Frisco budget yacht


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Go to the beach instead


What a nice day, and the beach is deserted, and the water’s fiiiiine. It’s gonna stay nice for a couple days before cooling off fyi:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.45.40 PM

You could go to work or whatever, or you could go to the beach instead.

Should we all move to Stockton?

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.05.33 PM

In the quite lively comments section of yesterday’s post about whether the Mission is still cool or not, former Mission resident and Mission-based business owner Jared Rusten posted the following thought:

you guys should come buy buildings with us in downtown Stockton (like Detroit, but smaller, safer, warmer… but with plenty of cool old historic spaces.) The mortgage on the 5000sf warehouse we just bought in Stockton (6 blocks from the waterfront) is under $1k/mo.

That is incredibly cheap. So I went back through Jared’s Instagram and grabbed a couple pics of the space. (The one up top is from several weeks back when they’d just started moving in; the next one is from more recently, after the skylights were put in.)

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.04.48 PM

Maybe we should all move to Stockton?

Here’s where it is in relation to San Francisco btw:

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.15.46 PM

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When there’s a baby in your Uber

Got a great text on Halloween:


Detroit is the best.

What might it cost to take an Uber from Manhattan to Guatemala City?

Internet legend Sexpigeon has a rough idea:

Read on for some commentary and a handy map.

San Francisco (not)

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Gnarly flash flood at swimming hole in Hawaii, filmed by drone

Professional drone pilot Renee Lusano was chillin’ at a swimming hole when some wild shit happened:

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See lots more footage on Renee’s blog here.

And for goodness sake be careful next time you’re at a swimming hole.

(Also, I was checking out the Columbia River Gorge last week and saw a whole chunk of forest go up in extremely violent flames in like 30 seconds, which was also gnarly. Be careful anytime you’re anywhere.)

Maybe we should all move to Hawaii

Next time you’re like, “Man, the Mission has changed a lot the last few years,” here’s a little perspective…

From a certain news source:

Palestinian Man Marvels At How Much Childhood Refugee Camp Has Changed

AL-SHATI, GAZA STRIP—Saying he hardly recognized some of the makeshift buildings and piles of rubble he played in as a child, Gaza native Ramzy Abu-Dhubah told reporters Tuesday he was struck by how much the refugee camp he grew up in has changed over the years.

As he walked through his “old stomping grounds” in Al-Shati, a 0.3-square-mile camp currently home to 87,000 displaced Palestinians, the 36-year-old remarked how the whole area seemed more bustling and crowded to him now than it did when he was a boy.

“So many of the spots where I used to hang out are gone, and they’ve all been replaced by new homes—I guess this place has really been growing,” Abu-Dhubah said as he pointed out a demolished concrete structure filled with improvised mud-brick shelters that had not been there when he left Gaza in 1999. “This used to be an empty lot where I’d play soccer, but there’s got to be a few dozen families that have moved in here now. They put in one of those big ration-distribution centers, too. My buddy Ibrahim was telling me that’s where pretty much everyone goes to eat these days.”

Read on for lots more.

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The most expensive cab ride ever

Our pal Carlos noticed something quite peculiar the other day:

An NYC cab spotted on Camp and Albion streets this morning.

Must have been a pretty pricey ride!  Perhaps they should have taken Uber?