fancy beer? Do you love fancy chocolate? Well you’re in luck, because San Francisco’s most artisanal brewery teamed up with San Francisco’s most artisanal chocolate store to bring us Biere de Chocolat, a surprisingly easy-drinking chocolate beer that showed up in stores last month.

The beer starts out slow, light and fizzy with a faint chocolate smell, but once the carbonation dissipates the whole thing just turns into a chocolate bar. And not a Hershey’s bar, a dark, musky, roasty, bitter, not-too-sweet, fancy-ass chocolate bar. Delicious.  You can get it at Bi-Rite, doi.

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