Cool old Fernet ad on a wall in South India

San Francisco’s Restaurant in Anjuna, South India

Serving “lasagna’s, pasta’s, spaghetti, sizzlers” and more. This place looks great and I really wanna go.


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Life after the Mission

Longtime Mission-based artist Dennis Kernohan is yet another in the long line of longtime Mission-based artists moving to LA. Here’s one of his first ‘grams from his new neighborhood, Boyle Heights. Looks like fun! [link]

Check out Boyle Heights Beat for more info on the hood. (My sister used to write for them!)

This is what Detroit is like


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Climbing bridges

The internet is abuzz with talk of those illegal or dangerous photos someone took atop the Golden Gate Bridge, but get this: in Sydney, you can climb the Harbour Bridge anytime you want! (Granted, it’s no Golden Gate, but it’s a pretty serious bridge and it’s a pretty serious climb, and the views are gorgeous. And there are no earthquakes. Highly recommended.)

Here are some happy climbers on the summit:

Visit BridgeClimb Sydney for more info.

[Bridge photo by the Telegraph]

This is how the Lower Haight parties on a Thursday night

The Mission had a great Oh Sees show, sure, but c’mon, we need to be doing a LOT better than the lil Lower Haight, right?

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A ‘San Francisco Style’ house, according to Sacramento

What’s it look like? Boom:

Ok sure.

MetroList PRO adds:

Trophy Home! Exciting/Restored/Fabulous! Huge kitchen w/vintage detailing! Timeless, fun home! Approx. 1650 basement/garage-You’ll love it, includes 5th remote bdrm, wine room & can hold several cars! Vacation living w/pool that’s been resurfaced! French doors, balcony, period features. Light & bright floorplan. It’s easy to live really well here. Lake Tahoe Bedroom with Bath. You’ll never see another home like this! Great built-ins! San Francisco feeling.

Click through for interior pics: [link]

P.S. Our Sacto-lovin’ pal Agnes has this to say:

omg you guys are so mad at that sf style house. sacramento is our state capital, have some respect!!!!!

No doubt!

Russell Quan’s guide to the East Bay

The Chronicle asked garage rock legend Russell Quan to tell them about all the best stuff in the East Bay, and he delivered. Here’s what he has to say about Val’s Burgers in Hayward:

No other hamburger can compare with this one anywhere in the world, time, space or dimension. Since 1958, Val’s has made their burgers, steaks, fries and shakes with such utter deliciosity that it will convert the most devout veggies into raving, foaming-at-the-mouth carnivores for life. The flavors and smells are so hunger-inducing that a belly overstuffed to the point of vomiting could fit in a few more papa burgers — one full pound of the highest-quality ground beef.

Read on for lots more hot tips, and more words like “deliciosity” and “juiciosity.” (And then go see Russell Quan DJ the Musical Chairs Party at Make-Out Room tonight!)

I’m in Chicago and I’m pretty sure this bar Happy Village has the same wallpaper as Virgil’s Sea Room

Am I right?

(They also have ping pong.)

This dude just used a chainsaw to cut a boot off his car

(Thanks, Lizzy!)