Gnarly flash flood at swimming hole in Hawaii, filmed by drone

Professional drone pilot Renee Lusano was chillin’ at a swimming hole when some wild shit happened:

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See lots more footage on Renee’s blog here.

And for goodness sake be careful next time you’re at a swimming hole.

(Also, I was checking out the Columbia River Gorge last week and saw a whole chunk of forest go up in extremely violent flames in like 30 seconds, which was also gnarly. Be careful anytime you’re anywhere.)

One Response to “Gnarly flash flood at swimming hole in Hawaii, filmed by drone”

  1. nikki says:

    if you don’t know what your doing in Maui, you could die!!!!

    Commando is not for people that don’t know the land and all of the rescue efforts, although much needed, are expensive to the locals and costs tax dollars.

    The county spent nearly $20,000 on helicopter rescues in the last fiscal year, a figure that doesn’t include personnel costs. They are putting together a measure that may require tourists and hikers to pay for the rescue, just as you would in an ambulance.

    I am very happy that they were rescued, but as a warning to others, do not go where you are unfamiliar! Many people die in Maui. It’s not all paradise if you have lived there, you would agree with what I am saying! Peace and Aloha to all.