Scenes from last night’s SFPD roadblock at 16th and Valencia

In the wake of yesterday’s officer-involved shooting, protestors apparently took to the streets:

A whole lot of SFPD responded seriously quickly:

After the jump, a bunch more show up and march down to the BART plaza:

28 Responses to “Scenes from last night’s SFPD roadblock at 16th and Valencia”

  1. Rux says:

    You point a gun at an officer, you’re gonna get shot. SFPD did their job. I hope this serves as a lesson and message to the rest of the gang-banging cowards out there.

  2. moto-waki says:


  3. snakebro says:

    would’ve been a good time to do some crimes somewhere else in the city.

  4. jp says:

    I’m the cyclist who accidentally photobombed the first pic. This was a super weird scene – I didn’t see a single, solitary protester; only a bunch of confused folks wandering home from the bar/dinner/Lost Weekend. No one knew why there were 800,000 cops there. Bizarre.

  5. kevin says:

    They were probably being overly cautious since they got caught by surprise when there was that Valencia street/occupy protest a while back.

  6. No fish today says:

    god damn beaners. no wonder the rest of the country doesn’t want them migrating here.

  7. ScanSF says:

    In case anyone is interested I run a police scanner streaming the feed from the mission at

  8. NM says:

    I was riding my bike home from my parents house who live a few blocks away and asked a huge group of cops standing around with huge guns what was going on. This smug asshole of a cop said, ‘why don’t you go ask your friends’ and pointed to the BART plaza. I said that I had nothing to do with anyone over there, was just curious because I grew up and worked for a number of years right on the corner and he said, ‘sure whatever, you guys are all the same… now go protest against the protection of life.’

    me- ‘What the hell? My parents live 3 blocks from here and I’m just trying to find out what is happening.’

    cop- ‘oh ok. sorry I wasn’t trying to be a jerk.’ in this really backhanded way, then still didn’t tell me what was going on.

  9. getoverit says:

    A gun was apparently pointed at the cop……who the fuck would’t defend themselves? How the heck could the cop have predicted what was next, shooting or running? Glad I live no where near this neighborhood where the (some) residents are defending this POS gangbanger.

  10. softie says:

    This time it was a Tec-9. BOOM!

  11. Brillo says:

    Often times it also turns out he had a gun. Keep in mind they didn’t kill the guy so they do have a pretty strong case.

  12. Bilbo says:

    A strong case for what? Have you seen any of the evidence?

  13. Brillo says:

    What I mean is it won’t be hard for them to make a case against the accusation of brutality, since they shot to stop the suspect from escaping, and not to kill.

  14. Greg says:

    Keep trying dildo

  15. Just the facts says:

    Read it. Or don’t. My guess is you will think this press release or what ever you want to call it is some sort of propaganda cooked up at the Hall of Justice. Also, have you seen any evidence that the cop’s story isn’t true?

    I’m no fan of SFPD or cops in general. If they would simply change their tactics, get out of their cars, walk a beat and stop acting like an occupying army our neighborhoods would be much safer and we probably wouldn’t have as much animosity towards them. One can dream, right?

    This guy was in the game and lost. He’s lucky this cop used his training and didn’t unload his clip into this scumbag. Two to three shots fired to stop someone with a gun. The cop did his job, he protected and served our neighborhood and scumbag is off the street for a while. Why does it seem so many people are defending the scumbag? This asshole is on the street in my neighborhood with a gun. A gun with a 25 round magazine. Would you rather this guy and his gun stay on the street? It really looks like SFPD got it right this time.

  16. Missionite says:

    If some one had been shot while apprehending this person ,ever one would complain about that. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If he was gang related ,THEY did there job.One more gun off the street

  17. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Definitely seems that way, yeah.

  18. AC says:

    LOL. Dildo Saggins.

  19. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Goddammit, you guys have been deleting comments again, haven’t you? It disrupts the flow of replies/where comments show up.

  20. Grant says:

    That argument is lost on me. A guns should be used as a tool to prevent further violence, not as some sort of compliance enforcement tool.

    My understanding is that the suspect/victim pointed a gun at the officer. If that is the case, then the shooting was almost certainly justified. However, the fact that the suspect pointed a gun is what justifies the shooting, NOT the fact that he was running away.

  21. nmm says:

    your handle on here is brillo
    i don’t trust a crackhead

  22. Grant says:

    Nevermind, i think i misread Billo’s comment above