SXSW Highlight: Andrew W.K. Bursts into Flame

See Andrew W.K. in concert if you haven’t already. It is fuuun!

(This concludes Mission Mission’s SXSW coverage. You’re welcome!)

SXSW Highlight: Walker as Keyboard Stand

Everybody was doing it. Is this a thing? I never noticed before.

(Everybody except Surfer Blood. Surfer Blood had a real keyboard stand.)

SXSW Highlight: Funnest Song To Dance To

Cheap Time, from Memphis, recorded and released this song probably about two or three years ago, at least. But “People Talk” still rules, and was by far the funnest song to dance to all week. I saw them right after Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings on Thursday, and this song was so fun to dance to, I stood in line a second time on Friday just so I could see them again and dance to it again! What a song!

SXSW Highlight: Still Flyin' Soundin' Like LCD Soundsystem

The Bay Bridged threw a fab party last week. It was called the Bay Area Takeover and a bunch of Bay Area bands wowed crowds all day long. My favorite was Still Flyin’, who were sounding a little more disco than whenst last I saw them. A dozen or so people on stage, lots of fun percussion, unstoppable beat — it was like seeing LCD Soundsystem, only cheaper. Keep ‘em in mind.

SXSW Highlight: Tag Asks Me to Dance

I got so jazzed afterward that I ended up stage diving! During Bit Shifter! And Hipster Wife Hunting Pinup #16 was there, watching our every move. Austin rules!

This all took place at Datapop 3, a two-night party devoted to music made with Game Boy parts and Commodore 64 cables. But it’s not one bit twee — it rocks, fully! One performer prefaced his set with, “Now it’s time for some fuckin’ DATA BRUTALITY!!” And it was!

GWAR Porta-Potty

I always thought that they had to take off those crazy outfits to go to the bathroom (and that porta-potties were for mere mortals).  Looks like he got stuck!

Photo from SXSW courtesy of Trevor, before he was devoured (below).

this won't end well


It’s Texas, so shorts seem like a good idea, but it was chilly out this afternoon, so everyone had to huddle around the heater. Breakfast tacos are just as good as everyone says.

Dispatch From SXSW: Yo La Tengo Too Dissonant/Distorted

My cousin Jojo fronts this great band from Berkeley called Please Quiet Ourselves. Their label, Mushpot Records, sent them to SXSW this week, and I got the following tour diary from my aunt:

It is craz-z-z-z-y here in Austin @ sxsw – nonstop music. JoJo’s first gig was at Sonny’s Vintage – that’s sonny in the gray suit and hat on the right. It was a good start for their first show in Austin. JoJo wore his green KDVS t-shirt! Tomorrow they play at Lovejoy’s which is right smack dab in the middle of all the clubs – so they’re pretty excited. Tonight I saw Jens Lekmann – what a treat!!! I was right up front listening to him play – his mannerisms are just like Jonathan Richman‘s. then went to go see Yo Lo Tengo – a little too loud and dissonant/distorted for my ears – but it was in the Austin Music Hall which houses 4000. Great food here – had delicious bbq beef rifbs for $11 on our anniversary. Having a great time…you guys would love it here! See you soon, love, Jane

Link to bigger pic.