Next time you’re like, “Man, the Mission has changed a lot the last few years,” here’s a little perspective…

From a certain news source:

Palestinian Man Marvels At How Much Childhood Refugee Camp Has Changed

AL-SHATI, GAZA STRIP—Saying he hardly recognized some of the makeshift buildings and piles of rubble he played in as a child, Gaza native Ramzy Abu-Dhubah told reporters Tuesday he was struck by how much the refugee camp he grew up in has changed over the years.

As he walked through his “old stomping grounds” in Al-Shati, a 0.3-square-mile camp currently home to 87,000 displaced Palestinians, the 36-year-old remarked how the whole area seemed more bustling and crowded to him now than it did when he was a boy.

“So many of the spots where I used to hang out are gone, and they’ve all been replaced by new homes—I guess this place has really been growing,” Abu-Dhubah said as he pointed out a demolished concrete structure filled with improvised mud-brick shelters that had not been there when he left Gaza in 1999. “This used to be an empty lot where I’d play soccer, but there’s got to be a few dozen families that have moved in here now. They put in one of those big ration-distribution centers, too. My buddy Ibrahim was telling me that’s where pretty much everyone goes to eat these days.”

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5 Responses to “Next time you’re like, “Man, the Mission has changed a lot the last few years,” here’s a little perspective…”

  1. Seasick says:


  2. Seasick says:

    Gaza Strip & Mission, totally comparable!

  3. Sean says:

    What perspective, exactly, is supposed to be gleaned from this? It’s simply a parody written in the style of someone reflecting that their neighborhood has changed. It isn’t meant to damn by contrast. Are you suggesting that people should feel bad about mentioning their neighborhood has changed because refugees exist?

  4. troll says:

    Allan: we missed you at the summer reunion; please write!