I am the Greatest (Uber driver)

[via Chris Ying]

6 Responses to “I am the Greatest (Uber driver)”

  1. CATMOM says:

    …because of his name? It’s only one of the most common Middle Eastern names.

  2. kiya says:

    That’s also my dad’s name, no joke.

  3. Howard Cosell says:

    The Greatest of all time.

  4. TinyTim says:

    If you are interested in sustainability, please do not patronize any carshare service that utilizes gas-guzzling limos, town cars or large SUV’s. Is it so hard to make the slightest “sacrifice” by using a service that generally involves smaller cars? No, I have no financial stake in these services, nor do I use them. But in this supposedly informed, liberal and enviro-conscious city, I am appalled at the lack of attention paid to this issue. Big, (usually) black carshare SUV’s careening around City streets is what I saw in my last visit to NYC last fall and now they are here in a big way. Town cars with one passenger? Whahzzup with that? Make a statement by avoiding them. A small vehicle will get you around just fine. No one is going to see you behind that dark glass anyway.

  5. Oyster Boy says:

    Probably a lot of folks are too young for the context of that headline. Maybe there’s an Uber Jesus.