Drink of the week: Fernet in Buenos Aires

Drink of the week: travel edition continues with a dispatch from Buenos Aires, the only place I know of that likes Fernet Branca anywhere near as much as we do. (My relatives from Italy, Fernet’s home country, don’t go near the stuff.)  Here in BA, it’s mainly mixed with Coke and consumed in the hours between dinner and sunrise. After a few tries, though, I’ve convinced bartenders to pour me a shot. “Sin coca?” “Si, sin Coca.” “Sin hielo?!?” “Si, sin hielo.”

I’m half convinced it tastes different, and better, here in Argentina. It’s smoother, slightly less mouthwashy, and it still dries your mouth out, but not quite so violently. It’s produced domestically here, so it’s certainly possible. But maybe I’m just imagining things. One thing is exactly the same as in S.F. though – out of the people I’ve spoken to, no one can explain why they drink it.


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13 Responses to “Drink of the week: Fernet in Buenos Aires”

  1. Whataperv says:

    Is this supposed to be a parody?

    • moto-waki says:

      hey man, i think it’s time you turned your computer off and cracked a book, took a bike ride, or rolled a joint or something. this blog seems to be stressing you out.

      • Whataperv says:

        Actually, it’s really entertaining and I do all of those things on a daily basis. I appreciate your concern!

  2. Crabby Monkey says:

    Are you guys sure you aren’t the same person? ‘Cause I been followin’ this shit, and you sound a lot like the same fucking asshole.

  3. moto-waki says:

    oh, crabby monkey- you know we’re three people!

  4. tk says:

    I read this and it didn’t make me angry at all. I’ll try reading it again.

  5. Whataperv says:

    I was asking a real question.