Noe Valley isn’t just for dogs and babies anymore

Maybe it’s a sign of the times that dog owners and new parents are outspent by “techies” and “hipsters”.

I guess it makes sense for the coolest shop in Noe Valley. Unless they just keep the AC on blast all the time. Then maybe it’s ’cause dogs and babies might get too chilly in there. I dunno.

Thanks, Jesse!

‘The Hipster Guide to San Francisco’

Didn’t get your fill of hackneyed hipster humor this week? You poor thing! Well check this baby out. In this video, a couple of young vacationers want to know what this whole San Francisco “hipster” thing is about, consult the ultimate hipster guide (Lonely Planet travel books, of course), then hit up such hipster hot-spots as Blazing Saddles bicycle rentery, Ritual Coffee Roasters, Aquarius Records, and Dolores Park. This stuff writes itself!

Of course, the first things I thought when I saw this were,”uhhh, that is not a single speed bike,” and, “aren’t those shots of Mars Vintage and Rasputin in Berkeley?” I guess that makes me a you-know-what-ster.

‘Hipsters’ Finally Defined

Woah, I just realized that the most comprehensive definition of hipsters was achieved in this past week. First, Ben at Mission Loc@l:

Ben, I think you’re close. However, I think you’re leaving out some minority groups. Maybe add Asian folks who don’t wear Cal sweatshirts and we’re getting warmer.

Then this from MM reader Rod:

Bingo! Next, please.

Here’s a good one, what’s a “bro”? Lately, I’ve seen dudes who are clearly hippies being called “bros”. Are hippies also bros? I guess hippies might say the word “bro” on occasion. But I guess I do that too. Wait, am I a bro? I also can’t name a member of the Giants baseball team.

Hipsters Don't Deliver

Dolores Park, meet Erika.

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Time to Move On: If you live in SF, Portland, NYC, Boston, Chicago or Witchita, You're a Goddamn Hipster

ohad on Hipsters

Just spotted this (hopefully) hipster-ironic post on Ohad’s photoblog and couldn’t help but note how slutted the use of the word “Hipster” has become lately.  I mean, I was downtown the other day and two 30-something bodybuilder types in Armani suits were cackling that some dude that didn’t have his light-blue button-up tucked in was a hipster.  ”Hipster” has become a meaningless, all-encompassing term for everyone in this town.  Let’s just rename “Hipster Hill” “Tallboy Terrace” and be done with it.

From the Mission District to Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Walking Directions and Social Commentary)

Mission Mission reader tack responded to the release of Google Maps Walking Directions with the following observation:

You can walk from Dolores Park to Williamsburg, Brooklyn:

[link to walking directions]

But to stay awake for 43 days of non-stop walking you’ll probably lose yourself to meth before you get there. And your low-rise girl jeans won’t fit no more.

Zing! Thanks, tack.

[BTW, we know this was in our comments section, but we didn't realize how good an item it was until we saw it reposted on The Point Is The General Point.]

Previously on Mission Mission:

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You Heard it Here First (and then the Chronicle caught on): Bender's Bar Great for Low-Key Nights Out

Today SFGate showcased one of my Mission District beloveds, Bender’s. Read my past post here. This is what the Chronicle had to say:

Unassuming and without pretense, Benders is a go-to destination for a low-key night out.

With a rotating selection of 15 brews on tap ($4 a pint), don’t expect any overwrought mixological creations. Benders serves hard liquor the old-fashioned way. Margaritas ($5) come in pint glasses and a shot of whiskey with PBR chaser are $5 (a Wednesday special). Fancy cocktail lovers should ask the bartender – nicely – for a mint-flecked tangerine mojito ($5), which is available on Mondays.

I called it, didn’t I?

Now this is where the Chronicle is wrong. Their assessment of the “crowd” is the stereotypical mission hipster, which I’ve never really witnessed there. Maybe a few, but I’d say the crowd is a little older and a little tougher than what they’ve described:

Vegan bar food and indoor bike parking mean that Benders welcomes the bike-riding hipsters who are taking over the Mission District – and the people who love them.

#1: I don’t love vegans.
#2: I don’t love bike-riding hipsters. If I did, I’d probably be at Gestalt instead.

They also reviewed the food — which I’ve never had considering that sometimes they’re serving, sometimes not.

P.S. This Saturday Bender’s hosts the SF Spring D.I.Y. Indie Artist Expo from 1-5pm. Ok, this maybe a little hipstery, but individual creativism in any form is a good thing.

The best of the Bay Area’s alternative INDIE designers and artists together for a chance to share their items in a cool, fun & hip community market. Handmade Jewelry, Accessories, Clothing, Body Care, House wares, Paper Goods/Journals, Art and Records.

Link to permalinkless Lilycat events page. (Via

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