Drink of the week: Asahi Black!!!!!!

Attention fans of this notoriously poorly distributed Japanese Stout dark lager : you can consistently find it at Ken Ken Ramen, the semi-new ramen joint on 18th and Capp. Unlike most locally produced dark beers, Asahi Black is smooth and easy to drink, like a crisp, less creamy Guinness. Enjoy it at the bar with some edamame, or better yet, the karage (Japanese fried chicken), which is outstanding, especially at $4.50 a serving. Kanpai!

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8 Responses to “Drink of the week: Asahi Black!!!!!!”

  1. Sun says:

    It doesn’t taste like a porter or stout because it is a black lager. Go have another bud light lime.

  2. SFitall says:

    Asahi Black is Munich Dunkel style Lager, there is an Asahi Stout which, I’ve never seen. Asahi Black is still imported, Asahi dry is brewed under license domestically these days.

  3. Package says:

    Who gives a shit what style it is. It’s the fucking tits is all that matters. Goes down SMOOOTH.