What is Austin like?

Our pal Corntard overheard one important theory:

Yeah but with Bill Murray, and Aziz.

(Bender’s rules!)


List of things I saw while laying on the beach at Crissy Field for most of the last two days

Laying on the beach at Crissy Field on a 90-degree afternoon is pretty cool for a lot of reasons, so I did it two days in a row. Here’s a list of stuff I saw:

  • Little red helicopter doing acrobatics over and under the Golden Gate Bridge
  • “Horizon Lines” container ship entering the bay
  • Soooo many pelicans, feeding
  • Kitesurfers racing back and forth in formation
  • Little boat full of crab cages racing back into the bay
  • Three helicopters chasing each other all over the Bay Area
  • Kitesurfers hauling ass out into the shipping channel to surf the wake of inbound container ships
  • A couple swearing really loudly a lot (“Jesus FUCKING Christ,” he says to their dog; “SHIIIIIT,” she says to him, “Do you have the keys!?!?”
  • Other picnickers looking jealous of my 4505 Burgers & BBQ picnic
  • Two seals racing out toward the Golden Gate
  • Uggo brown haze over the Berkeley Hills
  • A guy in an oceangoing outrigger kayak HAULING ASS toward the Marina
  • A majestic great blue heron in our path, and then in flight
  • Brian Merritt and Rob Queenin taking a stroll
  • Celebrity cruise ship departing the bay
  • “Golden Energy” container ship entering the bay (I swam in its wake)
  • State-of-the-art racing sailboats in training
  • A guy that really really looked like Morrissey
  • Coast Guard helicopter going back and forth along Crissy Field for like an hour
  • The same little boat full of crab cages racing back into the bay again
  • A couple that you could tell were rockabilly even though they were in swimsuits (maybe it’s the hair; maybe it’s the body language)
  • Other picnickers looking jealous of my Courtney’s picnic
  • A cool beetle crawling up the strap of my Dolores Chiller
  • A really janky old boat puttering around (it was so old and janky it looked fake, but it was apparently seaworthy)
  • A crusty old hobo-type who said something to our dog and pronounced dog “dōg”
  • Some Europeans all in white (white shorts, white bikini, white wristwatch, white blanket, white towels, white accessories, etc.)
  • Another European making lots of 360-degree selfies with a GoPro on a stick
  • A seal bobbing around right where I’d been swimming 10 minutes prior!
  • A guy in an oceangoing outrigger kayak slowly paddling toward the Marina
  • “Horizon Lines” container ship leaving the bay
  • Group of seals performing *full breach* after *full breach* omg
  • 1 million dogs

[Photo and additional reporting by Jess Kelso]


List of people I saw go by while sitting in the window at Delarosa drinking cocktails this afternoon

Delarosa is cool because it’s like Beretta but with more light, more beers, more pasta, a deep fryer — and it’s open for lunch! And there’s sidewalk seating and great big open windows so even if you’re inside you feel like you’re outside. It’s in the Marina though, so I don’t recognize many of the people walking past. Here’s a complete list:

  • Matty from Rainbow Grocery (who’s really great at singing Favourite Shirts at karaoke)

That’s it! Only one person.

[View from the window of Delarosa, more or less, by Google Maps]

Whatcha gonna do?

K bye.

[via Natalie]

Cool old Fernet ad on a wall in South India

San Francisco’s Restaurant in Anjuna, South India

Serving “lasagna’s, pasta’s, spaghetti, sizzlers” and more. This place looks great and I really wanna go.


[via Hanna Quevedo]

Life after the Mission

Longtime Mission-based artist Dennis Kernohan is yet another in the long line of longtime Mission-based artists moving to LA. Here’s one of his first ‘grams from his new neighborhood, Boyle Heights. Looks like fun! [link]

Check out Boyle Heights Beat for more info on the hood. (My sister used to write for them!)

This is what Detroit is like


[via Vinnie Massimino]

Climbing bridges

The internet is abuzz with talk of those illegal or dangerous photos someone took atop the Golden Gate Bridge, but get this: in Sydney, you can climb the Harbour Bridge anytime you want! (Granted, it’s no Golden Gate, but it’s a pretty serious bridge and it’s a pretty serious climb, and the views are gorgeous. And there are no earthquakes. Highly recommended.)

Here are some happy climbers on the summit:

Visit BridgeClimb Sydney for more info.

[Bridge photo by the Telegraph]

This is how the Lower Haight parties on a Thursday night

The Mission had a great Oh Sees show, sure, but c’mon, we need to be doing a LOT better than the lil Lower Haight, right?

[via Devon Chulick]