Iron-on graffiti


This makes me want to bust out the iron and make Perler Bead dinosaurs for everyone.

Undercover Giants Gear

Just because you don’t have a Giants jersey doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun, as my rad friends Heidi and Ela demonstrate with their deceptively-supportive color schemes!

Bonus points for the DIY marching band (tambourine and a pot with a cooking spoon) to match the DIY outfits.  We had a ukulele too until we gave it to this kid:


SXSW Highlight: Walker as Keyboard Stand

Everybody was doing it. Is this a thing? I never noticed before.

(Everybody except Surfer Blood. Surfer Blood had a real keyboard stand.)

DIY Motorcycle

Remember when you were 13 and tried to make your own motorcycle out of duct tape, aluminum foil, and stuff laying around your backyard? I’d hate to spoil it for the strange bearded dude that works on this thing, but it usually ends in a broken collar bone and a pile of twisted metal.

(Fell and Van Ness)

You Heard it Here First (and then the Chronicle caught on): Bender's Bar Great for Low-Key Nights Out

Today SFGate showcased one of my Mission District beloveds, Bender’s. Read my past post here. This is what the Chronicle had to say:

Unassuming and without pretense, Benders is a go-to destination for a low-key night out.

With a rotating selection of 15 brews on tap ($4 a pint), don’t expect any overwrought mixological creations. Benders serves hard liquor the old-fashioned way. Margaritas ($5) come in pint glasses and a shot of whiskey with PBR chaser are $5 (a Wednesday special). Fancy cocktail lovers should ask the bartender – nicely – for a mint-flecked tangerine mojito ($5), which is available on Mondays.

I called it, didn’t I?

Now this is where the Chronicle is wrong. Their assessment of the “crowd” is the stereotypical mission hipster, which I’ve never really witnessed there. Maybe a few, but I’d say the crowd is a little older and a little tougher than what they’ve described:

Vegan bar food and indoor bike parking mean that Benders welcomes the bike-riding hipsters who are taking over the Mission District – and the people who love them.

#1: I don’t love vegans.
#2: I don’t love bike-riding hipsters. If I did, I’d probably be at Gestalt instead.

They also reviewed the food — which I’ve never had considering that sometimes they’re serving, sometimes not.

P.S. This Saturday Bender’s hosts the SF Spring D.I.Y. Indie Artist Expo from 1-5pm. Ok, this maybe a little hipstery, but individual creativism in any form is a good thing.

The best of the Bay Area’s alternative INDIE designers and artists together for a chance to share their items in a cool, fun & hip community market. Handmade Jewelry, Accessories, Clothing, Body Care, House wares, Paper Goods/Journals, Art and Records.

Link to permalinkless Lilycat events page. (Via

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