I was on my way to dinner at Hog & Rocks the other night when I ran into my pal Paul strolling down 20th Street. I invited him to join me, but he’d just eaten, at KronnerBurger, where he’d had a lovely meal and they’d served him CARBONATED TEQUILA. I immediately changed my plans.

They carbonate the tequila for inclusion in a drink called the “Carbonated Motherfucking Margarita,” which was really good — but not as disarming as the carbonated tequila on its own. It’s like you’re drinking champagne, but it’s tequila. It’s like you’re drinking science fiction! It turned my world upside down. (First because it was such a wild thing to experience, second because I ended up having about nine shots, which I think carbonated my brain a little bit.)

I went back the next night for more, but they were out or something, so I stormed out. Which means, I guess you might not always be able to get it. (The good news is, the rest of KronnerBurger’s bar program is also very good. I recommend the Scotcholate Milk and the Sarsaparilla Old Fashioned.)

Your usual host Nick Pal will return soon, don’t worry. Drink of the Week is brought to you by Poachedjobs.com.

18 Responses to “Drink of the Week: CARBONATED TEQUILA”

  1. bellpeppernostrils says:

    i love the idea of a new burger place coming to the hood now that urbun is gone. i hate having to walk up to the castro to have a decent burger at superduper ($10.00). big mouth($10.00) is meh most of the time. benders($10.00) is good but sometime I want a burger with no dirtbag on the side. the phoenix($10.00-ish) makes an great burger. and from what i’ve heard Dr Teeth makes a fantastic burger($10.00-ish).

    with that

    I think these folks need to consider bring the prices down to match the other places in the area. They arent the only players in the city, the district, hell they arent the only players within a one block radius.

    maybe the menu and prices have changed since opening, i took a look at their menu when it was used to cover the windows of the soon to be open shop on mission and 20th.

    i nearly lost my shit when i saw the price of a double burger at $18.00.

    how are you going to charge valencia prices on mission street?

    • Young’s BBQ has a burger for less than $10, but you get what you pay for — buyer beware. I, too, miss Urbun Burger, but the hating on them here among the Mission Mission readers was pretty strong.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      The burgers at Mission Kitchen are excellent, and like $6 or so. But, sadly, Mission Kitchen is no longer open in the evenings. Alas.

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      Kelly’s Burgers was all right (now Monk’s Kettle), but I liked the burgers at the NY Chicken Wings place the best for quick cheap neighborhood burgers.

      • Kelly’s WAS alright — sorry to see them go. Burger Joynt burgers are OK, but the fries are soggy (heat up the fryer, jerks!) I suspect that the Pork Store burgers might still be good, but haven’t been moved to check them out recently ’cause they make sloppy breakfasts. Jim’s makes decent breakfasts, but lousy burgers.

        All things considered, I still miss Urbun Burger, and can’t imagine what the rest of The Mission objected to about them.

        • Ariel Dovas says:

          To me, Urbun Burger seemed a bit pricey (which is obviously naive in hindsight) and the atmosphere wasn’t appealing. I really liked Yum Yum House, somehow it didn’t seem as cramped then. I had one or two burgers from UB and they were just decent. I used to eat Burger Joint burgers back in the day, but they never really tasted that good to me and I don’t really care about fries one way or another. The Phoenix makes good burgers, but a little pricey, or maybe it’s just that I also have a drink when I’m there. Everything at Pork Store is overpriced and under-inspired, but at least the portions are big!

          Aaaand we’ve totally threadjacked this post.

          Sorry, Allan.

          • “the atmosphere wasn’t appealing”

            Well, that’s one thing that could be the difference between us — I lived close enough to Urbun Burger that I could always take my burger home — and I always did. I counted on them for my in-home burger fix, because I would never ever go to McDonald’s or Burger King.

            I’m pretty much stuck with The Sycamore, now — which is better than nothing.

          • TJ says:

            The best part of Urbun was the brioche buns, which were fantastic. I think the main complaint I read on here was that people didn’t like their veg burger. I loved it though and miss the place, especially for takeout. Now I tend to just make my own burgers, which is fun but more work. And damn I miss those buns.

            And this isn’t a thread jack: the post is on drinks/food in the Mish. Totally on topic. My favorite pick from Urbun was the UrbunBlue. That and a good Cabernet was heaven.

  2. Milk Steak says:

    Just curious, any MM readers use this Poached site to get a job? There don’t appear to be that many SF listings.

  3. Grizzled Mission says:

    Don’t forget that Kronnerburger is good for things besides burgers. I’m vegetarian, but went with someone who had the poutine and the marrow, and really liked them. The veggie burger was OK.

  4. scum says:

    Sounds like a tequila popper.

  5. scum says:

    looks like piss, but probably tastes a little worse.

  6. Simon Stark says:

    cool. now you can suck dick in drink form bro!

  7. Mainstay says:

    Please die on the Google bus

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