Drink of the week: avocado bourbon shake

I have been meaning to try this since I stumbled across the recipe a few weeks ago. I used the new Prairie Reserve bourbon I recently picked up at the High West distillery, some avocados from the Dixon fruit stand, and Bi-Rite vanilla (from the freezer in the grocery, of course, I don’t have all the time in the world.) Topped off with a little coconut water, the consistency was perfect and it tasted interesting to say the least, like a savory vegetal egg nog. I can’t think of a better combination of ingredients to represent the new Marina than bourbon, avocados, coconut water, and Bi-Rite ice cream. Enjoy!

(I honestly don’t know how I ended up on a site called Mighty Girl.)

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6 Responses to “Drink of the week: avocado bourbon shake”

  1. ryan says:

    the new Marina?

  2. Jolly says:

    Mmmm, avocado dranks. You should try out an Avocado Mangorita. Tried it at a bar in Cleveland, and made it at home. So. Good. http://blog.modcloth.com/2010/07/02/avocado-mangoritas/

  3. Doint says:

    Drinks that look like phlegm are the new black.

  4. Brillo says:

    Looks pretty good but it’s a waste of good bourbon. Jim Beam would work just as well. Would you make sangria with a fine bordeaux?

    • Nick Pal says:

      I agree, it’s just the only bourbon I had in my house. Although I do think a moderately strong rye content adds some complementary elements (ice cream and spice, avocado and grainy flavor.)

  5. Tico says:

    Until I can actually taste this, I’m saying it looks like a crime against both Bourbon and avocados.