Noe Valley isn’t just for dogs and babies anymore

Maybe it’s a sign of the times that dog owners and new parents are outspent by “techies” and “hipsters”.

I guess it makes sense for the coolest shop in Noe Valley. Unless they just keep the AC on blast all the time. Then maybe it’s ’cause dogs and babies might get too chilly in there. I dunno.

Thanks, Jesse!

5 Responses to “Noe Valley isn’t just for dogs and babies anymore”

  1. OMG says:

    How embarrassing for them.

    • m says:

      Yeah, they should have made some reference to ty seagall, neon wayfarers, or tecate. only then would that place be interesting – right, bruh?

  2. Mobity Mosely says:

    “First year in a row” is clever, at least.

  3. Krok says:

    I wonder if they’re cool with parents changing their baby on some of the display furniture? It’s not like they’re serving food there, so it’s totally fine, right? ;)

  4. cb says:

    The Decor Galore sign on 24th and Sanchez often updates their sign with comical sayings, discounts for unusual reasons, and just general goofiness. It’s a store in someone’s garage(?), and it’s mostly plants and expensive things that look gold (from what I remember)