Show your support for the second-best neighborhood in the city

DSF Clothing Company is doing its part to help some of its neighbors. Here’s the deal:

Support your neighbors and grab this limited edition color way “Lower Haight” tee. All profits from the sale of this shirt go towards the recent 373 Haight street fire victims. This is a pay what you want design. Shirts will be available to pick up mid september at D-Structure.

Check it out!

10 Responses to “Show your support for the second-best neighborhood in the city”

  1. PDBird says:

    That hood has a long way to go to make that claim. Try getting some 3rd wave coffee and some donuts first.

  2. Hal Pruitt says:

    So this shirt is to benefit the junkies who burned down their house and risked the lives of their neighbors by passing out wih a lit cigarette around open alcohol bottles? That is a notorious house on that block and the residents of the house were responsible for the fire. Thankfully no one was injured and more thankfully the fire didn’t sprad to other houses. As for helping them to get another house to burn down, no thank you!

  3. aristotle says:

    We should do a fundraiser for the tenants union so more renters can have their rent subsidized by the landlord and have more disposable income for drugs, alcohol and tattoos.

  4. Dispiriting says:

    That design looks very Bold Italic-y. Also I’m not sure the Mission is still the best hood anymore.

  5. tuffy says:

    They should get a better wholesaler if they’re paying $5 for blank tees.

  6. Greg says:

    Bitch slapped

  7. David HassleHough says:

    Outer Sunset/LSD is the Last Bastion. The kooks have not yet prevailed out there.

  8. Four Aces says:

    Nob Hill scoffed.

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